People the world over agree the destruction of the World Trade Towers was an incredible feat. The planning, recruiting, training, secrecy, financing, and infiltration of America, ...the enrollment of Muslim terrorists into an American pilot school, the takeover of three commercial 767 Boeing airplanes, the crashing of two of those jets each carrying 10,000 gallons of highly inflammable fuel into the World Trade Towers pouring down the elevators to set other floors on fire and collapse two of the world's highest skyscrapers into massive piles of rubble.

         Who could have ever imagined such an attack?

         All the world was astonished!

         How could such a terrible destruction take place unless the wicked had the help of Almighty God? The World Trade Towers were so huge the terrorist pilots could easily find their targets. They were so huge firefighters could not rescue many of the trapped. So the building of them was impractical and anyone going up into the sky in them was very much like a coal miner going deep into the earth where rescues are most difficult after explosions.

         Holy Scripture is specific on this why the Trade Towers were reduced to rubble and cast out of the sight of the world . Any time Israel fell away from the faith in Old Testament times, God sent the wicked to chastize them as a nation. Why shouldn't the God of the Bible chastize America? America was founded as an adherent to the Lord's peculiar brand of Judaism more familiarly known as Christianity. Any rule in the Word of God pertaining to Israel could therefore also be applied to America. As a nation America is like a railroad car hooked up to Judaism, ...the locomotive.


         The World Trade Towers were the pride of America. Each tower had 110 floors, 99 elevators and over 4 million square feet of interior space. Each floor available to the public had 40,000 square feet of space. On a clear day people could see fifty miles in any direction from the heights of the World Trade Towers.

         The 110th floor of the North Tower housed commercial and public service radio & television transmission equipment. It contained a vast array of transmission antennas including the 360 foot center antenna rebuilt in 1999 by Dielectric Inc. to accommodate DTV. The center mast contained the television signals for almost all New York City television broadcasters:

         On a typical weekday 50,000 people worked in the towers with another 200,000 passing through as visitors. There was so much mail it had its own zip code. The Twin Towers became known internationally in numerous movies and television shows as well as on postcards and other merchandise.

         The towers accumulated a history all of its own. In 1974 high wire performer Philippe Petit walked between the towers on a tightrope. In 1977 Brooklyn toymaker George Willig scaled the south tower. In 1983 Dan Goodwin successfully climbed the outside of the North Tower to call attention to the inability to rescue people trapped in the upper floors of skyscrapers. In 1998 Ralph Guarino heisted over two million from a Brink's delivery to the World Trade Center.

         Beneath the World Trade Center complex of seven buildings built on sixteen acres was a shopping mall with connections to various mass transit facilities including the New York City Subway system and the Port Authority's own PATH trains from Manhattan to Jersey City, Hoboken, and Newark. In other words, visitors didn't have to fight traffic to come and go to the World Trade Towers.

         One of the world's largest gold depositories was stored underneath the World Trade Center and soon after the September 11th attacks, $230 million in precious metals were rescued from basement vaults.

         On February 26, 1993 a Ryder truck filled with 1,500 pounds of explosives parked by Ramzi Yousef detonated in the underground garage of the North Tower. The blast opened a 100 foot hole through 5 sublevels causing significant structural damage. Six people were killed and 50,000 other workers and visitors were left gasping for air within the 110 story towers. Many people inside the North Tower were forced to walk down darkened stairwells where there was no emergency lighting, some taking two hours or more to reach safety.

         The Muslim terrorist fled to Pakistan after the bombing and was arrested in Islamabad two years later. He was extradited back to the United States to face trial. Others were brought to trail and convicted along with him. He is imprisoned at the high-security Supermax prison ADX in Florence, Colorado.

         According to a presiding judge, the conspirators' hope at the time of the attack was to destabilize the north tower and send it crashing into the south tower in an attempt to destroy them both.

         There was no doubt from the 1993 bombing to September 11th, 2001 that Muslim terrorists wanted to destroy the World Trade Towers not for the sake of financial gain, but for the sake of their own fanatical religious madness, and since security was greatly increased; they sought other strategies.


         God Almighty destroyed the high temple in Jerusalem when Israel fell away from the faith, and therefore, He could be expected to destroy the high temples of America's materialism when America fell away from the faith of its founding fathers. Those nations reaping the blessings of faith in the Creator of the Universe can also expect to receive His chastisements.

         Even though God is angry at the wicked every day, He uses the wicked to carry out his judgments and by his unseen power God helps their efforts become successful.

         We are told in the holy Book, "GOD IS THE HAND OF MAN AND THE SWORD OF THE WICKED."

         Ben Laden and his cohorts were the sword of the wicked. The Scripture in the paragraph above is one of the great mysteries of life. God Almighty works through the hands of mankind undetected except by those whom "THE ANOINTING TEACHES ALL THINGS."

         Osama Ben Laden undoubtedly supposed his success in knocking down the World Trade Towers was a sign he had favor with God and would enter into the dreamy paradise of Islam as one of its Chiefs and partake of every Islamic delusion there.

         Ben Laden is in for a very great disappointment when he exits this world by the power of death over him.


         God "is a God that judges in the earth." (Psalm 58:ll) God Almighty sees all and hears all at once every moment of every day eternally. God is able to weigh individual and corporate sins on the infinite scales of his understanding and weigh out judgments unseen by those with no eyes to see.

         Every nation no matter how great or how small ought to be aware of the individual and corporate jugments of the all knowing all powerful God who spoke this universe into existence by his divinely empowered Word.

         God created the molecule. He created the sun. There is nothing too big or too small for him to create or judge in anyone's life. God shall continue to judge this backslidden Christian nation "according to your way and according to your doings." (Ezekiel 36:19) Worldly power does not exempt a great nation from the law of reaping what it sows corporately.

         Wickedness is in throughout the United States where religion is put down hard by Hollywood filmmakers, where the bad guy is the good guy, and where crime is taught on national television by the wicked example of unregenerate actors willing to do anything for fame and fortune.

         Every kind of wickedness will be media promoted in America as long as there is no moral censorship backed by strong laws to make their evil ways unlawful.

         Religious freedom will remain government quenched while the people of God in America contract with State Franchise boards for tax free status and sell their corporate political rights as a congregation.

         God's people are criminalized at every opportunity just as soon as they do anything to promote the Lord outside of their church box. Public preachers and witnesses soon discover with what disrespect and persecution authorities treat our free exercise of religion in America.

         The murder of babes in the womb has become legalized in our nation to make fornication and adultery easier and to absolve parents of their responsibility to raise the children they conceive.

         Natural laws are under attack in America at every turn.

         The homeless are frequently denied a place to sleep in the cities of America without any consideration for their natural rights.

         America mass produces deadly chemical drugs for sale in the market place while waging a violent war against natural urbs God created for our use and edification in all temperance.

         The unnatural and illogical marriages of like gender to like gender where no reproductivity exists is now protected by law in parts of the United States making sexual perversions lawful.

         Police in America kill innocent citizens with the kind of impunity expected in dictatorships.

         Human rights are trampled continually day and night throughout this hypocritical nation. The American government has gotten too big for its people.

         Justice is for sale in our nation's overloaded court rooms.

         Public defenders work for judges rather than their clients.

         Arrogant judges overloaded with a multitude of judgments are blinded by precedence.

         There does not seem to be any protection for American citizens unless they have money to spend to defend themselves against allegations, and if they do; the government does not pay the costs when they lose.

         Politicians serve special interest bribes rather than constituencies.

         District Attorneys seem to be more interested in media trials so they can obtain recognition when their main duty to God and Country is to make sure justice reigns over injustice.

         Children taken from poor parents and are made prisoners of the State without a trail.

         Do we need to go on with the infinite list of America's sins? Who else can deal with such a great magnitude of evildoing but God whose nature is truth?

         Saint Paul made his position very clear in holy Scripture of the necessity for God to judge the world. "Is God unrighteous who takes vengeance?" the great Saint wrote: "(I speak as a man) God forbid: for then how shall God judge the world?" (Romans 3:5/6)

         God is righteous to take vengeance in his judgments. He created the world and put man in it.


         It is written in holy Scripture: "YOUR JUDGMENTS ARE ABOVE OUT OF (MAN'S) SIGHT" (Psalm 10:5)

         Americans were so shocked by the September llth attack, they flooded into churches throughout the nation, but religious leaders did not have the answers the public was seeking; and those sinners soon returned to their own self centered ways.

         Civic leaders who willfully licensed other religions to set up their temples and idols in the land that was once free of their inferior religion, were unmindful they had done anything wrong. (This picture of a Buddhist idol in Chicago, Illinois is an example of the abominations taking place throughout America in the name of religious freedom. They will tell you it is simply a symbol, but this is their god and they worship him.)

         Real estate agents who sold them the land to build on were unmindful they were doing anything wrong.

         Builders and contractors who worked together to build the temples of other gods were also unmindful they were doing anything wrong.

         The media who sold the perpetuators of other gods advertising were unmindful it was sinful to assist them. "THE LOVE OF MONEY (TRULY) IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL."

         "EVERY MAN'S WAYS ARE CLEAN IN THEIR OWN EYES." Sinfulness continued in every way after September 11th as it did before the attack.

         This sinful nation was not only blind to the judgment God sent but sinners everywhere continued to presume their sins could not have been weighed in the balance of God's infinite perception. In not seeking to know God Almighty the way they should know Him, the inhabitants of America remain spiritually blind.


         America was in denial when it came to its responsibility in provoking God to judgment.

         The wicked media in America allowed little or no discussion regarding the possibility God judged this nation. Instead they spoke of weaknesses in our national defense, of building a stronger security system, of guarding our borders and of bringing evildoers to justice.

         America decided the September 11th attackers were the bad guys. The United States was innocent. We were the good guys.

         The churches were also in denial of God having anything to do with September 11th. They focused their energies on sending groups of its members to offer condolences and went along with the George Bush policies like the rest of the nation.

         The vast majority of Americans came to think the problem was terrorism. Crush terrorism and the problem of further attacks against the "homeland" would be solved. Crowds gathered on street corners to wave flags and shout encouragements to drivers passing by who honked their horns in return. America was rallying to support George Bush Jr's war on terrorism although they did not know it at the time.

         Unfortunately, the problem is deeper than terrorism. America was dealing with the visible rather than the invisible problem.

         Media religious leaders Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell both went on the air immediately condemning America for its wickedness in legalizing the murder of babies in the womb and sex perversions, but were soon so flooded with public rebukes they apologized. They too were blind to the cause of God's judgment upon this great nation.

         Let's examine God's point of view.


         Voices in the media were saying: "But those people who died in the attack were innocent." Why would God judge America in part and not the whole?

         However, the whole nation of America was guilty in the sight of God? Think about it! "GOD IS ANGRY AT THE WICKED EVERY DAY."

         Would you have preferred God to judge every State of the union with a slaughter? If He had broken the strength of this great nation and upset the balance of power in the world, would you have gotten the message?

         The answer is "NO!" "THE GREAT MYSTERY OF GODLINESS" is not revealed to men by destruction. Destruction is a manisfestation. It is not a Spirit of revelation. Mankind is advised in holy Scripture to: "SEEK THE LORD AND YOU SHALL FIND HIM."

         Try to see the attack on the World Trade Towers from God's view point. He is angry with the wicked every day but it is not his will that any should perish.

         If God killed every inhabitant in America for the nation's sins, who would be able to repent?


         God was merciful in bringing about the death of so few to attempt to communicate his anger toward America for rejecting Him as the God in whom we should put our trust. You and I should be grateful to be alive.

         Were those sinners who died in the terrorist attack worse sinners than elsewhere in the world? "NO," Jesus, the Son of God, tells us in regard to the tower of Siloam which fell on sinners and killed them: "YET, IF YOU DO NOT REPENT, YOU SHALL ALL LIKEWISE PERISH." (St. Luke 13:3) The sinners in the World Trade Towers who died were no worse sinners than others.

         They happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

         They had the same opportunity the day before the September 11th terrorist attack to repent of their sins. Although many have said those who were killed in the September 11th attack were innocent, from God's point of view; we are not innocent until we repent of our self centered sinfulness and commit our lives to our Maker.

         Some were ready to meet their Maker on September 11th and are resting in peace, but many were neglectful of their salvation and were not ready to die. Many had life insurance, health insurance, car insurance and investment portfolio's, but did not bother to make peace with God? They only have themselves to blame for such an omission. They will not be found innocent on Judgment day.


         America is a backslidden Christian nation. Presuming this nation could be built into one of the greatest nations in the history of mankind with the strength and the Light of the God of the Bible without remaining stedfast to Him by faith is a result of loose morals and self centeredness throughout the land. We became the world's foremost superpower after dropping the atomic bomb on Japan in 1945 and have remained so ever since, and are blind to the fact that God Almighty gave America the Light to develop such power.

         Religions who worship demons in other lands have no responsibility to remain stedfast to the God of the Bible. They have never experienced his strength and his Light as a nation. But "TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN, MUCH IS REQUIRED."

         History repeats itself. Great nations rise and great nations fall.

         Israel became a powerhouse while serving the God of the Bible in the times of the dynasty of house of David and backslid from serving Him. They let other gods into the land and they worshiped idols.

         It is written in the holy Scriptures God gave Israel through the Prophets: "They chose new gods; then was war in the gates:"

         If you research Jerusalem, you will see the old city is surrounded by fortifications with many gates. When the Israelites let other gods into the land, there was war in those gates.

         War has changed through the centuries to where cities are no longer fortified like they were in old Israel. But there is no doubt historically as to where the gates of America are located. Millions of immigrants have entered America through New York to become citizens.

         Occupants of the World Trade Towers were not concerned with the judgment of God upon America as they fled down the stairs of the gigantic skyscrapers. They were concerned with getting out of danger.

         The public generally supposes we have a safety net in calling 911 for help, but brave firemen who come to disasters with ladders and climb into the fiery mouth of death to rescue trapped people, were limited to helping them down smoky staircases. With so many coming down hard for their lives it was difficult for firemen to go up.

         They were checkmated.

         Strange as it may seem in looking back, there were no external fire escapes on the outside of the towers. The towers were so high they had no backside. North, South, East and West sides were each marketed as facing a great view and the owners didn't want to mar any of the views with fire escapes.

         A fleet of helicoptor pilots were not trained in live action exercises to rescue trapped people from the windows or many lives could have been saved. Once the roof's of the two towers were on fire, window rescues were all our birdmen could have done and wouldn't it have been glorious for this great nation to show films proving we are a nation of visionaries and hero's who succeed rather than fail in a crisis? But America has turned a deaf ear to God who made us great as a nation, and is entertaining many gods.

         New York City firemen were obviously stalemated before Islamic warriers drove captured missiles into the world trade towers.

         It was a lose-lose day for firemen in New York and for all the nation. +

         Elevators trapped people inside them on various floors. No tools to break them open were on hand anywhere.

         The World Trade Towers invited terrorist attacks.

         They were vulnerable to a terrorist attack and New York was far too quiet.

         People could have marched in the streets for the preservation of the two greatest towers of Ameica.

         Now we know Muslim murderers with mega-buck treasuries fattened by terrorist States were able to finance their dream attack on America. Muslim terror arrived to our nation, and we should outlaw any further migration to stop it while we as a huge population take time to think about it. To educate every American on Islam. To come to grips with what it is.

         The scoreboard doesn't look good!

         The City of New York was outsmarted, so was the federal government who ought to have seen it coming with all of the privious attempts to commit terrorism there.

         Where were all our Presidents back to the building of the World Trade Towers? Where was our National Security Agency.

         Where were all our government officials who visited them for various functions held in such revered towers? Where was the Media of America who filmed so many shoots there? Where were people coming and going there as employees? Where were the Designers? The Landlords? The tax collectors? The Meter men?

         Surely someone saw the two towers as vulnerable and kept it quiet.

         Phone calls flooded into emergency operators unable to process them all.

         Deadly debris was falling right outside of the lobby windows.

         The loud crunch of people slamming into the cement outside in instant death was heard. (A two hundred pound human body falling from a hundred stories up could take your head off with his big toe he is coming at you so fast you can't imagine any part of him is moving at bullet speed.

         The incredible size of the buildings and the crisis with both going down at about the same time, manufactured communications problems. Going into a three story building on fire with ladders and hoses powering water into its blazes is one thing. Two buildings hundreds of stories high were built far above the reach of rescue operations. There were so many communications in the air between firemen in the two towers, much confusion in identifying who they were talking to and where they were located and what they were trying to do took place.

         The New York Fire Department was defeated when they allowed those two high risk monstrosities to go up without greater security precautions. The battle was lost long before September 11th.....

         The Fire Chiefs did not fail New York. New York failed the Fire Chiefs.

         In this second video of the World Trade Tower Part II film of inside events, The towers were spider webs designed by Satan to trap souls into death situations before they have time to find Jesus as their Saviour.

         In the third video from inside the World Trade Towers Disasters we find out the New York City Fire Chiefs were confused by death outside falling from the skyscrapers to tell escapees from the second tower to go back up into it. Few people know this incredible truth of how finite man's mind is. They are seen going back up into the tower two where many died as a fire and smoke firestorm raged down the second tower too engulfing all in its way. When your office fills with smoke and the door your key fits is glowing hot, its time to run for your life.

         A man by the name of Kevin Cosgrove trapped on the 105th floor with a couple of others in the smoke and fire made telephone contact with an emergency operator begging desperately for help, but there was none. Just empty promises of help is on the way. At the end of the calls his death scream is heard as he cries out "Oh God!!!!! Oh God!!!!!!!" And the phone goes silent. Kevin Cosgrove went down with the building.

         Many of the New Yorkers running for their lives at the scene of the disaster did not know God was using the wicked as his sword to bring judgment upon America. They were running from danger. Getting to safety was the one thought they had on their minds as they fled the scene.

         Those present in New York City were not thinking about whether God was angry with America. They were concerned with making it to safety.

         God brought war to the gates of America and the people of the United States and the world, did not know it was his judgment upon our nation.


         The President was busy with school children when he was told of the attack. It did not take him long to figure out he was a target of the attack.

         The President spent much of the day in the air because there was no real safety on the ground. The World Trade Towers, the Pentagon, and Camp David were all under attack. He had no way of knowing if there was another conspiracy waiting for him if he landed.

         The President declared war on terrorism. This was a uniquely creative declaration on the part of George Bush Jr. and there is no doubt is was partly motivated by fear for his own life.

         To declare war on an enemy we can see is one thing, but to declare war on terrorists in hiding throughout the world is another.

         Instead of calling on the God of the Bible for his assistance, George Bush Jr. called religious leaders together from the many religions now in America.

         It was the politically correct thing to do.

         Leaders of other religions representating other gods came together to pray with the President.

         In inviting them into the national limelight, George Bush Jr. let Islam off of the hook. Had he used the powers and resources entrusted to him by the American people to deport Muslims from every one of the fifty States in this great land, and to outlaw Islam in America; he could have succeeded while the American people still stunned by the destruction of our two greatest skyscrapers and the attack on the Pentagon, were looking for closure.

         An America without Islam would no longer have to be concerned about terrorist attacks from them. Instead, George Bush Jr. led America into wars in Afganistan and Iraq against Muslim nations.

         Other gods remain in the land that was once free from them and their demonic influences. America is still a backslidden Christian nation slipping further and further into the dark abyss of spiritual darkness and the opportunity to drive the wicked religion of Islam out of America slipped through the fingers of George Bush Jr. forever.


         When George Washington set the Bible on the pulpit of his presidency saying: "We cannot rule this nation without this Book." He was making it known the intent of religious freedom in our federal constitution did not include the bringing of other gods into the land; for the holy Book containing the Word of the Living God clearly forbids it in the ten commandments and in many passages of the Bible.

         Jesus Christ was the cornerstone the founders of this nation built into its foundation spiritually. The God of the Bible inspired the people of this nation to build it into a superpower such as this world had never known.

         America was a Christian nation until it kicked the right to pray out of its schools nationwide to make room for other gods to be honored throughout our country.

         The issue was not religious freedom. America had religious freedom. The issue was the taking away of our religious freedom to give it to foreign religions and their demonic gods.


         Immigration authorities in America were not made to understand the intent of religious freedom in America applied to diversities of Christian sects worshiping the God of the Bible. Naturalized citizens should have been made to relinquish their beliefs in other gods as a condition for citizenship. The laws of the land should have made it clear that temples and mosques representing other gods, were not welcome in America. We as a nation have no need of gods who impoverished the nations from where they were imported and we certainly do not need to provoke the Living God who rules the Universe He created.

         There is no religion of the world that is compatable with serving the God of the Bible. The religions of the world worship demons. We worship the Living God. They say we worship the devil. We say they worship the devil. Therefore, it is inconceivable that religious freedom can survive in any nation for long without civil war. And as you have heard in this document, the God of the Bible is "A JEALOUS GOD." He is angry that other gods have been allowed into America.


         We have already discussed how God is angry at the bringing in of other gods into America, now let's take a close look at the punishment inflicted upon America fulfilled prophecy. I will paraphrase the prophecies, then they will be provided for you to look up in the sacred King James 1611 Bible so you can see for yourself that the paraphrasing made it easier for you to understand their fulfillment.

       Let us begin by addressing America from the prophecies found in II Chronicles 7:19/22:

         America, You turned away, and left my statutes, and commandments which I set before you, and went and served other gods, (Verse 19) and worshiped them; so as I cast the most glorious temple in Israel out of my sight in A.D.72, (Verse 20) when they did likewise; so I also cast the glorious temples of your materialism out of my sight and I made them the talk of the world.

         And this house, the world trade center, which was the highest building in the world, (Verse 21a) became an astonishment to every one that passes by it; and people said: Why has God done this to this land and to the World Trade Towers. (Verse 21b)

         And it shall be answered, Because they left the LORD God of their fathers, which brought Israel forth out of the land of Egypt, and laid hold on other gods, and worshiped them, and served them: therefore has He brought all this evil upon them. (Verse 22)

         As it was for old testament Israel when she ceased serving the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; He sent the wicked to bring Israel into bondage; so it shall be for America if you do not repent individually and corporately.

         God Almighty uses the wicked as his sword (Psalm 17:13) to judge his people when they forsake him.


       The Prophet goes on to say: "FOR THEIR ROCK IS NOT AS OUR ROCK, EVEN OUR ENEMIES THEMSELVES BEING JUDGES." (Deuteronomy 32:31)

       Ben Laden and his cohorts are wicked men, yet they rightfully judged this nation to be evil and punished it such as no nation has ever been punished. In doing so, they fulfilled the prophecy: "EVEN OUR ENEMIES THEMSELVES BEING (OUR) JUDGES."

       The condition of Israel and of America when they ceased to serve the God of the Bible is described by the Prophet in the same prophecy; saying: "Their vine is of the vine of Sodom, and of the fields of Gomorrah: their grapes are grapes of gall, their clusters are bitter: their wine is the poison of dragons, and the cruel venom of asps." (Deuteronomy 32:32)

       The comparison to Sodom and Gomorrah, those sexually perverse and wicked cities in the ancient world; upon which God Almighty rained fire and brimstone, burning them to the ground, ... is a clear warning to Americans to repent everywhere from every evil way!!! You sold out to the Devil as a nation America and the LORD God who made this nation a superpower is ready to judge you! Don't think for a moment that God is not angry with you as an individual.

       When God Almighty is angry with a nation, He is angry with its people individually as well as corporately.

       If the truth of these prophetic fulfillments has sunk into your consciousness, do not put off any need you have of personally repenting from your sinfulness. Then the judgment that fell on America on September 11th will not have been wasted.



         Wickedness is increasing every day in America until this nation will fill up the wrath necessary to bring this great nation to judgment in such a way its power will be broken and its people crushed.

         Save yourself while there is yet time. Why should you live in the darkness of sin and reaps its rewards?