The Lord mentioned tithing as an obligation in the New Testament when he told the Pharisees who tithed from their mint plants but left undone the weightier matters of the law, that they did right in tithing from their small mint plants and ought not to have let the other matters go undone.

       Tithing to a spiritually bankrupt church system is foolishness on your part. Why continue to promote religion in the name of the Lord when you can give your tithe unto the Lord where it counts.

      God is the same yesterday, today and forever. His perfect will is revealed in the law of Moses regarding tithing. If we do not consult the law of Moses, we will know nothing of the will of God in this matter of serious importance. Furthermore, if you do not know the Church in America is spiritually bankrupt, read THE BLUEPRINT documentation on the menu of this website and 'LET EVERY MAN BE FULLY PERSUADED IN HIS ON MIND."

      Meanwhile, the following Scriptures from the Law of Moses reveal the perfect will of God for tithing. You will find nothing in these Scriptures suggesting the furtherance of the institution of religion we see in America. What you will find revealed in the tithing Scriptures is concern for the people. It is you the people who are being robbed by religious leaders even as the Lord indicated it in Saint John Chapter Ten.

      "BRING YE ALL THE TITHES INTO THE STOREHOUSE, THAT THERE MAY BE MEAT IN MINE HOUSE, AND PROVE ME NOW HEREWITH, SAITH THE LORD OF HOSTS, IF I WILL NOT OPEN YOU THE WINDOWS OF HEAVEN, AND POUR YOU OUT A BLESSING THAT THERE SHALL NOT BE ROOM ENOUGH TO RECEIVE IT." (MALACHI THE PROPHET 3:10) This Scripture is quoted often by the robbers and thieves of the Lord's tithe, but apparently is not understood by you God's people. They say the tithe is money and the storehouse is their ministry bank account.

      Israel was an agricultural theocracy in the Old Testament times. They did not use money as we use money, although silver and gold and some coins were in use at times. The tithe was of everything harvested in the fields and the increase experienced in lifestock. If the individual increased in gold and silver and coins, the tithe was owed from it also. There were no banks. The storehouse would have been filled with foods of every kind for the people. "The poor, the widow, the stranger and the Levite" who administered the storehouse according to the law of Moses. The storehouse was not used to build houses of religion or establish religious leaders in gilded chariots driven by white horses, in comparison to the multi-million dollar jets religious leaders are using to further their own financial interests in America today.

      Gentiles are not required to practice the law of Moses, but there is no prohibition from searching it to find the unchanging will of God so we can practice the faith more perfectly.

      Set your tithe aside and give it to "the poor, the widow, the stranger and the levite" and you will do well in your practice of the faith. By pass the religious thieves. Cease to build religion. May God help you to come into a better Light than you have been walking. Amen.