You wanted to know in your most recent letter if you were receiving words of knowledge from the Lord through the quickening of your eye upon certain objects as symbols as he leads you in the Spirit?

         You can be sure you will receive words of knowledge and even words of wisdom when you increase in Light, and words from the Lord will be all the more plentiful the more you submit yourself continually to his guidance and are observant of what he is showing you physically.

         You will need to add up the symbolisms of what the Lord shows you in context with what is presently taking place when he does.

         And if there is any action that ought to take place, you will need to be "INSTANT IN SEASON AND OUT" once you understand what He wants you to do. Otherwise the word may not have any application at all to what you are doing tomorrow.

         But in regard to the Lord showing you a town on a map, there could be any number of reasons for Him to do so; and you ought to continue in prayer seeking for the answers when such a question comes up.