There are free witnessing posters here for you to print out and post on poles for traffic and for pedestrians to read. They are in color, but they'll work in black and white. Give the black a little help with a black felt tip marker if it needs it. If you do not have a printer, the libraries in America usually have printers connected to public use computers which you can probably use for free depending upon where you are located in the English speaking world.

         It is best to post a witnessing sign on a pole at a traffic stop facing traffic, but at an angle where they'll catch the eye of pedestrians too. Some sinners will tear them down if they can reach them, so it is best to carry a step ladder, a heavy duty stapling gun (tecnically called a "fastener") with plenty of staples and plenty of flyers in a vehicle. Once you get started, you'll not want to stop.

         It is better to avoid presuming the authorities are going to protect your "free exercise of religious" rights in this backslidden nation. Move on at a good pace to post as many flyers as you can without lingering. If you can, team up with two or three. "Two are better than one...and a threefold cord is not quickly broken." (Ecclesiastes 4:9&12) Don't linger with everything out talking to someone. In most parts of the country, it is not acceptable to post anything on public property. So don't give the devil an opportunity to shut you down.

         Color is better than black and white and plasticized posters (usually a buck a poster at Staples, Office Max and Kinko superstores) will last a lot longer than paper on a pole. Nails are somewhat of a problem. They bleed rust onto the message and are slower and sometimes dangerous to use. A heavy duty stapler is perferable. The bright red colors are designed for drivers to see at up to ten car lengths for a quick read. Don't be discouraged if color print outs are not easily obtainable. Black and white works good too. Remember, the Word of God does not return void whether it is read in color or black and white. The Word encourages the faith of believers, and it lodges in the heart of sinners for salvation or it condemns them for not turning to God. The advantage with color is its readability at a greater distance and its attractiveness.

         The Word of God on posters is sown immediately before sinners realize what they are reading. Many lost souls have a habit of "turning off" to religious media on radio or television, and also to anyone who tries to witness to them. But short messages tend to get into their eye before they realize it pertains to God and Christ.

         There you have it. An instant ministry free from the corruption of religion. Pick heavy traffic stops and you'll be able to sow good seed to thousands in the big cities, and hundreds in the smaller cities and towns. Make it your goal to paste (rubber cement works good on solid metal poles) or tack posters at every stop light in a city and if you do not become weary in this wonderful opportunity to witness your faith for Christ, you'll never run out of cities. The harvest fields are hungering for a sower just like you to take up your cross and do your part to make this a better world. The great thing about it is, you don't have to quit your job. This is a ready to go ministry for you right now.

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