Isn't it amazing what one man can do?

         Salvation Mountain is located in the lower desert of Southern California in Imperial County just east of the Salton Sea and about a hour and a half from Palm Springs. There is no entry fee. You can expect other visitors there.

         Many of the children who visit Salvation Mountain will want to turn it into a playground especially when other children are running loose there. Keep a sharp eye on your children. Your family will not find many works of art to move about in in America or the world. Focus your children on the message. Its one of the few sermons in the world you and your family can walk in and enjoy.

         Salvation Mountain is Leonard Knight's tribute to God and his gift to America and the world with its simple yet powerful message: "God Is Love."

         Leonard's passion has been a visual masterpiece resplendent with the Lord's Prayer, John 3:16, and the Sinner's Prayer set off by flowers, trees, waterfalls, suns, bluebirds.

         The work of art is so wonderful to the eye, people are surprised they are allowed to walk on it to get a closer look and enjoy the view of the Salton Sea from the top.

         The old man will need his successors to respect the purity of the work while seeking to make a living guarding it.

         Salvation Mountain must be seen to be fully appreciated. Sometimes as many as 200 visiters show up in a day to meet Leonard and see his work. While he yet lives, he is part of the attraction.

         One visitor summed it up when he said, "It looks good enough to eat." Leonard worked at it daily for decades.

         Salvation Mountain is a great place to take your children. Its a wonderful way to get them focused on Jesus while they are having fun climbing the mountain.

         People come from all over the world to see Salvation Mountain. It's an international attraction. Pictures of it have found their way into publications in many countries.

         Groups of bikers pick Salvation Mountain as a destination tool. Many of them believers. Its a good place to get your picture taken.

         Salvation Mountain is 50 foot high and 150 foot wide. It is made of local adobe clay and donated paint and is a one of a kind rarity in all the world. The artist lived there ..........................................................................

         Leonard was born in 1931. Since so many people are attracted to his masterpiece, it seems logical to presume someone will buy up the land to take over the work when he dies, but its government land and so far it's not for sale. Let's agree in prayer it does not go up for sale.

         Leonard Knight is old and feeble now. His work is too great for him to maintenance. It's beginning to crack and crumble. Yet it will be preserved in photographs if no-one comes forth to keep it alive, or if his successors lose its spiritual value to worldliness. Pray for his successors to see the holy Light necessary to its preservation.

         It is a preacher's sermon first and ought not to be turned into an amusement park. Salvation Mountain was never intended as a playground but as a place in the desert for people of all kinds to meditate on God. Pray for its preservation according to its original purpose.

         Don't let the image of the old man deceive you. Jesus said "You must become like a small child to enter into the kingdom of God." Leonard's work proves he has had the heart of a small child in his old worn out body.

         Isn't it a marvel. Here is a perfect example of knowing someone by the spiritual fruit you find hanging on the invisible tree they are........

         See the godly work for what it is......

         A lifetime commitment.

         Evildoers tried to gang up on his work a few years ago, when Imperial county officials decided they might start collecting a user's fee from the occupants of Slab City. But a religious monument at the entrance challenged their legalistic sensitivities.

         So in July of 1994, their solution was to hire a toxic waste specialist to come out and take samples of the dirt around Leonard's Mountain to test for "contaminants." Even before the test results were back, they cordoned off the area and put up their warning signs. "Hazardous Waste."

         The tests predictably came back claiming high amounts of lead in the soil. The county petitioned the state of California for funds to tear down the mountain and haul it away to a toxic waste disposal dumpsite in Nevada.

         Leonard dug soil samples from the very same holes as the "expert" had used and submitted them to an independent lab in San Diego. High levels of led were not found in the soil.

         The wicked would have bulldozed Leonard Knight's work of art had Barbara Boxer not entered it into the Congressional Record in 2002 as a national treasure. Her communications with the county officials apparently stopped them.

         Although the wonderful work was done on government property without authorization, the beauty and significance of it to believers everywhere cannot be denied. Let us hope and pray Leonard makes provisions for his work to be maintained after his departure from this world.

         We already see people profiteering from Leonard's work when they take photographs, they copyright them; and are saying in essence they own a piece of the work.

         If you take photographs of his work, remember Jesus said: "FREELY YOU HAVE RECEIVED, FREELY GIVE." Leonard does not charge people to enjoy his visual art. Why should you charge people to use photographs he freely allows you to take of his work?

         Leonard did not do the mountain of a work as art. He did it to glorify the Lord. Now that he's world famous as an artist, he doesn't mind so long as the Lord's Word is promoted.

         To hear him talk, you would have to believe he is having spiritual experiences with the Lord. "BLESSED ARE THE PURE OF HEART, FOR THEY SHALL SEE GOD."

         Thinking of making the trip? Niland, along the Salton Sea is the last stop on the way to Salvation Mountain. Take Main Street east to drive there. Look for the entrance sign at Slab City.

         Slab City is all that remains of a military training base. The slabs of flat cement left behind were found useful by RV'ers and other folks who wished to live rent free without land taxes. The population is about 3,000 at the time of this writing.

         This is an aerial photo of Slab City.

         Leonard began experimenting with bales of straw and adobe. He got an idea to build a Hogan similar to the domed-shaped home of adobe and sticks used by the native Navajo using bales of straw and adobe that would insulate from the 115+°Farenheit heat of the desert summers. He stacked the bales up to form a 10-foot high domed room. He covered the whole thing with adobe and painted and decorated its walls.

         It is now a cooling off spot for visiters climbing Salvation Mountain.

         This is Leonard's truck house. The residents of Slab City live free of rent and property taxes on government land. So Leonard has been able to work on his visual art masterpiece for more than decades without the burdens many Americans are bearing. He also suffers inconveniences many Americans do not wish to suffer.

         Knight gives visitors postcards of the mountain. He refuses money and gives them extras to pass on to their friends. He says he’s handed out more than 100,000 postcards, and “They’ve ended up all over the world.”

         We live in an era when preachers lack the power of God to speak his Word in the Sword of the Spirit, but Leonard Knight's masterpiece speaks visually. Its a positive message with a positive effect. "A MAN'S GIFT MAKES ROOM FOR HIM." Leonard Knight's mailing address is P.O. Box 298, Niland, CA 92257.