Jesus tells us his Word is Spirit. (St. John 6:63), so you must be filled with understanding of the holy Book, line upon line, principle upon principle, from cover to cover to be Spirit filled. Jesus comes in "THE MAJORITY OF THE BOOK."

      The Word and Spirit are one.

      Revelations from sacred Scriptures are spiritual stones for the house we are to build without hands. There are thousands of revelations necessary to build your spiritual house upon the Rock, if you wish to become enlightened in Christ.

      Believers are told they are Spirit filled before they have hidden the Word of God in their heart so they might not sin against God. This is the greatest of all errors in the churches today.

      There is more than a memorizing process involved in understanding the Word of God. People tend to become puffed up when they quote Scriptures, but quoting Scriptures and understanding them are as different as night and day.

      "THE LETTER KILLS, BUT THE SPIRIT GIVES LIFE." (2 Corinthians 3:6)

      When you first understand a Scripture, Light is revealed, yet not fully. "IF ANY MAN THINKS HE KNOWS ANYTHING, HE KNOWS NOTHING YET AS HE OUGHT TO."

      To be filled with understanding of the Word of God from the beginning of the holy Book to the end, you need to live according to the Word. The Word of God must be experienced to be understood.

      The Word kills those who talk it but the Spirit gives Life to the obedient who walk it. (Isaiah 35:8) "IF YOU SAY YOU ABIDE IN CHRIST, YOU OUGHT TO ALSO WALK AS CHRIST WALKED."

      The Lord didn't take up residence in a Synagogue to obtain a pulpit, he ministered in the public daily. Where-ever he went, there was his pulpit.

      Saint Paul "DIED DAILY" so the Lord would come to the temple of his flesh and fill him to overflowing with power in the Spirit to work signs and wonders and miracles according to his calling. Where-ever he went, there was his pulpit.

      If you are going to follow his example as the Apostle said you ought to, you too should come to the place spiritually where you die daily to be filled with the Spirit and you too should be free from all worldly entanglements so you can go where the Lord sends you.

      This cannot be done while you are serving two masters.

      We find the religious media talking about Spirit filled churches, Spirit filled pastors, Spirit filled carpenters, Spirit filled plumbers, Spirit filled roommates. Most believers in America are of the opinion they are Spirit filled.

      The baptism of the holy Spirit provides "THE INCORRUPTIBLE SEED" for new believers.

      There is a difference between a seed and the fruit bearing tree you are to become in Christ. Since we are called to "GROW UP INTO CHRIST," we obviously have much work to do. Too many are saying they have arrived spiritually at the beginning of the race set before us.

      The Word is God in the holy Book. It is not as easy to understand as it looks.

      "IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD AND THE WORD WAS WITH GOD AND THE WORD WAS GOD." (St. John 1:1) When you are filled with the Word of God, you can expect to know how to be filled with the Spirit of God.

      The Word of God does not say believers are permanently Spirit filled. Yet there are vast multitudes of Christians who will swear on a stack of Bibles they are perpetually Spirit filled. We know of no miracle workers, no-one walking on water; no-one stopping the sun in the sky; no-one walking about the cities healing the sick like Jesus did. Where is the evidence these claims to being Spirit filled are true?

      The Lord is the Spirit of the anointing. He comes and goes to human vessels "wholly sanctified" in him. When those who live devout and holy lives are too tired to go on in his divine Presence any further, the Lord departs from them and they rest for another day. That is why Saint Paul said he "DIED DAILY" to make his vessel "SUITABLE FOR THE MASTER'S USE."

      There is confusion in the churches throughout America regarding the baptism of the Holy Ghost. But there is no need for it. Obviously no-one is made holy by initial repentance. INITIAL REPENTANCE is intended for sinners to become forgiven so they can begin to learn God's ways which are not our ways, and his thoughts which are not our thoughts.

      Receiving Christ as your Saviour and the baptism of the holy Spirit begins the process of "Being born again, ... "not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the Word of God, which lives and abides forever." (1 Peter 1:23) Becoming filled with the Spirit requires a lengthly process of sanctification rather than the immediate manisfestation of perpetual fullness so many are claiming presumptuously.

      The baptism takes place in a moment. Complete sanctification may take years.

      Many will never achieve the fullness of the Spirit in this lifetime for "THE LABORERS ARE FEW."

      New believers are led to believe they are permanently filled with the Spirit after they receive the baptism of the holy Ghost. Yet they have not had time to hide the Word of God in their heart so they might not sin against the LORD.

      When the godly have eaten the book the Prophet John found in the Angel's hand, they too will enter into the fullness of the Spirit where the spiritual perfection of Christ is made manifest in holy vessels.

      Their relationship with the Lord is divine.

      What new believers do receive in the baptism of the holy Ghost is "THE INCORRUPTIBLE SEED" of the Spirit.

      It is the seed of the new man we are to build in Christ. To attain to the new man we must die to the old man.

      "The incorruptible seed" of Christ in the godly is nourished by increasing understanding of the holy Word as they grow into the Light of the Scriptures through obedience to God.

      If you are still having trouble comprehending the simplicity of this truth, think of it this way. How could God's children be Spirit filled when their sins are still with them? If a ship had as many leaks as Christians have sins, it would sink into the deep forever.

      When those who live holy lives come into the anointing of Christ where they are Spirit filled, they are dead to sin by the Word of God they hid in their heart to Light their way.

      Saint Paul represented the Apostles when he wrote to believers in Rome saying, "God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?" (Romans 6:2) When a Christian graduates to Sainthood where they enter into the fullness of the Spirit, they no longer live in sin.

      Live a completely set apart life from the world and its entanglements to make your vessel "SUITABLE FOR THE MASTER'S USE." The Master is sinless. To walk in the Spirit of the Master, you will want to become sinless.

      The Master is Light.

      In the anointing the godly sometimes appear to be angelic because they are full of the Light, they walk in the Light, they speak the Light, they see through the eye of the Lord like John the Baptist who was "A BURNING AND SHINING LIGHT."

      There is no mistake about it when the godly are filled with the Spirit!

      Labor to "BECOME A NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST" if you wish to be the Lord's anointed.

      The new creature dies to self daily to enter into the Spirit. He is dead to sin. His new man is alive in the Spirit. The "NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST" "HUNGERS AND THIRSTS AFTER RIGHTEOUSNESS TO BE FILLED." He is "A VESSEL SUITABLE FOR THE MASTER'S USE." He serves one Master. He is "THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS." His conversation is in heaven. He "CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS HIM." He is God's temple of praise and preaching and prayer.

      When he was first saved and baptized in the holy Ghost, he was a child of God, now he is"A SON OF GOD." As a partaker of the divine nature, he is storing up treasures in heaven.

      We are in the last days when God's people are fulfilling the Prophecy of Saint Paul who said, "FOR THE TIME WILL COME WHEN THEY WILL NOT ENDURE SOUND DOCTRINE, BUT WILL TURN THEIR EARS AWAY FROM THE TRUTH. God's people have HEAPED UP TEACHERS UNTO THEMSELVES who tickle their ears with what people want to hear.

      You will do well dear believer if you study alone in solitude and in prayer researching the Scriptures carefully to come to a knowledge of truth without consulting many who corrupt the Word of God today.

      Study to show yourself approved of God to be called into Sainthood where your life will be set apart unto God in his service, and if you choose to not take up the cross of a living sacrifice when the Lord calls you; you will know your understanding of the Scriptures is correct insofar as you knew them.

      Those who make themselves appear godly may succeed in deceiving many, "BUT KNOW THAT THE LORD HAS SET APART HIM THAT IS GODLY FOR HIMSELF:" (Psalm 4:3a)

      There is a universal presumption the devil cannot get into church, so Christians and Catholics alike feel safe in the sanctuary. But the devil knows how to invade the santuary where the Presence of the Lord ministers to the people.

      "OUR ADVERSARY GOES ABOUT AS A ROARING LION SEEKING WHOM HE MAY DEVOUR." Believers in America need to know the trojan horse in the church of this great nation are the minds of speakers in the pulpits, the minds of paraphrasers of new Bibles, the minds of religious writers and the minds of those who think they rule over religious media.

      By taking control of what is being said to the children of God, the Adversary has been able to guide church goers away from the power of God necessary to destroy his works. You only have to see the growing decadence in the United States to realize he is succeeding.

      Doctrines of the devil prevail in the churches of America. Their strategy is always to divert believers away from the truth in any way possible. One of the most popular demonic strategies is to get the children of God believing they have arrived. This has been achieved by convincing God's people they are Spirit filled.

      Any misinterpretation of holy Scripture suggesting you are Spirit filled is a lie; even if you do not know how to refute it. Any minister teaching "WE ARE THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD" or "MATERIALISTIC PROSPERITY WITHOUT OBEDIENCE TO GOD" ought to be ignored.

      Any church presenting itself as the way, truth and life is glorifying itself rather than our Saviour. It is far better to gather with several other believers for worship and the searching of the Scriptures together without anyone saying they are the Pastor, than it is to continue in the spiritually bankrupt churches.

      This is not an invitation to become arrogant or hostile toward other believers, but it is an invitation to break free from the religious chains that bind you.

      But know this undisputable truth, ...just as soon as someone makes themselves the leader over your gathering, you have religion. Look to the Lord to teach and guide you. Reserve every decision for Him to move you as a group. If someone asks who is your pastor? Tell them his name is Jesus!

      "Without controversy GREAT IS THE MYSTERY OF GODLINESS". With controversy the mystery becomes even more difficult to comprehend.

      May God bless you mightily to "GROW UP INTO CHRIST" where you might become Spirit filled daily, having put on the mind of Christ to suffer in the flesh.

      Come into the library of truth prepared for you who desire to know the truth that will set you free from the darkness of your own self.

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      The author tends to paraphrase Scriptures from memory. If a verse does not seem to be quoted accurately, he is attempting to give you the sense of it. He also changes the thee's thou's and other obsolete language from the sacred King James 1611 Bible to make quotes easier to understand.

      Please be patient and pray for this work, that it having begun in the Spirit, might be completed in the Spirit, and be preserved even after the author has gone to be with the Lord, for the messages regarding the mysteries of godliness will prove to be priceless forever to those seeking the LORD with all their heart, soul mind and strength.