The Lord said, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." Truth is as infinite as God, so let's take a look into the present workings of the Christian and Catholic religion for the kind of truth needed to set people free: Is the Church the way, the truth and the Life? Or is it a box of religious practices hindering you from maximizing contact with God through Jesus Christ?

       "THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX" is a principle applicable to both the business and the Church world. Once it is clear a presumed method of operation for obtaining goals can become ineffective, the need for THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX can become useful.

       Sometimes in business as in religion, corporate processes have been done the same way for so long people assume they are doing things the only way. Their thinking becomes trapped INSIDE THE BOX. Coco Cola used to dominated the market. So did Henry Ford's Model T. Better production methods came along with better designs, and improved advertising; and lo and behold, the competition took major bites out of the sales pie. Likewise, in religion, the Catholic Church controlled the populations of many a nations for centuries known by some historically as the Dark Ages until their power was broken in the Reformation by Martin Luther, a devout Catholic who thought outside of the box.

       Luther would not permit the sale of indulgences in his parish no matter what the Pope commanded from Rome. An era of freedom of religion was ushered in, but now what?

       The fiery movements of Quakers, Presbyterians, Methodists, the Salvation Army and other sects has died down. They too are INSIDE THE BOX.

       George Fox, John Wesley, George Whitefield, and General Booth would find it difficult to recognize or be recognized in present day meetings of movements they founded in the power of the holy Ghost. Modern day Lutherans like to say they are "the frozen chozen." They have formed a denominational mindset INSIDE THE BOX. This is true of every denomination.

       The consequence of THINKING INSIDE THE BOX may or may not effect the salvation of their members, but it most certainly inhibits the spiritual growth of the individual. So much so, that it is difficult to find a Saint walking the Gospel in the poverty of Christ as the world was accustomed to seeing in centuries gone by. Where is the Saint Francis of Assisi, the Thomas Kempis, or John of the Cross???


       Once a system of doing things has been established, a business or a Church is in danger of entraping themselves INSIDE THE BOX. One of the forces working against THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX is peer pressure. The majority chooses the path of least resistance. They like to do things the way they already have been done, thereby minimizing the exercise of their mind (and in the case of the Churchman, restricting their need to pray through to new Light.) The fault can be traced to the initial establishment of their operating system. Coco Cola executives thought what got them to the top was going to keep them there. Henry Ford wanted one vehicle for the nation. Too bad the government didn't agree. You could be driving a vehicle today your neighbor could repair for you in a few minutes. Your maintenance costs would be negligible. The government was THINKING INSIDE THE BOX.

       In the religious world, one of the better sects are the Mennonites. They are INSIDE THE BOX like all of the other sects with several major exceptions that can be traced back to their inception. They come and go together as an extended family daily and are accountable one to another. Their ministers are elected and do not receive a paycheck, therefore they serve for the love of serving; and do not covet their neighbors goods as most religious leaders are inclined to do in this wicked and perverse generation.

       "THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL." The love of money rather than of your soul is often times the inward motivation for making wonderful speeches about what they are going to do with all of the money you can shovel into the collection plate. Strangely enough the holy apostles did not suppose they needed wealth to proclaim the Gospel in the power of God. For they said to the invalid begging at the beautiful gate of the temple of God in Jerusalem:

       "Silver and gold have we none, but such as we have, we give unto you. Rise and be healed." And the man rose and was healed supernaturally. They were working OUTSIDE OF THE BOX of religion while the religious leaders in Israel continued to persecute them because their ways were contrary. Those entraped INSIDE THE BOX, were unable to function OUTSIDE OF THE BOX.

       The rulers of religion in Israel had risen to prominence by THINKING INSIDE BOX, and were interested primarily in maintaining their pre-imminence over the people to the extent they would expel the individual found THINKING OUTSIDE OF THE BOX of religion as they knew it. The persecution eventually became so dangerously intensified in Jerusalem, the followers of Christ were driven out, they went into all the world preaching the Gospel. Once they had discovered the beauties of holiness in the Spirit of Christ, they were willing to die as martyrs rather than be driven back INSIDE THE BOX of religion. Central to THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX is the cross of the living sacrifice which religious leaders have not taken up, nor do they know how to take it up; so Christ warns his followers: "DO AS THEY SAY, BUT DO NOT DO AS THEY DO." They say take up the cross. Therefore, take up the cross of the living sacrifice. They do not take it up, therefore do not become like them! To this day, religious leaders are INSIDE THE BOX seeking material prosperity, and vainglory in the comfort of their flesh. Just the opposite of the divine example of Christ. Even though the Mennonites and the Amish are free from some of these chains of religious hypocrisy, they have neglected the training necessary for their young people to seek and find the calling to bear the cross of the living sacrifice. What they do have is accountability among themselves. This the modern day churches, sects and denominations lack terribly. Many an adulterer, fornicator, liar and thief is in attendance undetected in their services because their initial system was flawed. Serving God is an around the clock responsibility with a need for around the clock accountability. Here is OUTSIDE OF THE BOX THINKING!!! Any pastor who does not know where the flock lives, is no pastor. Any pastor who does not visit the flock in their homes, is no pastor. Any pastor who does not reprove the sins of the flock individually as well as collectively, is no pastor. Likewise, any pastor's life that is not subject to examination by the flock, is not accountable to them; and is not a Biblical pastor.

       Once a mindset is established in a business or a church, peer pressure works to maintain it. Freedom of thought is greatly discouraged by established practices. Businesses and churches made a practice of ejecting creative thinkers. Many ideas are not worthwhile, but along comes a gifted thinker who not only is able to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX, but is also able to implement the idea; and opposition arises from those who THINK INSIDE THE BOX. Charles Finney would not dismiss a congregation to go home and do their own thing. He would inspire them in the power of the Holy Ghost to take the Spirit of the meeting to the streets, to the businesses and into their homes in prayer and a Spirit of praise unto God, and revival spread in communities he visited. Hard hearts went into meltdown. Hard core sinners became sorrowful for their evil ways. Entire towns became caught up in the Spirit of godliness. Finney knew how to THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX.

       Zechariah the Prophet wrote: ...Not by might, nor by power, BUT BY MY SPIRIT, saith the LORD of hosts. You might have corporate MIGHT and financial POWER, but do you have the SPIRIT to do your work righteously?


       There is an obscuring of gospel truths going on in the Church world unnoticed. Those who SHOULD have the key of knowledge have taken it away and replaced it in many cases with foolish talk and jesting. Entertainment is in. Holiness is out. Bible words have taken on corrupt meanings. The Bible is commonly referred to as the sword of the Spirit, when the sword of the Spirit is the Word of God spoken in the anointing by those who live holy lives set apart unto God.

       Too many have come into the churches in human nature thinking they can understand the things of God in the flesh. "The natural man receives NOT the things of the Spirit of God: for they are FOOLISHNESS unto him: NEITHER CAN HE KNOW THEM, because they are spiritually discerned. (1 Corinthians 2:14) Many are trapped IN A BOX of deception? Jesus said "the flesh profits nothing." Wise King Solomon advises you to "LEAN NOT ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING." Be willing to THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. Be willing to pay the price necessary to grow up into Christ.

       The Lord warned deceivers in his day, saying: Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: you entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in you hindered. (St. Luke 11:52) History repeats itself. Legalists in pulpits nationwide have taken away the key of knowledge in the name of the Gospel of Jesus Christ while they are robbing you of the wonderful promises of becoming partakers of the divine nature, they themselves have not entered in to the real power of the Spirit.

       "When the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?" (Ref. Psalm 11:3) Anybody who is not serious about the Lord is going to be carried away in a torrent of deception in today's churches. You have to seriously seek the Lord to find him. If you draw near to Him, He will draw near to you though the holy Spirit.

       Everyone practicing faith inside religion as though it were the way, is trapped inside a box. Everyone who leaves their freedom of speech at the door of a meeting house. Everyone who follows a church bulletin rather than the holy Ghost. Everyone who thinks God gives a congregation the Light they need to walk in the Spirit. Everyone who thinks God trains ministers in air conditioned seminaries rather than in public bearing the cross. Everyone who presumes God created the Church as an end rather than a means. Come on out of the box. Read the holy Book and believe God. Reject traditions of men. Why should you allow the Word of God to be choked in your life?