HOME CARE is not a business. There is nothing for sale on this website. HOME CARE is not the practice of medicine. There are no drugs to be prescribed, no medical tests and no therapies.

         HOME CARE is a choice.

         HOME CARE is based upon the reality that healing is built into the body.

         The word heal is in HEAL'th.

         HOME CARE is your way of saying, "Health is built into my body, and by stopping what I was doing wrong; and by learning what needs to be done to allow natural healing to take its course; I may come out healthier, happier and more prosperous than those who trust their health into the hands of the corrupt medical profession. We are all going to die anyway. The question is: Do we want to take the chance of becoming a casuality of the medical profession?

         Do you think it wise to presume a doctor is pure hearted about wanting to treat you while charging exorbitant fees just to see him before you get anything for your money? The process of medical treatment in America assumes you are going in to see a medical professional who can do something for you to help you regain your health, yet doctors have no healing power. So you are paying for their counsel.

         Many of them have offices filled with patients waiting sometimes for hours to get in to see the doctor for a few minutes in which prescription drugs and medical tests are often the course he chooses for you. In most cases the prescription drugs are chemically based with warnings of side affects. When doctors knowingly prescribe drugs for their patients causing ill side affects with no guarantee they will alleviate the problem, they are clearly money motivated.

         You will be told to be sure to return to see him so his staff can collect another fee for visiting him, and so he can prescribe more drugs to continue the process indefinitely making you a regular customer. Lets say you pay fifty to seventy five dollars for a five minute visit with the doctor, there are twenty five minute segments in every hour he works; so do the math.

75 x 20 = $1500 per hour x 8 hours - $12,000.00 per day

         I think you have got the idea. Here you are trusting your health to someone who is systematically bleeding your finances for his enrichment while having no real cure on hand for the problem you are suffering from. Meanwhile the body heals itself and eventually many of your problems go away of their own accord by the miracle of your supremely intelligently designed body. But doctors give no refunds. In fact they often times accept the credit for the healing God built into your body and they will often times suppose what they prescribed must have worked.

         Those of you who have read your Bible may remember the woman with the blood issue who lost all she had to the physicians before touching Jesus by faith for a miraculous healing. That which is, is that which has been according to the book of Ecclesiastes. Mankind has always sought physicians for cures which are often times already built into the body to where all you have to do is figure out what you are doing wrong, and discipline yourself to cease from doing it.

         We read in the Scriptures, "BLESSED IS HE WHO WALKS NOT IN THE COUNSEL OF THE UNGODLY," but,....

         Cursed is he who walks in the counsel of the ungodly. Learn to discern whether or not the medical professional you are doing business with is a sinner. It makes a difference! In most situations you will be walking in the counsel of the ungodly.

         Lets consider our health a little more closely from the Scriptures:

         Consider the whoremonger who is having liver problems. All of the treatments in the world will not cure that man until he repents of his whorings. His problem only appears to be physical, but is spiritual. The doctors will attempt to cure his physical maladies when he needs to be cured of the spiritual malady of his sinfulness.

         We read about it in the book of Solomon's wisdom where he speaks of the man who is snared by a prostitute.

Proverbs 7:21 With her much fair speech she caused him to yield, with the flattering of her lips she forced him.

Proverbs 7:22 He goes after her straightway, as an ox goes to the slaughter, or as a fool to the correction of the stocks;

Proverbs 7:23 TILL A DART STRIKES THROUGH HIS LIVER; as a bird hastes to the snare, and knows not that it is for his life.

Proverbs 7:24 Hearken unto me now therefore, O you children, and attend to the words of my mouth.

Proverbs 7:25 Let not your heart decline to her ways, go not astray in her paths.

Proverbs 7:26 For she has cast down many wounded: yea, many strong men have been slain by her.

Proverbs 7:27 Her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death."

         The doctors of America are not trained in holy Scripture anymore. Yet there was a time when the most prestigious colleges in our nation today, ....required a thorough knowledge of the Word of God and the godly life of their students.

         If you are a devout believer, be wise. "TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN, MUCH IS REQUIRED." God "SCOURGES AND CHASTIZES EVERY SON WHOM HE LOVES." Your health problem may very well be a chastizement for something you need to stop doing or perhaps there is something you need to learn to do.

         The wicked man who comes into judgment by God cannot eat meat anymore without it turning to the "gall of asps" according to the book of Job 20:14. He vomits. (V15) His stomach is no longer quiet. (V20) If his gall blatter is removed, he will continue to have an unsettled stomach continually, and will not be able to digest his meat without "acid reflux." No doctor in all the world can cure him. He needs to repent quickly of his wickedness and make restitution remorsefully or God will take everything from him including his soul once His wrath begins to fall on such a man.

         The slanderer causes their victims digestive problems deep in "the innermost parts of their belly" (Proverbs 18:8, 20:22) Stop the slanderer from destroying the career, marriage, and reputation of their victim and the stomach should heal if the slanderings are stopped in time before too much damage is done to the digestive system.

         Everyone knows the spiritual effects the physical. Too much stress causes nervous breakdowns, heart attacks, and stomach problems. But few put any time into the Word of God to become knowledgeable about the specifics.

         In Proverbs 20:30 we learn that stripes (punishment by the whip or rod) cleanses the belly. Transgressors trouble their own stomachs. A guilty conscience can trouble someone for years. Make them pay for their transgressions and their belly is cleansed from anxiety over their wrongdoing.

         In Proverbs 17:22 we are told, "A MERRY HEART DOES GOOD LIKE A MEDICINE." A merry heart not only does the bearer good. A cheerful person cheers up others. A cheerful person brings good medicine where-ever they go.

         In Proverbs 14:30 we are told, "A SOUND HEART IS THE LIFE OF THE FLESH." Attain to a balanced heart spiritually and it will be life for your flesh.

         The words "heart attack" are not in the Bible, but Jesus told his disciples "MEN'S HEARTS WOULD FAIL THEM FOR FEAR" (Saint Luke 21:26) in the Great Shaking of the earth. Many will die from heart attacks during that global catastrophe. Fear can be deadly to your physical well being. If fearfulness is causing you health problems, it is important to bring your fear under control before more damage is caused.

         The medical profession is overly proud of its ability to look inside the human body with x-rays, cat scans, MRI's and other such magical devices. They are able to look around inside the body with endoscopic camera's, yet none of these things can see the spiritual problems that may be causing the illnesses they are trying to diagnose.

         Medical practicioners in America have eyes to see but cannot see and ears to hear but cannot hear. That fact makes HOME CARE an attractive option especially if you have a devout prayer habit in seeking for truth that will set you free when you find it.

         Those rare individuals living a life set apart unto God can expect to experience many afflictions to humble them, and sensitize them to the sufferings of others so they can minister the love of God to people as well as the Light necessary to help them come out of spiritual darkness.


         As old age began to steal my strength physically, my commitment to HOME CARE remained intense. I wounded my feet walking the Gospel and began using amplified witnessing vehicles. Instead of following hard after the extremely expensive and almost useless counsel of podiatrists who are forever inventing pads to fit into the very slim space of shoes already on the market; the Lord led me to modify and enlarge sandals to make room for much larger replaceable pads at an affordable cost. It was possible to go on walking with some limitations for years while others would have landed in a wheelchair. The peripheral neuropathy of my feet is so severe, it sometimes is painful to touch the sheets of the bed.

         For several years I continued to design and make with the help of my shoemaker my own orthopedic shoes to fit my present need. That alone with the use of crushed ice at night before going to sleep allowed the damaged nerve endings on the bottem bones of my feet to heal some during the night since nerves are intelligently designed to regenerate.

         My mind was so distracted with the severity of the pain in my feet to overcome it with orthopedic shoes I did not know nor did the doctors who saw my work, that the height and the softness of the orthopedic shoes I was designing was straining my herniated disc eventually causing serious nerve pinches to develop that forced me to remain in bed for five weeks in 2009.

         Partnerships were proposed for the mass production of my orthopedic shoes designs. It was very tempting but I knew my feet was the laboratory my shoe designs need to be tested on and I was not satisfied they should be made available to the public. Its a good thing to not let the love of money motivate you.

         Recovering from the lower back problems was a tremendous uphill struggle for a couple of years during which time I continued to wear my inventions without knowing they were aggravating my lower back. But always on the lookout for alternatives paid off when it was discovered reef sandals had a sandal design soft enough for me to modify with my shoemaker for me to walk in them, and it was then I discovered the two soft sinking into orthopedic inventions of mine had troubled my back. Thank God I had not gone to market with them.

         For the past year I have walked in reef sandals modified to work with my foot problems and my lower back has improved considerably. When I look back at all I have been through, I wouldn't have done it any other way. I wanted to provide the shoe market with something orthopedic for those other folks suffering from peripheral neuropathy in their feet and succeeded somewhat in achieving it, in that I was able to keep walking for several years before happening across the reef sandal design that works for me. They have since ceased production of that model, but my feet healed up enough for me to go on using their sandals after modifying them.

         I think the severity of my suffering foot pain so terrible I could not walk from my vehicle into a building to do business there, taught me how awful an absence of orthopedic shoes for people with my foot pain there is worldwide. I still hope to use the knowledge I gained to encourage reef and other shoe manufacturers to put something out for those of us with peripheral neuropathy so we can keep walking. Many are sitting in wheel chairs right now because the medical profession does not know what to do for us. But the right shoe design and the proper use of ice before going to sleep are the two greatest assistants the LORD has shown me during the past several years since being stricken with the affliction.

         Back attacks arrived several years ago when I was in my early sixties. Unexpected back attacks knocked me to the floor several times in my early sixties nearly paralyzing me. The lower back trama was so bad after the lower back muscles seized up in instant response to the attacks, that I was bedridden up to ten days during those first four attacks.

         During my first four convalescences, the back pain was so severe I could hardly turn in bed for days. Getting up out of bed was completely out of the question. Had there been an HMO, I would not have consented to their touching or testing or moving me. When a spinal nerve is already pinched and compressed by inflammation, it is vulnerable to further injury by therapists, doctors and laboratory techs moving the patient or poking around the wounded area.

         The good Lord made it so my wife was always present when my back went out and He has given her the heart to care for me night or day even though she continues to be employed. In this my fifth major lower back convalescence, we kept records as though our home was a hospital and the information we have for you can make a difference between recovery or the continuation of severe lower back pain. This is our story:

         The first thing my doctor said when I called to tell him there was a seriously pinched spinal nerve in my back shocking me in pain, was: "It may be a muscle pull or tear." God bless my doctor's soul. He only one man. He was looking at me while I was in pain. I didn't sound like I was in pain. But he believed me after a few minutes and immediately ordered an MRI.

         The first thing you will need to understand is the cause of your back pain. There are many possibilities, your back problem will have its own identity.

         Is it muscular or does it pertain to the nerves protected by the aging spinal column verterbrae? If it involves compression of the spinal nerves at any point along the spinal column, the pinching of the nerve at any point can cause extreme pain. And when we suffer sudden extreme pain jolting us, our whole body reacts, but particularly that part of the body nearest to the pain. So in extreme cases such as mine, the lower back muscles seized up time and time again as the jolts continued to come day and night; until I had no use of my lower back muscles to sit up stand up or walk.

         Where lower back pain is involved, an already compressed nerve is pinched when we move in such a way as to increase pressure upon the nerve. This results in the high speed collision of signals running to and from the mind. Like a vehicle collision, two signals cannot be in the same place at the same time in the wiring God has provided our "FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY" made bodies.

         This collision of signals is the sometimes subtle, sometimes electrifying jolts of pain those afflicted with lower back pain experience. We ought not to confuse pinched back nerves with pulled or strained muscles. Young people are so active, they often injure or strain muscles in the back. A little ice and rest for a few days and they're up and running again. If their bodies are young and their health is good, no pinched nerve is involved.

         The more subtle pangs of pinched nerve pain are warnings that ought not to be ignored. There are many things you can learn here in this document to care for your back when early warning signals occur, so your back condition does not deteriate rapidly.

         The more extreme shocking jolts of pain can be so bad you will scream in agony until you move into a position bodily that relieves the pressure on the nerve or nerves that are pinched.

         The consequence of a shocking jolt of pain is usually more inflammation around the area of the pinched nerve that was already too compressed by some cause. The shock absorbing spacer discs between back vertebraes could be flattened to where a nerve is compressed or a disc could be broken open to where it protrudes outwardly into a spinal nerve; and once you experience jolting pain two things can be expected.

         The BED STRESS was so bad, I could not get comfortable in in bed and was moving about constantly in search of relief. Then the Lord turned the light on this issue and I made my first incision in the HR 40 slab of queen sized foam David Serrano had so kindly delivered. There was immediate relief and I laid on my back with the wounded area of my lower back over the five inch square hole I had cut out of the foam. I finally had a position where I could lie without putting stress directly on the wounded area of my lower back.

         The 2" thick HR 40 foam proved to be too hard to lie on around the clock and after 36 hours my entire body was agonizing from BED STRESS. So my wife removed it from the bed with me in it around two A.M.

         We had several pads of thin Walmart mattress foam and she put two of those under me. We cut a five inch square to lay my wound over, and put another slice of the inferior made in China Walmart foam under the hole to protect my wounded back from touching the harder surface of the mattress. That was the beginning of the third week of this, my fifth major lower back pain convalescence; and here in the sixth week we are still using the same Walmart mattress foam with success.

         The first two weeks of this present convalescence when I did not know to cut a hole in the mattress foam, and was experiencing regular jolts of pain in my lower back because I could not lie still for long. We have four new mattress pads in stock at this writing at twenty dollars a pad. One of those pads is good for about a week by itself. If two pads are in use, we mix a new one with an old one and my wife marks the date she puts it on the bed with a felt pen. Two of those new mattress pads on the bed at the same time are a little to bouncy for me to move around in bed without sinking in. So one new pad for bounce, and one used pad that has lost its bounce work for me.

         In dealing with compressed lower back nerves, it is best to totally immobilize yourself to where you do not have to move at all. That strategy requires the kind of loving care I have received from my wife, and a few other things.

         In cutting the five inch holes into the pads to lay my wounded back over, the two bed pads are laid on top of the mattress to be measured and cut. Since I am laying on the hole in the foam pads around the clock, the foam at that part of the pad soon loses its resilience. So my wife reverses the foam and cuts a new square hole for me to lie my wound over. A perfectly five inch square has not proved to be perfect however, because the part of the square where the good part of my back takes up the stress from the wounded part of my back that is no longer holding me up; ....gets a little too much stress.

         This is not really as complicated as its sounds. First, you cut out the five inch square through both foam pads. Then at the top side piece of foam padding, you cut an extra inch of foam from it so you will be lying on a hole with the following dimensions. The bottom piece of foam has a five inch square hole cut out from it. The top piece of foam has a square hole cut out right over the bottom one, but its dimensions are five inches on three sides of the square, but the top portion of the topside square hole measures six inches. In this way, pressure on the part of your back taking up the BED STRESS you are relieving your wound area from, ...is spread more evenly.

         The use of ice is not properly promoted by the medical industry although they do use ice; there is little or no money to be made telling a population with freezers built into their refrigerators to ice themselves.

         We have ice trays that freeze up small pellets of ice for my back. They are the next best thing to crushed ice. The regular sized ice cube are pointed and can poke a lower back wound area.

         A lower back wound such as mine was extremely sensitive to the weight of the bag of ice also. We use quart sized zip lock bags with approximately one third of a bag of small ice pellets.

         Too much ice tends to stress a lower back wound already overly sensitive from the trama that has taken place there. Once every twelve to twenty four hours worked best for my back wound.

         We leave the ice on until it freezes up the flesh in one spot of the wound, then we move it to another. My wound area was large enough for us to move the bag around three to four times in the same general area to make sure inflammation was reduced.

         It is importat to not use muscles that have been frozen under the ice bag. We put a soft pillow over the wound to keep the body heat in and keep the wound area from catching a chill. Many will complain of the pain or discomfort of using ice, but its well worth it. The amount of pain is usually diminished considerably after ice is properly applied.

         If your lower back wound is severe like mine, stay on your stomach five or ten minutes after it thaws out. If you time this right, you ice before falling asleep on your stomach.

         If you do roll over on your back, do whatever you can to relieve bed stress from a lower back wound that is so severe it doesn't want to touch anything including a soft bed mattress.

         Immobilization became our strategy for my lower back problem when we saw where this thing was going.

         There were so many explosive back attacks the first three weeks, my back was getting worse instead of better even though I was in bed nearly 99% of the time. I really had no choice. I couldn't walk, neither could I sit in any chair or in our wheelchair.

         The new bed and mattress we had bought several months earlier was bad and we didn't know it yet. So immobilization was the right strategy since movement with severely compressed spinal nerves is not an option. But immobilization in a bad bed is not good.

         As soon as we found the springs poking through the thin padding, aimed right at my back; we called our foam man and he personally delivered queen sized slabs of HR40 and an eight pound memory foam mattress at his cost to our residence.

         By that time my lower back was so badly wounded and in such pain, nothing worked. The memory foam was too soft to move in when stricken with so much pain. And HR 40 was too hard to lie on for long. My wife removed it in the middle of the night when I couldn't take it any more, and a friend delivered queen sized foam from Walmart.

         We ordered a six hundred and fifty dollar queen mattress over the phone and were defrauded. I would have never bought it for any price had I been well enough to test it out; but we had bought from Custom Comfort Mattress in fullerton several times before, and were satisfied with the quality and the price. I weigh a little over two hundred pounds and when I lie down in the queen mattress, it sinks down considerably more like a hammock than a mattress.

         Once we realized the first new mattress was one of the main culprits we were able to pad it sufficiently to allow healing to set in, and by the fourth week; I was beginning to regain my lower back and walk a little.

         This was the fifth time lower back attacks had forced me into bed rest with such severe pain I could not walk.

         Shocking jolts of pain began hitting me regularly no matter how hard we tried to keep me immobilized. The greater the trama my lower back experienced, the greater the swelling, the more sensitized and enlarged the inflammed wound area became, ....and the more I tended to panic...to where I was willing to go on to the operating table. So the ordering of the MRI gave us hope for the couple of weeks we had to wait for it.

         When you are in severe pain, or just miserable with your affliction; you will be inclined to do anything to escape your suffering. I began studying the Internet with my wife's laptop on my stomach for hours daily researching every possible subject centering around lower back pain. I read the advertisements from surgical hospitals bragging up their service. I read the advertisements of disc manufacturers promoting their products for degenereative disc replacements. I studied up on fusion surgeries v/s microdiscectomies. I studied how to read an MRI. I read testimonies on various medically oriented Internet forums, many of whom were testifying because they were the losers in the search for pain relief from their afflictions.

         By the fourth week when we finally got the forest fires of severe pain down to a smoldering of discomfort, my panic began to leave me; and in place was a soberness of the seriousness of the risk of trusting the medical industry with our health.

         I had written several bedside reports of my condition to my doctor. He in turn only called once in seven weeks of his own accord and we have gotten used to not hearing from him.

         He did call when the MRI analysis arrived. He read the brief analysis to me over the phone but took no position on its validity, neither had he opened the MRI film file on his computer although there seemed to be some question as to the age of the computer the hospital provided him. It didn't seem like he was interested in going any further.

         It took weeks of ploughing through unnecessary beauracratic red tape to obtain a CD disc of the MRI film which I immediately loaded onto my wife's new laptop. It would not load onto my new PC although they are both programmed with Vista. The Radiologist never called to ask just what he should look for. He reported only what he saw, so we were left in the dark. We do not know if the MRI was inadequate or if the Radiologist missed something.

         To make matters worse, my back pain was so severe near the end of the third week; it was necessary to schedule an ambulance to take me in a gurney to the hospital for the MRI and they defrauded in submitting their bill for payment to the tune of two thousand four hundred dollars when their financial manager had assured me they would not charge over $750.00. They also lied to me in saying I was fully covered. When the bill came to our house, it held us totally responsible for the $2400.00.

         The ambulance ride on a gurney cushioned with our own two inch memory foam pad was used by the Lord to save my lower back from another serious back attack, so that part of the strategy was right. But the greed of these people amazes me and is a warning of how quickly the medical industry can impoverish its clients. They have convinced me their profession is not to be trusted at all. An exceedingly expensive ambulance ride at the risk of re-injuring my lower back, to obtain an inadequate MRI just doesn't justify itself. We would have been much better off sticking to HOME CARE.

         In my case, I lost my lower back muscles for several weeks to lower back trama. I couldn't sit up without knocking my back out again, so I would adjust my cane to the short of it and use the shortened cane to push myself up while pulling myself up using the wrought iron rails of our bed.

         To stand without back muscles, I lengthened my cane and pushed up with all my might while pushing up with my other arm moving up my thigh.

         Once up on my feet, the first three weeks; the pain was so threatening I went straight to the shower and even with my wife helping me; it was a close call to get in the shower over the tub and back into my homemade orthopedic sandals, do an enema; and struggle back to the bed.

         A walker was needed those first three weeks to support me more than a cane, but I didn't know it at the first. I had never been aware there was a difference between a cane and a walker.

         We have a new manual wheelchair in the van outside, but I couldn't sit and stand. Once up, I had to get into the bathroom, do my duty; and get back to bed.

         It was only after three weeks that we discovered laptop therapy when atrophy was threatening to put me in an early grave. Since atrophy had set in the constant use of the laptop with knees up knees down took weeks to exercise my lower back muscles sufficiently to where I could begin walking and sitting outside of the bed.

         Pinched lower back nerves are different than lower back muscles. The afflicted can exercise through muscle pain, but pinched lower back pain doesn't allow for much exercise before exploding into pain. Once a pinched nerve explodes into pain, the lower back muscles would seize up again; more lower back inflammation would set in around the wounded muscles and nerves and God forbid, I would have been back where all this started.

         So in exercising with the threat of more pinched nerve attacks, great caution is needed.

         We are now in the seventh week of this convalescence. There are still threatening warnings, but my lower back muscles are functionally wonderfully so I can sit up in bed without the use of the cane or the railing, and I can sit down without aid. However I will continue to use the cane to guard against losing my balance in a lower back attack.

         Sitting, walking and standing are all part of my exercise routine as well as the continued use of my laptop in bed. Now I am also sitting for a couple of hours a day behind my pc with foam padding added to my office chair. And hopefully I will be able to drive my wife on her errands this week again for the third week in a row.

         There are really no other exercises someone could do in the severity of my condition.

         My wife has a driver's license but normally she doesn't drive because of her learning disability.

         That meant she had to catch buses and taxi's to run our errands. Her driver was bedridden.

         Some of our errands required up to six buses round trip, so we had to plan where she would go bus by bus, errand by errand, on her days off and she did manage to keep up on them; but its a whole lot more difficult to get provisions back to the residence by bus than it is in your own vehicle.

         We used the taxi's to carry stockpiles of heavy items she couldn't carry home on the bus. The first five weeks of my convalescence she had little time off between working forty hours and running errands on her two days off, but in the sixth and seventh week I was able to drive even though my lower back remains threatening.

         She had a pretty good supply of provisions around the bed for me daily as she went to work, leaving me all alone with the laptop on my stomach. Food and coffee on ice packed in zip locks, urinals, a small attachable fan that made life bearable daily in the heat waves that hit during my convalescence. A change of sheets daily. And everything else that I needed to do my work while remaining immobilized.

         I began walking and sitting the fourth and fifth weeks when my lower back muscles began returning from their trama, but would wait for my wife to be there in case something went wrong.

         My lower back pain was so severe the first three weeks, any movement was hazardous to the healing process, so watching movies from remaining as immobilized as possible was the best thing for me.

         My lower back muscles were so tramatized I could not sit up and could barely stand while leaning with all of my might on my cane. And after three weeks of immobilization in bed, atrophy was setting in to where I was greatly weakened. So I desperately needed my lower back muscles to return to use.

         That is when the Lord opened my mind to LAPTOP COMPUTER THERAPY. My wife's laptop works off of wireless, so I was able to lay immobilized in bed with the laptop on my stomach programming for hours every day. I would raise my knees for a while to hold the laptop for as long as it was tolerable to stretch the lower back muscles in that way, then I would stretch my legs out completely and hold the laptop in place.

         I could only type when my knees were up and the laptop leaned against them. So I would raise my knees after a minute or two and then progam for a few minutes before the lower back would start complaining again. Then stretch the legs out straight again. This up and down of the knees went on for hours every day and my lower back strength began to return.

         Movies were no longer needed, but my wife and I watched a movie together every night so we could do something socially together.

         Laptop therapy really made a big difference in my recovery.

         The severity of extreme lower back pain can push the strongest of individuals into a panic where wrong decisions are made. Many have ben driven by pain to have ill planned surgeries that can easily multiply into more surgeries. There is much to consider before deciding upon surgery.

         Will you be able to hold onto your job to continue to pay for your health care for backup surgeries if the first one fails, and you are injured on the operating table?

         Consider whether or not you would be able to survive multiple surgeries financially before going in for the first surgery. Consider whether you have sufficient family support to make it possible for you to recover at home. Study the techniques of the operation and your tests. Make sure you know what your physician intends to do surgically.

         The medical profession is not a charity. Read the medical forums. You'll find many testimonies of failed surgeries. There are cases where surgery failed,...the patient lost their job, their spouse, their housing, .....landed in a wheelchair on welfare, and indigent insurance would not pay for corrective surgery to put them back on their feet. Don't make the mistake of presuming back surgeries are simple precedures or that surgeons don't make mistakes.

         HOME CARE is a smart alternative. For those who are able to learn how to take care of themselves and avoid falling into the snares of the medical profession jungle, life can go on comfortably if God wills it. You certainly will make better decisions if you know how to take care of yourself at home to buy yourself the time you need.