We are to "GIVE HONOR TO WHOM HONOR IS DUE." There is a man's man by the name of Brian Bates in Oklahoma City who is the original Video Vigilante. He is "WISE AS A SERPENT AND HARMLESS AS A DOVE." He trails prostitutes and troublemakers and catches them in the act. He has obtained favor with much of local law enforcement and many of the citizens of Oklahoma City and this great nation and with over a hundred dynamic action packed video's on You Tube with its worldwide Internet traffic; Brian Bates is now known where-ever there are computers in almost every country throughout the earth.

      He sees himself as a moving security camera filming criminals local police cannot easily find from their black and whites and eye witnesses cannot describe with the same force as his films. He has caught pimps dealing violently with prostitutes, kidnapping, hit and run, drug dealing and police violence as well as John's with prostitutes.

      Brian Bates is a crime buster.

      Brian Bates' video's are worth viewing to see how an outside of the box man makes a big difference in a city. He not only films John's in the moment with prostitutes, he arrests them; and follows up on their cases to make sure justice is done. If any city in America wants an honest Chief of Police, Brian Bates would make a good one. He has probably made more arrests without a gun and badge than most officers in any police department and may be ready to do some deserving American city the honour of being their Chief Cop.

      He is a patriot who will arrest the man behind the badge who commits a crime just as he will arrest a John with a prostitute and I would imagine any police force under his command would suddenly find itself held accountable to patrol car video's of their performances in the field, that we so often find missing when there is something for them to hide in the way of police brutality.

      Some may want to do what Brian Bates does for the glory of it and will fail, because wrong motives usually produce wrong results. Others may think its a good business to get in to, but there isn't any Brian Bates merchandise on the Internet nor have I ever heard of him doing any fund raising campaigns; so it is doubtful he was motivated by money to become an unpaid detective making citizens arrests.

      The point is, how he performs the out of the box role of the video vigilante is worth knowing, so you might find your potential and maximize it too.

      Pray for Brian Bates. His work is dangerous. He is literally catching transgressers with their pants down, and there is always the risk one of them might be armed or attack him with their vehicle.

      If you don't understand how wicked prostitution is, just think about it for a few moments. Men with wives and children to care for are endangering their health as well as their soul, along with the support of their family. The prostitutes themselves are encouraged if their profession is made easy. Children on the street can't help but see them and become influenced by them. Pimps get involved and are violent if they don't get the amount of payback they think they have coming. Prostitution is wickedness at work.

      In the Word of God we are told "The righteous are bold as a lion." Every city in this nation desperately needs a Brian Bates. He has the boldness to do his part to make this a better nation. But you cannot hope to do what Brian Bates is doing unless God works in you to "will and to do" it.

      Brian Bates is a man of Destiny.

      How about you? Now watch carefully how Brian Bates handles these very dangerous situations as though he were in the calm of a storm, keeping in mind he is sometimes able to turn the lives of evildoers around for good: In this video, we hear about a prostitute going straight. She survives Aids. Owns a business now.