The First   
Is it wrong to suppose I am a god?
The Second   
The sword of the Spirit went forth from my mouth.
The Third   
The Lord walked in me like a Prince.
The Fourth   
Is there enlightenment in divine contemplation?
The Fifth   
A jeweled river came out of my mouth into my praise.
The Sixth   
Divine love was poured into the words of my preaching.
The Seventh   Letter
A consuming fire burned inside me without pain.
The Eighth   
A dart of the devil exploded against the anointing.
The Nineth   
I cried out in the Spirit and a crowd gathered to hear me.
The Tenth   
I looked into a mirror and was hynotized.
The Eleventh   Letter
I felt a Lightning bolt enter my heart.
The Twelveth   Letter
What is the mystery of the hand of man?
The Thirteenth   Letter
A majestic voice spoke when I was done singing to God.
The Fourteenth   Letter
A voice told me to go but I did not know what to do:
The Fifteenth   Letter
I held on tight to the steering and the Spirit drove the car.
The Sixteenth   Letter
Do ministering angels access heaven and earth?
The Seventeenth   Letter
There was the burning light like a candle upon my head.
The Eighteenth   Letter
I saw a vision that is surely forbidden to speak of:
The Nineteenth   Letter
I was lifted up into the air and thrown down:
The Twentieth   Letter
An angel helped me back to camp:
The Twenty first   Letter
The Lord opened my eyelid while I was resting:
The Twenty Second   Letter
I felt the hand of the Lord grip my shoulder tightly, but why?
The Twenty third   Letter
I felt an invisible finger poke the wound in my back:
The Twenty fourth   Letter
I think I eat a divine meal:
The Twenty fifth   Letter
I fell into a trance and became fearful:
The Twenty sixth   Letter
I felt the Lord walking in my legs when I could go no further.
The Twenty seventh   Letter
A great and fearful sword struck near me:
The Twenty eighth   Letter
I held on and the Lord carried me away in the Spirit:
The Twenty nineth   Letter
I fasted and prayed for a backslider I love and saw a vision of a heart.
The Thirtieth   Letter
A security man leaped back when he looked into my eyes:
The Thirty first   Letter
I spoke the Word of God to an officer and he grabbed his chest and fled:
The Thirty second   Letter
I woke up in a vision where I think I was told to go North.
The Thirty third   Letter
The room began to fill up with Light and I cried out I was not ready.
The Thirty fourth   Letter
I spoke the healing Word over and over and was delivered from death.
The Thirty fifth   Letter
A brother heard me loud and clear from the eighth story of a building.
The Thirty sixth   Letter
I heard myself accused before God in heaven.
The Thirty seventh   Letter
I gave coins to a female tramp and it felt like she was possessed.
The Thirty eighth   Letter
I resisted the police and they left the scene of my preaching.
The Thirty nineth   Letter
A pastor preached against me while I sat in his congregation to worship.
The Fortieth   Letter
I came back to myself when I ceased preaching with all my might.
The Forty first   Letter
I think I am receiving words from the Lord through the quickening of my eye in Him.
The Forty second   Letter
The Spirit of the Lord helped me lead a tree full of birds into praising Him.
The Forty third   Letter
I saw a transparent robe upon me.
The Forty fourth   Letter
I asked to see my crown and saw my head wearing a crown of thorns.
The Forty fifth   Letter
I laid hands on a drunk shaking from withdrawals and he was healed.
The Forty sixth   Letter
The Lord manifested my childhood consciousness in me.
The Forty seventh   Letter
The Lord took over my hands momentarily to erase my document.
The Forty eighth   Letter
Never have there ever been so many tears in my life.