Let's consider a little known disability in seemingly normal individuals who are ONE DIMENSIONALS, simply because it is not natural for them to do two things simultaneously.

      If they sing, it is difficult for them to play an instrument too. If they drive, it is dangerous for them to talk at the same time. If they are setting the table and look up to talk with someone in the room, they may fumble what they are handling. If its a bowl of gravy, you can imagine how unpopular that would make them. If they total their car while driving you somewhere, you will be looking for another companion. If they can sing and play the guitar just fine, but can't do both; they are likely to be considered incompetent and find themselves ejected from the band.

      Sound like anyone you know?

      Every soul in America is born legally equal but some are born physically inferior. The one dimensional is inferior in capacity to those who are considered normal. The majority of the population in America is able to do two things at once, although few are perfected sufficiently to do both things skillfully. So it is difficult to perceive a one dimensional who becomes skillful in doing one thing at a time just so long as they stay within their limitations.

      Since a one dimensional individual also bears the burden of a learning disability and is slow at learning how to do what is easier for others more normal, they tend to become not only rejected for their deficiencies; but are unable to study their way into more normal behaviour.

      The one dimensional tends to become simple minded and is in need of someone showing them how to do things step by step through the process they have been unable to figure out for themselves.

      God wishes for every believer to become spiritually perfected within the abilities he gives us, but few limited to one dimension of perception ever find the kind of help they need.

      Everyone is inferior to someone in some way, but the population of this world is driven by a desire to profit for themselves rather than for their neighbor, so the strong are few who help the weak. But don't be offended, God has a purpose for you and if you are faithful; he will help you find it.

      God makes great and small, wise and foolish, talented and untalented, zealots and sluggards. If you are inferior by birth or by circumstance, there is no reason to be offended.

      God is the Potter. You are the clay.

      God did not make a mistake when he shaped you in your Mother's womb. If you are slow minded, simple minded, foolish,....the Lord promises to make those faithful and obedient to him wise.

      Even though you may not be interested in sports, superstars in any field have developed a multi-dimensional focus. You who are undeveloped and limited more than usual by your nature, need to work on your focus. You need to learn to function better one dimensionally before trying to do things simultaneously like Great basketball handlers control their dribblingly.

      Great basketball players dribble at a full run while watching players running fast breaks with them on both sides of their peripheral vision and with great skill, they pass off without turning their head to the playing they are throwing the ball to. Multitudes come at no small expense to watch them perform. Professional atheletes are entertainers with highly developed focus.

      They have perfected their two dimensional perception of the action on the full run. Some of the pro's in various sports are literally supermen. They are more focused than most normal people. They have a greater perception mentally and physically along with a superior ability to perform in their role.

      In most cases where an individual has a one dimensional disability, they have not yet perfected what they are doing in one dimensionally and cannot yet function two dimensionally like pro atheletes or the CEO who can walk into a board meeting and instantly read the situation with a superior perceptiveness that has helped make him successful.

      The ability to function two dimensionally without erroring is not restricted to sports. A multi dimensional band leader can play his own instrument while supervising others in the band. An office manager can handle several machines while answering phones and inter-facing with staff all day long. A house wife might be able to handle several children well while doing housework and running a business out of the home. An executive secretary might be able to handle dozens of people coming and going to see her boss without missing one detail while answering the phones at the same time.

      This highly developed ability in some is known as MULTI TASKING. Someone who is multi tasking is functioning in two dimensions or more simultaneously without fumbling or forgeting anything.

      Sergeant York of World War I fame proved to be a multi tasking superman in battle. Several groups of soldiers were sent behind enemy lines to take out German machine gun nests that were slaughtering American troops.

      Most of those men sent to take out the German machine guns were slaughtered too, but York found himself still standing with no-where to hide, and with the courage of desperation he crawled into an advantageous position and with perfect timing and aim he quickloy killed the enemy one by one before they could figure out they had been outflanked by a sharpshooter who didn't miss.

      York was quick in mind and body. Had he missed even once, he would have been killed. In a few minutes of battle, he killed twenty Germans. The German major saw his soldiers getting slaughtered and whistled for them to surrender. Out they came with their hands up thinking there were more Americans than the three standing there in the field. One of them threw a hand grenade and York shot him dead too. All in all, he returned to the American lines with 123 German prisoners.

      Sergeant York was a natural man who developed maximized focus and reactions. You can maximize your focus and your reactions too, but you have to work at it.

      Boxing is notorious for putting dull minded one dimensionally focused men in the ring as human punching bags for the more skillful two dimensionally talented fighters to beat on. The poor dull minded bull soon becomes punch drunk and no-one ever really perceives they were dull minded in the first place except perhaps the handlers and promoters who sold them out.

      Using mentally unequiped men in the ring ought to be considered criminal by our justice system. It certainly will be considered criminal by the Lord on the day of judgment.

      The common laborers of any nation include one dimensional individuals who cannot break out of the limitations their poor training and physical disability imposes upon them.

      Many know there is something missing, but do not have the ability to comprehend it without help.

      Let's consider a one dimensional who simply cannot function two dimensionally. The housewife who spills things while trying to set the table and talk at the same time may have a one dimensional focus disability. The immediate solution for a one dimensional is to stop to talk, then return her focus to what she was doing.

      She ought to do one thing or the other, but no longer attempt to be normal two dimensionally. By staying within her limitations, she will be considered slow and may be rebuked by her supervisors at work if she stops to talk and does not continue to set the table too. The solution is for her to avoid talking altogether and get the job done. Then her supervisors and fellow employees may presume she is unfriendly but capable of doing the job she is paid to do.

      The one dimensional loses their focus on one thing when they turn their attention away from it to another.

      Sound like you? Don't fret over it. You can learn to function well one dimensionally. Focus on what is most important and the rest will take care of itself.

      Once bad habits set in they are hard to break. So it may take a while. Perhaps the worst of your habits is talking too much. Try working without talking and you will find your performance much improved.

      One woman wanted so badly to be accepted by others and to have friends, she simply went along with whatever they were doing. She became a shadow and an echo of those around her. If they did it, she did it. If they said it, she agreed with them. This lazy mindedness aggravated her already inferior ability to figure things out.

      She had trained her mind to focus on nothing but pleasing those around her in desperation for friendship.

      Her inability to think for herself left her without the ability to discern the motives of others or to properly interpret what they were really saying. In her communications, she was illiterate and full of misinformation. Her slow mindedness was reduced to empty mindedness. She bungled everything she did and made such a burden of herself to kin and friends, they all rejected her.

      This was a heavy burden to bear in life, but she possessed a strong resilient bounce back spirit and never gave up because of her faith in Christ.

      Let's understand why the Word of God tells us "A wise man's eyes are in his head." This is not so easy to comprehend until it is learned and becomes a habit.

      Do you blink a lot? Do you move your eyeballs to the right or to the left to see what is going on to one side or the other. These are both contrary to your having your eyes fixed in your head like a wise man. You are distracting yourself.

      If you want to know what is going on to your left or to your right, you should turn your head in that direction without moving your eyes. Your eyes should remain in your head.

      Even better yet, you can learn to observe what is going on to your left and to your right as you look straight ahead. Use your peripheral vision without moving your eyes to the left or to the right. This takes practice.

      Test yourself to see if you can see out of your periferal vision:

      Hold your hands out to either side of your eyes and keep them fixed there no matter where you move. Make sure you are focused straight ahead on an object and are conscious of it while remaining two dimensionally conscious of your right and left hand to the sides. Now move your central focus onto something else in the room without losing your secondary focus upon your left and right hands. If you have moved your head without moving your eyes and have not lost sight of both hands, you should have somewhat of an idea of what it means for a wise man's eyes to be in his head.

      A wise man's eyes do not move, but his head moves and he is always focused straight ahead without blinking. You ought not to confuse this with staring. If you end up staring into oblivion, you are not focused. You need to focus on an object straight ahead while identifying it in your mind consciously, then as you move your head with your eyes fixed in your head to focus on another object, you will need to identify the object in your mind consciously. You can train your mind to do this in the privacy of your home or at a park.

      Learn to avoid blinking. Every time you blink, you are distracting your mind subliminally without perceiving it. When you have become consciously skillful at seeing the world about you with your eyes fixed in your head while aware of what is in your peripheral vision to the left and the right, you have the beginnings of THE SEEING EYE.

      "WHEN YOUR EYE IS SINGLE, YOUR WHOLE BODY IS FULL OF LIGHT." If you are slow minded, "FRET NOT, IT ONLY TENDS TOWARD EVIL." If you are limited physically to perfecting what you see and do in one dimension, keep working at it. Don't be discouraged.

      Many who are able to perfect themselves two dimensionally are not even trying. Their inactivity is to the advantage of those of you who are presently limited to a one dimensional reality. The multitudes who limit themselves to one dimensional of perception are allowing those of you with a one dimensional capacity to perfect it and appear to be as normal as they appear to be.

      "RUN THE RACE THAT IS SET BEFORE YOU," and you will find yourself becoming more and more normal as time goes on with you working on your focus in everything you do. You will also need to retrain your mind to compensate for your inability to think fast and interpret what people are saying.

      Don't try to compensate by agreeing with everything others say like the woman already mentioned. She is having a rough time of it learning to be consciously aware of how to behave like a normal adult and has to be trained in how to think and act specifically in specific circumstances.

      Too many one dimensionals are crowd pleasers. Happy to be accepted, they go along with the crowd and do what they do. They can't lead, so they follow. This might be fine were they able to have enough convictions to say no when moral lines are crossed and to require godly behaviour of themselves at all times, but usually the crowd is not interested much in godly behaviour. So one dimensionals tend to pick up the behaviourisms of the crowd into which they have been accepted.

      A one dimensional individual is one step away from being retarded. They are stuck between the retarded and the two dimensional in their capabilities.

      You don't have to be a professional to retrain someone with a learning disability. You do need to be patient, perceptive, clear in your communicating the problem and simple solutions. You need to motivate the person with the learning disability to participate in their retraining.

      It would help if you are their companion or in contact with them daily. It will also help if you understand the individual limited to a one dimensional perception of reality has a mental deficiency.

      Helen Keller lacked two of her senses. Hearing and seeing. She was possessed of two actually learning disabilities after an illness took away her two senses when she was eighteen months old. Mentally she was sharp, but communicating out of body through only the sensory perception of touch was a new frontier and she became the modern day Champion of it.

      The solution for her was provided by her constant companion Anne Sullivan Macy, who was Helen's eyes and ears until her death in 1938. Anne was the go between for Helen.

      Helen outlived two other companions afterwards and died having lived a full life to the age of eighty seven. Helen Keller was a phenomenon who communicated with a highly developed intelligence out of the dark prison of her body. She lived without two of her senses. Her disability was completely different than the mental disability we are addressing here in this document for slow minded individuals who are unable to multi-task and who must be taught to function within their one dimensional limitations to be as normal as possible.

      We are back to talking about children and adults with a mental learning disability who are slow minded, who lack the ability to quickly and properly interpret situations and discern the motives of others and whose development as an adult has been confused by their inabilities, allowing for wrong thinking and abnormal behaviour that needs to be corrected. Furthermore, someone with a learning disability needs to be instructed properly as to how to stay within their limitations. For example, someone with a learning disability should never drive a vehicle even though the DMV issues them a license and if they are asked to help a driver back up a vehicle or direct traffic; they should decline if they have been informed they are too slow minded to do it safely.

      A slow minded person with a learning disability would not be trustworthy as a guide to help you back your vehicle into traffic where they are your eyes and ears. It doesn't matter how much you try to train someone who is slow minded to help you make decisions normal people take for granted when riding with someone, you would endanger yourself and others by giving heed to them. They simply cannot react quickly enough for a driver to follow their advice and because of their learning disability, they frequently are unable to make themselves understood.

      People who are slow minded are generally forgetful. If you are a companion to them, you might consider training them to ask if there is anything they need to do before they climb into your vehicle. This will save them from climbing back out to take care of it.

      People with learning disabilities tend to be unmindful of what they might be doing to aggravate their health. Once you find out they are suffering in some way, it may be necessary for you to watch what they do to find out the cause and advise them to change their ways.

      In the case of the woman previously mentioned, her hip was troubling her from climbing into a van which is much higher than a car. Providing her with a small folding step ladder solved the problem.

      Subsequently, she had knee problems climbing into the van and the driver noticed she was twisting her way from the step ladder to get into the passenger's seat while her foot was unmoved, so the knee was tweaking. She had to be instructed on how to climb into the vehicle properly and watched until she learned to do it properly, and afterwards her knee was better.

      Then, lo and behold, she was observed pushing a wet rag on her kitchen floor to mop it; but instead of a forward and backward motion, she was using her leg left and right and straining her knee without perceiving it. Once the proper use of her leg was explained to her, she stopped using it in the wrong way in that procedure.

      In all of these instances and many more, the ability to perceive the problem and figure out the solution was lacking. The woman lacked what we call Common Sense.

      The one dimensional often times looks and appears normal. In many cases they are in denial and will do whatever they can to make themselves seem normal.

      Take a music instrument with a skillful musician present and try to strum it and sing rhythmically to the strum. It doesn't matter too much for the test whether you are in tune or not, although I'm sure everyone would appreciate it. The point is: Can you focus on both? Singing and strumming in rhythm. Usually, a one dimensional cannot do both. Be sure to get observers when you test yourself. Some one dimensionals are known to lie to themselves because they desire to be considered normal so much they can't face the truth about themselves. But really, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Your deficiencies are curable with a lot of hard work.

      Usually, a one dimensional fumbles a lot as soon as they are distracted. They lose sight of one dimension of what they are doing while turning their focus to something else. If they are hiding the truth from themselves, they'll refer to themselves as being "awkward" or something to that effect and will become expert "excuse makers" to cover up their mistakes. You're living a lie if you do. You can't BE SET FREE BY THE TRUTH until you repent of lying to yourself and others to cover up your deficiencies.

      A one dimensional as a small child would be a nightmare with an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. Children are inclined to be messy anyway, so it might go unnoticed; but a one dimensional child's ice cream would more easily fall out of the cone once they turned their focus away. They forget they are holding it.

      A sharp eyed parent attempt to correct it as soon as the child lost their focus, thus bringing the child's mind back to the ice cream, but after a while parents of one dimensional children tire of correcting them without realizing they have A LEARNING DISABILITY. The consequence is: They often times resort to yelling and punishing a one dimensional child when the child simply doesn't have the ability to learn at the same pace as normal children.

      Special education instuctors are not always skillful to help the one dimensional child to learn to focus within their limitations and leave off the bad habits they have developed while trying to keep up with others more normal than themselves. Parents need to stay on the job with their children even though they are sending them out for help. What the one dimensional individual needs is instruction right on the spot when they fumble things or try to cover up their mistakes. Explain situations to them so they can see themselves in your light rather than in their darkness.

      Now, we will attempt to identify what might be expected in the behaviour of a one dimensional individual:


      The individual with learning disability lacks a normal ability to say what they really mean or are experiencing, so their communications are incompetent. They quickly lose their focus on the point that was brought up, and the issue becomes confused. People with learning disabilities tend to change the subject without making themselves clear, so their listener thinks they are still on the same subject.


      You who have a learning disability are inclined to write unfinished sentences. Your spelling is miserably poor. You make bad transitions. Your letters are messy. Don't you think you could learn to spell five hundred words correctly? Work on it. You'll be glad you did. So will the recipients of your letters. Learn to look inside yourself for what you really want to say, rather than writing what you think they want to hear. "God works in us to will and to do." Tune in to yourself.


      You with learning disabilities are unable to remember exactly what was just said. To repeat what is said is extremely difficult for a one dimensional. So instructions get confused easily and you appear disobedient and self seeking to your supervisors, family and friends. Do not allow yourself the privalege of changing even one word of what people are saying to you. Remember it word for word. Write it down right away verbatim. Portable notebooks make fine reminders. Learn some memory tricks.


      The one dimensional has an extremely difficult time doing anything orderly. Bills get paid late. Things don't get put back where they belong. Files are disorganized and improperly annotated. Important documents are often missing. Just paying a bill can be a major chore for you. You spend much of your life chasing your own tail like a silly cat with nothing better to do. Your life is a vanity. Don't give up. There is hope for you. Learn to do one thing right at a time at your own speed.


      People perceive you are vulnerable and take advantage of you because you have a learning disability. You have great difficulty in making and maintaining a real friendship even though you give it your all. Your lack of discernment doesn't help. You may be so love starved you would be glad to pay for a doctor's visit just to have someone talk kindly to you for a few minutes. You are so lonely for companionship, you will spend your money quickly on a stranger in the hope of making a friend and soon find yourself broke and friendless again. Don't give up. God can help you.


      Due to the lack of focus, a one dimensional is extremely prone to lethargy. Lethargy is where someone falls asleep particularly when sitting. The cure is simple. You are sleeping too much. Cut back on it. There are perception changes you can make too: Always focus on an object. Don't just look at the whole scene in front of you. Fix your eye on something in it. Then move your focus to something or someone else in the scene. It doesn't matter whether you are sitting or walking or running. The principle is always the same. Focus on fixed points for a reason. Finishing thinking about that object or person and move your focus to the next thing you want to think on.

      As is often the case, the one dimensional child is the offspring of a one dimensional parent who may have never discovered they have a disability, but simply thought themselves clumsy or inferior, but did not know why. Actually, God makes no mistakes in creating us in the womb. So the word inferior was shown early in this article for what it is. There was Air Jordan at the top of the heap in basketball, but other pro-players making over a million dollars a year are inferior to him. Yet when they went to the bank, they were superior to most of the other bank clients in their account balance. It's relative isn't it.

      Think about it in terms of obeying God Almighty to the best of your abilities in this lifetime to produce the Spirit of God in yourself, and let's see what shows up in your spiritual bank account in the resurrection. Some of those superior basketball players may end up in hell while some of you one dimensionals may end up with treasures in heaven. The call is the same for everone regardless of their limitations. Build the new man in yourself, Christ in you, the hope of glory. Do it through perfecting your obedience to God's Word.

      Usually a one dimensional is dull minded and consciously attempts to cover it up. So they make themselves into something they are not. This does not remove their vulnerability but makes them all the more vulnerable than if they had dealt with the problem more honestly. As was stated earlier, the one dimensional who follows hard after the crowd to be accepted is not working on perfecting themselves within their limitations, but is working on being accepted for who they presently are; an undeveloped one dimensional with severe limitations. Far better to recognize it, and get to work perfecting the first dimensional focus.

      It is natural however for the one dimensional to be the last one to recognize their tendencies to cover up their disability. And since others do not recognize the problem, they simply find it easier to become masterful at making excuses and apologizing. Continual errors and fumblings will accompany the one dimensional until they come around to the problem and deal with perfecting their one dimensional focus.

      It's really a spiritual process. No-one can afford to be eaten up with the lusts of this world, with covetousness, with pride, with anger, or any of the sins defined in holy Scripture. The one dimensional can little afford any indulgence in the things of this world if they expect to overcome their disability and perfect their one dimensional focus on what they are doing. Distractions are more deadly to the one dimensional than they are to the two dimensional. A two dimensional can handle a distraction and still carry out their task. But distractions cause the one dimensional to fumble and fail more easily.

      It's kind of a race between the turtle and the rabbit. The slow and the fast. In children's books, the turtle often times is the winner because it keeps going whereas the rabbit takes too big a break in the race it could so easily win. The one dimensional is the turtle of course, and through stedfastness can win in the long run.

      One dimensionals tend to have great difficulty in decision making. Even two dimensionals need good counsel, so please don't misunderstand. "There is safety in a multitude of counsellors." But a one dimensional needs even more counsel because they are often incompetent in carrying out normal tasks and particularly the managment of business investments where so many decisions have to be made just right. If a normal person buys homes and cars carefully considering the maintenance free aspect, how much more should a one dimensional be led to invest in something all the more maintenance free. The less decisions the better for them once the deal is made. Likewise their purchases should be cash rather than long term investments where they have to supervise tenants or make payments requiring paperwork.

      It is dull mindedness that limits an individual to a one dimensional focus. I suppose this might show up in IQ tests, although that is not my expertise; neither am I a proponent of psychology. I believe the holy Spirit is the Light of the individual regardless of their limitations and obedience to God will help you maximize your potential to live a fruitful life.

      Whatever your failures or successes, press on to greater perfection in the Light of the Lord. Psychology tends to put labels on the individual in such a way as to suggest they are disabled permenently. Their solution is usually some drug to adjust you, however the way the Lord wants his people to go is by faith in obedience to God through his Spirit. Therein is the learning process leading to your cure. Obey what God shows you to do, and your soul will be among the angels in eternity. There is many a brilliant and talented individual in the fiery pit of hell because they sold their soul for material wealth. What good is it to be born superior only to lose your soul to the devil?

      A one dimensional can have a fruitful marriage for example if they openly deal with their deficiency instead of trying to cover it up. A caring responsible two dimensional mate can shoulder responsibilities their one dimensional mate cannot do as long as they work together in harmony. It is really wise for the one dimensional to be open about their disability, at least with their loved ones. In that way, loved ones can be all the more helpful; and if anyone becomes an abuser, the one dimensional retains the right to say, "I'll trust someone else to help me."

      Since some tend to be slower than their more normal counterparts, they often try to speed up too fast not only by impulsively making decisions, but also by hurrying too fast where they make many more mistakes than they would make were they more constrained. Once again, openess is preferable. Simply explain to your loved ones. "Sorry, I am not trying to work slower. I am simply not able to move as fast as you. And if I do, I'll slow you down all the more because I'll make a lot of mistakes."

      You would think one dimensionals would be quiters, but because they want to be accepted so badly; they often times are the hardest workers to be found even to endangering their well being. At the blue collar level, they work so hard; they sometimes are promoted. Then the problems begin. Those who promoted them may not have noticed their disability and suddenly find them mindlessly making so many mistakes, they think them disobedient and lazy and think they are purposely bungling their instructions. The next thing you know they are in the unemployment line looking for a job. Its sad but true. The last thing you want to do as a one dimensional is accept a promotion even though you are so intensely driven to gain acceptance by it to feel normal. Be normal within your limitations.

      This doesn't mean you can't have babies if you are a female one dimensional. But it suggests you keep the number down so you can better handle your responsibilities. If your child is born one or two dimensional, you are going to have your hands full either way. And keep in mind, your two dimensional male spouse may not understand your continual bunglings and you may end up raising the children alone. Be careful and be open just as soon as you can safely let your loved ones know what you have discovered about yourself.

      Let's say you are a one dimensional who loves music. Should you try to play an instrument and sing along with it too. Absolutely not. Get music tapes and sing along with them. You are a one dimensional. The two dimensional has a difficult time doing both. It's beyond the limitations of a one dimensional. Stay within your limitations. They have to stay within theirs. It's rare to see anyone playing three or four or even more instruments at one time. You'll see a Bob Dillen type playing his guitar, singing and switching over to a harmonica. He is still two dimensional. He's just switching back and forth in one dimension while remaining steady in the other.

      Another problem a one dimensional has is remembering things. This gets back to the dull mindedness they may be unconsciously covered up with a vibrant personality or in the male, a bullishly aggressive biker type personality attempting to scare people into treating them as though they were normal. Even two dimensionals take careful notes at times. Why not carry a little notebook with you. Mark down what you said. What others said. Study it later. Pray about it. Keep careful records of what you do. Get your visible and your invisible world into good order and keep it that way. One dimensionals are notoriously disorderly. It is the product of being too easily distracted and forgetful of what you were doing. Try to finish what you start before allowing yourself the indulgence of starting something else. Learn what it means to bring everything into closure. Everything from errands to conversations as well as deals. Put things back where they belong. That's closure.

      The worst thing a one dimensional can do in dealings is open credit. I know it sounds crazy, but if you are a one dimensional; you simply cannot afford the additonal distractions that come with paying the bills and keeping records. You should live as simply as possible. Keep everything on a cash basis.

      Stay at your job level and don't change jobs. Avoid the mind games of politics at work in particular. Stay away from the gossip. If there is a difficult problem, let the brains come in and figure it out. Just be humble and do what you are told. God makes a way for the simple. He is also able to make you wise within the framework of humility.

      Feed on the holy Word and try to apply it to what you see in the workplace and at home and in the press. Stay far away from the sins people indulge so freely in such as films and television. Keep your mind working on perfecting your focus within your limitations. You'll get there. You, the turtle can win the race set before us which is the building of the new creature in Christ.

      One dimensionals usually do not have a retarded look. The one dimensional disability is a more subtle retardation. But it's a disability that can be overcome if you will be open minded and wise about it. If your employer tries to promote you, simply tell him. I would rather stay within my limitations. There are others more able than I. God will honour your humility. He loves virtue. Your employer may think you're crazy for turning down his offer, but do what you are told otherwise. You don't have to obey him if he tells you to jump off of the Brooklyn Bridge, and you don't have to accept a promotion you can't handle. By the way, you may need the money; but remember you'll make less if you get fired.

      So the problem with being one dimensionally limited is the early tendency to go into denial and develop a put-on personality. You become something you are not to cover up your limitations and cringe if someone suggests you are retarded. Oh well, no-one wants to be insulted. One dimensionalism is a form of retardation, but you're not retarded. The Biblical word for retardation is "dumb." The dumb often times are incapable of learning much more than fastening their pants on. They wouldn't be able to perfect solo singing like a one dimensional could do. So thank God for it. You've got buried talents. Get to work digging them up. God works in us to will and to do. If you feel a desire to perfect some talent you'll be able to use in eternity, get to it. Keep this in mind if you should happen to get really good at some talent like singing. If you are a one dimensional, you don't have to tell the world, but you don't have to forget it either. If you are really a one dimensional, it'll take you a lot longer to perfect a talent; so stick with it. Don't give up even if you've been working on it ten to twenty years. Two dimensionals have to work hard at perfecting their talents too. And whatever you do, don't try to perfect two talents at once. Stick to one. Work on every aspect of it. Once you get your breathing down, work on maintaining your volume, once you get your volume controlled, work on lowering and raising it, but don't get too fancy. You've got to sing in the rhythmic beat of various songs you are learning. And you'll need to learn to make those adjustments. One talent is a lot of work for a one dimensional. Don't take it lightly. Watch out for pride. Boastfulness will defeat you. It will cause you to quit growing in the talent.

      Boastfulness is common among mankind, but for the slow minded one dimensional it is particularly problematic. A slow minded one dimensional can produce defeat by boastfulness and by taking on too many talents so they are guaranteed to fail in them all. Boastfulness is common among one dimensionals because they want acceptance so badly. They approve themselves far too easily. Excellence to them is sometimes just doing something to completion over against doing it well and perfect. The perfectionist is never satisfied with performance. Why should the one dimensional be any less a perfectionist? Demand perfection of yourselves within your limitations. If you go outside of your limitations, you'll fail just as surely as a two dimensional trying to three dimensionalize everything. Everyone has to stay within their limitations. But God Almighty has no limitations. He is always willing to help the humble, but the proud he resists. No-one can tolerate an egotist for very long.

      In closing, the one dimensional seems to live unfocused. Learning to focus is an art, especially for those who do not know how to do it. To begin: take what you are doing and learn to think through your body. If you are housecleaning, do not just let your hand clean while your mind wanders. Think through your working hand. If you are switching back and forth, switch your focus back and forth. Do not take your focus off of thinking through your body. This is very important to building focus for one or two dimensional living. The two dimensional adds to it a growing acuteness of the surroundings around them while they are thinking through their body members.

      So, when you are walking down the icy steps in a harsh winter climate, I don't think anyone has to tell you to think through your feet, but if you are not accustomed to doing it; you are all the more vulnerable to going down in the blink of an eye. Thinking through your body is a rubber meets the road prospective. The baseball pitcher does a lot of twisting and turning to throw a pitch. If he doesn't totally think through his body, the ball he throws is not going to be anywhere near the strike zone. He is totally inside his body while consciously aware of his outer surroundings, the runners on the base breaking for second, the smashed line drive coming at him two hundred miles an hour, and so on. Thinking through your body is an art that can be perfected with a lot of practice. Guess who is on the baseball diamond working on it everyday? The pro athelete. The question is: do you want to be a pro in this lifetime, or an amateur? A winner or a loser? The Word of God is all about changing you into a new creature. It's time to get started.

      You could probably use some exercise. Get your exercise clothes on. It doesn't matter too much if you are young or old if you are able to do it. Don't get me in trouble with your doctors now. If you are able, go for a run. Let's see how much of your body you can think through while you go for your first short run. Don't overdo it if you haven't run for a long time. What I want you to do is think through your feet, and once you get your focus on your feet or at least one foot, then add at least one of your arm motions to your focus, and once you become aware you are focusing simultaneously on those two body movements consciously, then add breathing through your nose rather your mouth to your focus. It may take a few days, but to your surprise and within your pace of running, you may soon be three dimensionalizing!!! That's right!!! Whether you are a one or a two dimensional, three dimensionalizing is easy in running because its the same repetition over and over again as long as you are not letting your mind wander like a spectator at the passing surroundings. My guess is: you probably used to be a spectator of the passing surroundings. Reverse your focus. Look inward through your body while focusing outwardly on what's going on in the world about you. May God help you. Amen.