Hi, I'm Yvonne, in the video above, I am the tour guide in my apartment showing viewers how to be Space Smart whether you be in the Florida sunshine or the gray skies of Washington State or deep in the heart of Texas.

        I am a normal one dimensional individual. I do what one dimensionals do, but I only have so much space to live in just like you; and no matter where we live; we need to learn to "do all things decently and in good order."

        To correct the lack of normal performance in my doings, I try to recognize my limitations and stay within them.

        I try to avoid multi-tasking because everything is likely to get disordered and not put back together properly. I like my home ready for visitors at every moment. In this way I avoid the terrible panic of having to multi task the cleaning of the house to make it ready for a visitor, which I am not equiped to do.

        I have a driver's license but prefer to use buses and taxi's because of my limited ability to perceive the action out there in traffic, I am safer using other means of transportation and if someone asks me to guide them in the backing up of their vehicle, I will decline even though its inconvenient to explain my disability.

        If I work hard at it and get good counsel, I can do one thing well at a time as long as it is not too complicated.

        When I'm on an errand or cleaning house or making a phone call, I try to stay focused on one thing only until it is brought into closure. Then it's time to move onto another purpose and bring it into closure too before taking on the next task. Anytime I try to multi-task, chaos follows because I don't have the ability to remember everything I am doing.

        I wouldn't be the type of person someone would hire as a secretary in a busy office. My desk would soon be buried in unfinished business and problems would pile up from mistakes generated by my lack of perceptiveness. But I'm great as a guide, and am always open to offers to work as a tour guide for the right kind of employer.

        Though I work hard with all of my might, my mind just doesn't move at the same speed as those who are more normal than I. But I'm a people person and am comfortable with showing others around in an environment where I'm familiar with what is going on.

        Perhaps you know someone like me who could benefit from studying THE LAW OF THE WISE the Lord gave him for me from my counseller.


PS: These are my cats. They have a temporal immortality. They never get tired. They need no sleep. I don't have to feed or wash them. They don't bring fleas into the house. There is no dung box to stink up my residence.