One of the disciples informed Christ his kinfolk were blocked by crowds pressing in to see him and could not get through.

      He answered them, saying, "WHO IS MY MOTHER, OR MY BRETHREN?" And looking around upon the multitude gathered to hear him, he declared to his students:


      It is my earnest hope my kinfolk will make themselves kin unto the Lord of glory, Jesus Christ and get to know Him in a real way. I am not Christ so there were no multitudes following me, but I was called to follow him in his Spirit in 1981; and this I did according to his holy Word, forsaking all including my kinfolk. I cannot apologize to anyone for obeying my Maker.


      When my dysfunctional family was shipwrecked while I was yet a young man, I departed from the remnant which had all gone their separate way, and promised myself I would not return until I found my purpose in life and was matured in it. Only then could I have hoped to be of any benefit to them.

      After decades of service in utter poverty to the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Lord spoke to me in an audible voice:

      "Contact your kin."

      This I did with great zeal thinking to show them the bond of love in Christ I had seen holding other families together to their great good, but it soon became apparent I was "not their kind of people." On Judgment day my kin will wish they were my kind of people, if their names are not written in "THE LAMB'S BOOK OF LIFE."

      Had I returned to them in 2002 with materialistic riches instead of spiritual riches, I know my kinfolk would have loved me dearly and would have all told me with one mind how earnestly I was missed, and how much they desired my company and wished their children could be like me.

      But returning as a messenger of the Lord with spiritual insights into invisible truths for living "LIFE AND LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY" produced an entirely different reaction among them, with no-one among my kinfolk showing the slightest bit of interest in the person I had become in Christ although one of my sisters did mention I had become dignified.

      King David's kin did not understand him so they became "STRANGERS AND ALIENS" (Psalm 69:8) to one another too. They didn't like David's way of doing things even though it gained for him the throne of the kingdom of Israel and the power to turn many to enlightenment. They said among themselves, He should be home helping us all in our struggles instead of adventuring at the risk of his life for years to make a better world.

      My kin have NOT been left without a witness. They too can study "outside of the box" of religion and learn of God and his holy Son, Jesus through my library of teachings on this website which I have prepared for them as well as for the whole world as a free gift. There is no merchandise on my website nor are there any requests for donations, nor is there any means for visitors to send money electronically.

      Money motives corrupt the purity of the heart and cause religious leaders to compromise the teachings of "THE GREAT MYSTERY OF GODLINESS" to please their listeners. In that sense, menpleasing is sinful, and because of it; many adhere to religion without the cross of obedience or sacrifice.

      If any of you who share the same genealogical tree as I, should become saved by the Lord Jesus Christ, you will do better studying this website than in Church sponsered Bible studies. But if you continue to DESPISE AND REJECT me, read and live what you understand prayerfully from the sacred King James Bible, the 1611 edition.

      You'll be glad you did!!! There is great joy in the realization God loves you and has revealed Himself to you! And God will bless you as you grow obediently into his Light.

      Make sure of your faith so you may have a place in the world to come among many believers in Christ who return with the Lord of glory to set up his global Kingdom upon the earth. There you too may be able to "DELIGHT IN THE ABUNDANCE OF PEACE" and live in a a world without war. A world where the lion will lay down peaceably with the lamb,...a world where weapons of violence will be pounded into blades for ploughing fields,..a world free of the invisible Devil and his demons.

      For those whose faith is built up by obedience to God and his holy Word; this is very real.

      Of the many who populate this orbiting planet, the vast majority choose popular lifestyles rather than godliness. Choose to please God rather than mankind. You will be much more content with the assurance of knowing death is a new beginning.

      Since the uncommitted are not welcome back here on the earth for the thousand years of Christ's Millenium reign, where will they be sent?

      Is there any reason why you wouldn't want to purchase eternal Life insurance by seeking the Lord to become obedient to his divine will? You don't expect to get life insurance policies in this world for free do you? Then why would you presume God Almighty would give you another thousand years to live on this earth without a committment to Him?

      Religion is never the way to God. Truth is! Truth is not found in you. It is found in the holy Book!


      When a neighborhood bully was beating on me, I ran to my Mother for help. She took me down the stairs by the ear, and told me to go back out there and whip him good or not come home. Then she locked the door behind me.

      Do you know what that did for me, knowing there was no place to retreat behind locked doors? It forced me to fight with no other thought but to win. Through that lesson, my Mother taught me more about fighting than a hundred fight managers could have done.

      When I left home at the age of sixteen, I bought a car and called my Mother for gas money when it ran out. I was wrong again. I had to make sure there was fuel in the tank. She wasn't going to become my gas station. That kind of instruction teaches a boy to accept responsibility.

      Let us hope and pray she will be with us in the first Resurrection where God will continue to teach his people how to live in his Light.

      This is a photograph of the author's Mother holding him in her arms. As you can see, she was gifted with beauty by God Almighty.

      She grew up on a farm in the great Depression. She could ride a horse with the best of them. She could cook, bake bread from scratch, make soap and homemade ice cream and write advertising slogans to win appliances for the home. There's not a whole lot of Mothers who can say that today.


      When my Dad came home to our second floor apartment we would all take turns running and jumping into the air to be caught in his arms while he stood a few stairs down on the steps. Then he would disappear behind a book or the newspaper and we children would play. I attribute my reading of thousands of books of value to his example. I also attribute the development of my writing abilities to him telling me I should write things down so I could remember them better.

      I was a star athelete at the local level and naturally thought I was a hot shot, but Dad knew how to humble me. I remember him coming out of the house and inviting himself into our sandlot game of baseball to take a few swings at my pitching. I was over confident like most kids and boasted to Dad how he didn't have a chance at hitting my stuff.

      I threw my fast ball and he blasted it out of sight. So I told him to get ready. He wouldn't be so lucky with my curve ball. He blasted it out of sight. So I threw a change up and he blasted it out of sight. Then I tried my knuckle ball and he blasted it out of sight.

      He set the baseball bat against the chain link fence and left without a word. The proud kid was humbled.

      Dad was a sage to me.

      We were in the car together one day when I was in high school. Drugs had not been introduced to America yet, but it was fashionable for high school students to light up a cigarette and it was on my mind. He lit up a cigar in the car. I didn't know he smoked them but it looked like a pretty cool thing to do. He looked over a few minutes later and said, "Would you like to smoke one?"


      "Well go ahead and open up the glove compartment and light up one for yourself."

      I was in the big time now. Imagine that.

      I puffed and puffed and blew smoke out of the window of the car as we continued on our way. I had permission to smoke. My Dad was recognizing I was a grown up now.

      Dad looked over at me and said, "You're not inhaling. You're supposed to breath the smoke into your lungs. You're just wasting the cigar."

      I wouldn't want to waste the cigar. And I certainly didn't want to lose the new adult status I had just gained.

      I began inhaling and soon everything got dizzy. I was seasick!

      "Dad, I think we'd better pull over."

      Do you know I was cured of smoking from that day forth. The sage had done his work well.

      There were times when he would call me aside and present me with a riddle of some kind I was supposed to know the answer to win some kind of reward. I usually turned down the challenge to win the prize because I knew I would never outsmart him, but I did try to solve the riddles. And I always found the truth was far beyond my understanding.

      The sage had the answers.

      Decades later, Dad sent much needed money when I was traveling in great poverty as a wayfaring man after the example of Christ's disciples. And he offered to pay my way through Seminary.

      It is my hope and fervent prayer our Lord and Saviour will remember him with his mercies forever as well as all of my kin. Amen.