You are in rebellion against God and against all authority whether it be of the Spirit of God's Word or of the government the LORD has set over this nation. You claim to be a Christian, but if you are a believer in Jesus Christ; your life is not submitted to him.

      I rushed to your rescue when your wife was dying and found you totally insensitive to her needs, having lost your apartment through a raging drunkeness; but having no willingness to humble yourself to the authorities that she might be provided with proper shelter, you bought a junker van for the two of you to live in and fled from all for fear someone would turn you into the proper government agency and take your income away with Donna to properly house her.

      You abandoned the vehicle on the highway in a drunken stupor when it broke down going no-where and were willing for your dying wife to live outdoors in a California winter if nothing better came your way; and you called me for assistance. I recommended the hotel that did take you and your dying wife in and you stayed there about five months until she passed away. Meanwhile, you put nothing aside for your own good, though you knew for years of her deadly disease.

      So she is gone with her income upon which you depended perhaps for as long as fifteen years, calling yourself a house husband; and Alcoholics Anonomous your church. It is clear to me now that your "HANDS REFUSE TO WORK." Yet you call yourself a Christian and have some meaningful thoughts regarding the present world situation and the condition of the Church in America, but as to understanding a life of faith and virtue in Christ; you show a considerable lack.

      What you do not have is a clear opinion of your own degenerating condition or the moral depravity natural to fallen man. When someone's "HANDS REFUSE TO WORK", they are in rebellion against God. You are saying by your ways that He created you, therefore he must feed and clothe you. And if need be, he is also responsible for housing you and providing you your pleasures.

      "HE THAT SEEKS PLEASURE WILL BE POOR" and you are poor John. Both materially and spiritually. There is nothing wrong with material poverty for the individual set apart unto God, and you had given me hope such would be the case. I waited and watched and listened for good fruit but what I see is bad fruit. Do you know what the Lord said he would do to those with bad fruit? "EVERY BRANCH IN ME THAT BEARS NOT FRUIT THE HUSBANDMAN TAKES AWAY: AND EVERY BRANCH THAT BEARS FRUIT, HE PURGES IT, THAT IT MAY BRING FORTH MORE FRUIT."

      You visited with me regularly for a while after your wife's death and spoke of being on the same path as I was on when I was a wayfaring man. You are in similar circumstances, but are not a wayfaring man. 'THE WAY OF HOLINESS; THE UNCLEAN SHALL NOT PASS OVER IT; BUT IT SHALL BE FOR THOSE: THE WAYFARING MEN, THOUGH FOOLS SHALL NOT ERR THEREIN." Isaiah 35:8

      I even demonstrated some of the power deposited in me proclaiming the Word so you could hear what it might be like, and I showed you the method by which you could hope to get on track preaching in public, declaring your message straight from the Word of God which is much more pure and perfect than the corrupt religious opinions of men.

      You were welcome at my table and I was glad to return to you more than you ever gave me in my poverty and would have given to you continually had you borne good fruit of some kind, even if all you did were to separate yourself from the world to study the Word and come to a better understanding of it, but no more.

      Instead I saw you daily fellowshiping with the dregs of society in Carl's Jr. where they were finally evicted for trespassing which is to say, they lived inside that restuarant. They took up ownership of the back dining room as squatters, and you with them; saying by their daily presence they owned that part of the restuarant without having legal ownership of it; while waving a few receipts for purchases to prove they were customers. Yet they are idle and unproductive human beings of no use to society. They take up space, time and resources and give nothing back to society and are parasites. You and that crowd of vagabonds drove off much more business than they gave to the restuarant and knew no shame.

      You asked me a while back if it was okay for you to eat free food at the charities and I said, "Yes, you have every right to eat when someone offers you food." But I did not say you had a right to be worldly and hang out with vagabonds and call yourself a fruit bearing Christian in the same breath.

      You said you were ministering to people and I hoped it was true, but how can you minister to people while setting no good example? How can you minister to reprobates whom God himself has abandoned? (Romans Chapters One & Two) When you are like them, how can you hope for their improvement by following your advice? If you bear no good fruit, how can they be expected to bear good fruit? If you speak vainities with the vain, what do you hope to produce in those you give counsel to?


      Your ways were already in serious doubt when you were seen outside of the library early one morning puffing on and sharing a cigarette with a vagabond. Do you not know that "FELLOWSHIP WITH THE WORLD IS ENMITY WITH GOD." If your idea of living set apart unto God makes you holy, then every vagabond is also holy and what need is there of anyone to proclaim the Word of God and set a righteous example.

      You told us alcoholism was genetic, that it had passed from one or both of your parents to you. Sin does pass from parent to child by exposure to it, but specific sins are not genetic. Sin is not inherited, it is learned. There are many people in the world living sober lives with alcoholic parents.

      I have been careful toward you John, not wanting to discourage you in your newly acquired lifestyle, but you have been idle for a long time and have no work habit nor desire to earn your own keep. The obvious consequence of it is that you lie to yourself and therefore cannot tell the truth about yourself to others. God Almighty provides you with one opportunity after another, but you refuse to inconvenience yourself; therefore you suffer the inconveniences of poverty and were the charities and the government not so foolish as to feed fellows like you, you would suffer hunger also. But as long as they feed and clothe you, they make your vain existence more convenient than work and do great harm not only to you but to society as a whole.

      I heard your many excuses for not going to work for one company or another. Some were too corrupt and would offend the purity you suppose is yours. Others simply were not convenient situations which tells it all. You are stuck in homelessness because it is made convenient for you, and are probably hoping to land an SSI check for some mental disability that does not exist. You are more than able to work and earn your own keep. The only disability you have is sinfulness. You are plagued with sins of laziness, deceitfulness, lying, and of drunkeness which is provoked by the boredom of not doing your duty. You throw up religious terminology to cloak your sins and make yourself appear right with God admitting only a few sins.

      You conceal your sins as much as is possible for you, and for that reason it took much longer for me to discover them. You have apparently been chronically and habitually backslidden for many years. A much more difficult state of sinfulness to repent of than that of one time sins.

      I am not your judge, but it is evident you vain and habitually sinful, with no good fruit. How much worse will it be for you when your day comes to depart from the living? "COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM AND BE SEPARATE," saith the Lord. "OFFER UP THE SACRIFICES OF PRAISE CONTINUALLY." "PRAY WITHOUT CEASING." "BE A DOER OF THE WORD AND NOT JUST A HEARER." "DRAW NEAR TO GOD AND HE WILL DRAW NEAR TO YOU."

      You like to make rules John. Make this rule. That you will take whatever work is offered to you and will not let any of your other rules interfere with this rule. If I am an elder in the Body of Christ as you have said before you objected to this rebuke, then my word is above your word, for it was received from the Lord.


      Your attitude of mockery when told of this public rebuke on October 26th, 2006 is further evidence you are cronically backslidden. Rebellion against all authority is clearly evident in your words. "OUT OF THE ABUNDANCE OF THE HEART THE MOUTH SPEAKS."

      None of your arguments in your defense were rationale, yet you stated I was out of my mind.

      Several weeks before when you were able to partake at my table without any cost to you, you said I was an elder in the body of Christ. Now you say I am a "self appointed elder." You are "DOUBLE MINDED AND UNSTABLE IN ALL YOUR WAYS."

      In regard to not working for the last fifteen years, your defense was you worked yesterday and how could I know you wouldn't work today? It's not that I do or do not know you are going to work a second day. Such an argument is more irrationality on your part in a continuing effort to hide your sins. "HE THAT HIDES HIS SINS SHALL NOT PROSPER."

      There are 365 days in the year. If you work one of them, the score still remains 364 to 1. Odds are you worked a temporary job yesterday and have no intent of earning your own bread either by serving God or man. Even if you did work today, the score is only 363 to 2. Still no evidence you intend to earn your own bread. "HE THAT DOES NOT WORK SHALL NOT EAT." And the Word of God is multi-dimensional. The LORD is not just talking about physical food.

      You objected to my knowing you are chronically backslidden saying, "How can you know I'm backslidden? How could I not know it? How could I travel up and down the country for decades preaching in public to get sinners saved and not know a sinner from the saved? If I was a fraud, then you were in sin for having anything to do with me, but if I am a preacher you are lost in the darkness of your sins.

      Your next tactic was to manage me in rebuking you. The backslider telling the preacher how to rebuke the backslider. "Don't put it up on the International Internet," you told me, but "hand it to me privately." When judgment day comes for you, do you intend to tell God by what measure to judge you and by what means to execute it? If you can tell an preacher how to "REPROVE, REBUKE AND EXHORT WITH ALL LONGSUFFERING AND DOCTRINE" then you are an preacher too, and if you are an preacher; then all men are saved and there is no further need for a preacher.

      If I hand a private letter to you, it will become a private matter of debate between us like the verbal rebuke. You are clearly in a state of rebellion against all authority. Against Christ's authority and man's authority. You like many oppose any accountability one to another in the body of Christ which is worldwide. Therefore the Church worldwide is now able to access the rebuke warning you of your backslidden state so they too can hold you accountable to the Word of God. If you enter into right standing with God Almighty, there is no need to rebuke you, but when you are backslidden the body of Christ has a need to know.

      You are the worst of backslidders concealing your backslidden state by lying to yourself and others while cloaking your ways in rules that make you appear to be righteous. By saying you are a Christian in right standing with God, you are a stumblingblock for others to fall into hell. Far better is the sinner who never knew salvation who admits to being a sinner. At least they are honest. Repent of your evil ways John Standefer and turn your life over to God in an honest and right way.