Marriage in America is established on unholy foundations more and more as wickedness increasingly gains power in our nation, and you dear Christian, are foolish beyond belief for submitting your marriage to the authorities as though God ordained the American government as your priest. This error has too long produced an epidemic of divorce in this great country. Make your own marriage contract. Submit none of it to government authorities nor to churches submitted to the government through State Franchise Board tax exempt status where our political freedoms as congregations have been traded away for the financial gain of religious leaders.

      Form your own arbitration group to rule over any divorce between you and your wife to be regarding finances, custody, alimony and so on. Make sure each party to the marriage contract waives all legal rights to submit any disputes to the government at any level.

      Decide which party to the divorce is best suited to raise the children and give them absolute custody. In this way it is hoped to bring an end to legalities. If there is any future visitation with the children, the custody parent would decide yea or nay.

      Divorce is a horrible experience. There are no real winners, though custody parents often times boast as though they came out the winners. The children lose one of their natural parents and the wholesome home they deserve. Do your job well. Encourage peace at all times. If you are the arbitrator in a contractual marriage, or one of them; who are you "TO DIVIDE THAT WHICH GOD HAS JOINED TOGETHER" except it has already divided itself. Then, your job as an arbitrator is to recognize that division and help them make the best of it.

      America has become essentially a matriarchal civilization with women ruling their husbands in many aspects of their families lives. Biblical marriages were always patriarchal. That is, the husband's authority was final in all matters of family management. The Biblical marriage is patriarchal. Anything less drains manhood from the men of a nation. If a nation intends to be strong, it's men ought to be strong. Believe it or not, you can do it. If you have enough going for you before entering into your marriage, to negotiate a marriage contract of your own... you men of faith can establish a Biblical marriage: Lets take a look at what that meant for Abraham who got clear of Hagar who bore him Ismael; and who upon being sent away; could be expected to teach Ishmael to hate Abraham, Sarah and their son, Isaac. In fact, to this day the Ishmaelites hate the Israeli's.

      Let's examine briefly one of the well known but little understood divorces recorded in the Bible. First, Abraham had a concubine by the name of Hagar who bore him a son named Ishmael who happens to be the father of the Arab nations. Hagar was in effect a second class wife or a body for breeding purposes only. An old fashioned surrogate. Abraham's wife, Sarah was barren. So Abraham gave seed to Hagar with Sarah present to make sure no romance took place. Nonetheless, the son born of Hagar was considered Abraham's son, and by giving him a son; Hagar became by inference Abraham's wife too, especially since Sarah had not borne fruit from her womb.

      When Hagar mocked Sarah for remaining barren, the inevitable took place. Hagar had to go. To bring closure in the matter, Abraham sent Hagar and Ishmael away. There was no division of property. No alimony. No custody battles. Abraham and Sarah were free to live their lives. Hagar and Ishmael were also free to live their lives free of legal entanglements.

      In the epidemic of divorce in America where almost every family in the country is involved in one way or another with some element of divorce, custody, child support, alimony and other forms of related litagations for years on end, the one major difference we find between Biblical divorces and American divorces is LACK OF CLOSURE.

      Following his forefather's example, Moses allowed man alone to write A BILL OF DIVORCE. Marriage and divorce were none of the government's business. If anyone was capable of judging a matter and issuing a divorce from a government prospective, Moses was such a man; yet he avoided getting entangled in marital disputes. The American govenment lacks the wisdom of Moses and has in effect weakened the family unit in this nation. In weakening the American family, the nation has been weakened.

      We will attempt to identify the many ingredients of a successful marriage, although it will be up to you to discern the lack of harmony going into marriage as real signs you ought to postpone or break up such a relationship before it becomes a divorce bound marriage.

      The first missing ingredient in American marriages is a two year or more courtship with no premarital sex. Premarital sex is disrespectful to the holiness of marriage and it is disrespectful to your future spouse. Showing yourself in control of your sex drive exalts you with your future spouse and her family. You will have much more support from them materially and spiritually if you respect their daughter prior to taking your vows.

      The second missing ingredient in American marriages is permission from both parents to enter into a marriage. What most young couples do not seem to realize until it is too late; is that they are marrying into another family, and their spouse to be is marrying into their family. In other words, you do not just marry your futue spouse. You marry their family for better or for worse; and if you do not like them, it is a serious consideration. If they do not like you, that also is a serious consideration.

      The third missing ingredient in American marriages is materialistic security. Get your career on its feet so you and your future spouse will have solid ground to stand on financially. One thing you will see in "the women seeking men" adverisements is a request for "FINANCIAL SECURITY". Divorced women have learned their lesson. Financial insecurity vexed their previous relationships. Good looks didn't pay the bills. Popularity didn't pay the bills. Hugs and kisses didn't pay the bills.

      The fourth missing ingredient in American marriages is infidelity. Men and women alike are untrustworthy. Fornication and adultery are commonplace. What you want to look for is a stable, truthful, honest, virtuous, hardworking individual who can be trusted with your feelings and your heart.

      The fifth missing ingredient in American marriages is a lack of anything in common besides sex. Sex tends to be the common bond American couples have before entering into marriage. Sex ought to be last. Real common interests ought to bond a couple together. When a couple likes being together without sex as the reason, there is hope of a successful marriage.

      The sixth missing ingredient in American marriages is a lack of communication. "SUBMIT YE ONE TO ANOTHER" is Biblical rule that applies to all relationships inside and outside of marriage. A husband ought to call his wife if he is going to be late. She ought to call her husband if she is not going to be where he normally expects her to be. This is submissiveness one to another. It shows concerns one for another's feelings. In doing so, it shows love one for the other. By having things in common, communication is helped. You will have something to talk about if you are both committed to mastering chess and all of your friends are committed to mastering chess. You will have something to talk about if you both are in the same profession. Law, police work, medical, science, teaching, sports, etc.

      The seventh missing ingredient is a lack of government structure to your marriage. The Biblical marriage with the husband ruling does not invite tyranny unless the wife makes herself a tyrant in opposing his rule or if the man is a bully by nature. The true caring just Bible believing husband will always listen to his wife's concerns in the decision making process and weigh her needs into his decisions. The problem in the American marriage is no-one rules the marriage. The American marriage is divided from the beginning, and as you may have heard: "A DIVIDED HOUSE WILL FALL."

      We heartily recommend Bible believing men pursue a marriage contract with all rights spelled out in line with the examples we find in the Word of God where the husbands decision in separation or in divorce are final. This puts the wife in the role of submitting everything to her husband and frees her from the temptation of revenging herself by means of a government divorce if she should become offended by the husband or in stealing what she did not bring into the marriage.

      Enforceability is a problem in the courts of America particularly in regard to Custody and Child Support. Judges throughout America are highminded and all knowing, and are more than willing to overrule a Prenuptial Contract for the slightest cause. So this lawyer's advice is provided to put you on the alert. There is no such thing as a bullet proof Prenuptial Agreement.

      Now that you have listened to the above video and have gotten the idea the Prenuptial Contract must be made with great caution, it is important for you to realize other factors can make a big difference.

      It simply is not advisable in America to marry a career woman with the expertise to retain a lawyer and disable the Prenuptial. Career women do not make good wives. You should be more interested in a wife who will stay at home and keep the nest. One who will contribute to your business without demanding a paycheck.

      The amount of money at her disposal should be minimized to restrain her spending on things unsuitable for a good family life, and in the case of a divorce; she should have insufficient funds to retain a lawyer. In other words, a cookie jar for petty cash is one thing, a slush fund for a wife to do whatever she pleases is completely another matter. Take it from her and deposit it in the family accounts and have her close her private account. Watch your wife.

      Eve likes to eat the fruit of disobedience from the tree of Life.

      This next lawyer explains the law regarding Prenuptials in Australia which are similar enough for Americans to get the right idea of just how fragile a Prenuptial can be in the courts.

      The Feminist influence is so strong in America, a pre prenuptial contract has been designed for signing before or at the beginning of a dating relationship, before the man and woman become emotionally entangled in one another. It can be very easy for a woman to accuse the man of betraying her when the time comes to propose marriage (along with the prenuptial.) The following pre Prenuptial Contract eliminates that problem and sets the dating relationship on the right course if it is taken care of in a timely manner. This is particularly important for business owners and men of prosperity and wealth to protect their assets.

      But it also is designed to protect the marriage and make it longlasting once the potential partners enter into a true commitment to one another.