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         This document was originally intended to become an annual gathering of seekers of truth around Easter in an environment free of the distractions of civilization at Hole in the Wall in the Mojave Desert to fellowship and draw near unto God in the Spirit, but health issues prohibited me from going forward with it.

         Let me explain what I had in mind so you might be able to do it.

         There is a reason for celebrating Easter a week early. On the official national holiday, most believers desire to be with their kinfolk. But immediately before and after the official national holiday there is still an Easter Spirit.

         You will remember Saint Paul chose the desert for his discipleship. The desert is a land of no distractions, ideal for focusing on the Spirit of the Lord in singleness of eye. If you need assistance in this matter of entering into the anointing, please consult my documentation on the subject in the first Selection menu of this website library.

         There is a secluded group camp site just a stone's throw from the Hole in the Wall Visitor Center. The group camp ought not to be confused with the cluster of individual motor home and trailer spaces on the other side of the paved road a mile or so away.

         You can reserve the secluded group camp in advance by contacting park officials. There will be no need to sign in with park officials when you come for Easter Praise in the desert once reservations have been made. But you will soon discover it is not the easiest spot in the world to find.

         Bring cold weather gear, plenty of water, firewood, and food and an extra can of gas for your vehicle. The gas stations are a long way off and there is no firewood at hole in the wall in the Mojave desert. What little there is they do not want you to use so the pristine nature of the park can be retained.

         There should be an emphasis upon singing praises around camp fires, testimonies, righteous storytelling, hiking to be alone with God and meditation on the Scriptures. For the healthy there is mountain climbing and if you come early enough for the weekend, you might be able to explore Mitchel Cavern with park staff as your guides.

         Nights in the Mojave are jeweled with stars, and the air is fresh and clean; but extremely cold. It is advisable to bring winter sleeping bags with extra blankets and camp mattresses to insulate you from the cold ground if you are going to sleep outdoors.

         There are quite a few picnic tables beneath an overhang, a bathroom; but no shower. Looks like you'll rough it a little there, but you probably won't notice. It's pleasant to do things differently away from the busy'ness of the world.

         Drive north from Los Angeles County on Route 15 to Barstow and Northeast on Route 40 to the Mojave desert a hundred miles east of Barstow. Avoid taking the first turnoff you see into the National Park. It is a massive preserve. The next entry into it is another twenty miles down the road where signs and civilization are rare along the way, so you may feel like you're lost for a while. Exit onto Essex Road and follow it north into the Mojave desert preserve about ten miles to a split and follow Black Canyon Road for another ten miles. The roads are paved most of the way. You should see a confirming sign for "Hole in the Wall" going in after you turn off of Route 40.

         It is very important for you to fill up on gasoline at every opportunity on your journey. Gasoline is difficult to find out there. Fenner is just beyond your turnoff onto Essex Road and Needles is another 37 miles for gasoline. That is probably closer than turning back to Ludlow, your last stop for gas coming into the National Preserve. There are no restuarants or stores out there. If you don't bring it, you might find someone else didn't bring it either.

         The Presence of the Lord is there where two or more are gathered in his name. Draw near to him and He will draw near to you. If He had not risen from the dead; we would have no hope of eternal Life. Easter praise in the desert is a wonderful time to hunger and thirst after righteousness that you might be filled with the Spirit while praising and worshiping the Lord and in audible readings from the sacred Scriptures.

         A word to the wise if you should happen to draw nearer to the Lord in the Spirit, that does not mean you are super-spiritual now; so upon your return to civilization be careful you do not return puffed up with egotistical pride over your success and ruin your relationship with the Lord.

By the grace of God,