It is written in the holy writings: "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" (Psalm 11:3) The Church in America is like the Titanic, boasting before all the world of its unsinkability in the great ocean of humanity while on a collision course into the darkness where dangerous icebergs silently lurk.

        The Church has more wealth, more resources, more people, more abilities to communicate, more expediencies to travel, more reasons to shine the Light and ultimately more freedom of religion to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ to a decadent nation than any generation ever, yet the Church in America remains besieged at every turn, tragically impotent in its message and lukewarm in its response to every danger.

        What you have before you is a brief expose' of sixteen pillars of this great nation weakened almost beyond repair. The damage is increasing every day while pastors in the pulpits of this great land speak of comfort and prosperity rather than the bearing of the cross of the living sacrifice to die for the truth in a life of poverty such as Jesus and John the Baptist exemplified. There is no doubt the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been rendered powerless by a materialistic church TURNING ITS EARS AWAY FROM THE TRUTH to an EAR TICKLING Gospel.

        Why do you need to know? "THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE." Without the truth, you are in danger of going down with the great ship of the American Church in the coming APOSTASIA, the falling away. "WORK OUT YOUR SALVATION WITH FEAR AND TREMBLING." Cease from following the blind or you will be led into the ditch.

        The Church in America could have easily defeated Madalyn O'Hare in court with the resources and wealth at our disposal. Instead, church leaders stood by doing nothing from their treasuries to hire lawyers and stir the congregations of the land.

        Madalyn O'Hare was impoverished. Any budget she obtained along the way to kick prayers out of the schools in America, she picked up along the way.

        The evidence our nation was Christian in every way was within reach. It is abundantly on display on this website, but once our national institutions were corrupted; and sinners throughout this great land became accustomed to godlessness in our schools and institutions; turning them back is a completely other issue with little possibility of success.

        Now the spiritual disease has spread into every corner of the land and it has become unlawful for anyone to offer up prayers to the God of the Bible almost anywhere in the public places of America.

        The Ten Commandments and any other real evidence of the faith of our fathers is no longer allowed in American government institutions. The case of Alabama Supreme Chief Justice, Roy Moore's removal from office along with the federal governments removal of a 5,000 pound statue of The Ten Commandments Judge Moore placed in Alabama's Judicial building illustrates the situation throughout America.

        Judge Moore gained national fame and should have been able to raise sufficient funds to win the governorship of Alabama subsequently to make a point to sinners in America, but his campaign was soundly whipped in the Republican primaries.

        Judge Moore's message to America warns that the government in its great zeal to guard separation of State from religion is willing to hide the Christian foundations of America from the law. But its worse than that, ...sinners throughout the United States are in open rebellion against the God of the Bible and do not care if they trample the foundations of our nation while they attempt to drive faith in God from the land.

        It will come as no surprise when a Muslim refuses to place their hand on the Bible in our courts, but will agree to swear upon the Koran.

        Hollywood film producers have been making fools of the people of faith in movies for decades. Ministers and Saints are seldom if ever the hero's in movies.

        From the beginning, the churches in America should have banned together to require censorship in film making. Now it is too late.

        The result of this national bombardment of the minds of Americans is the disrespect we now see toward believers and the practice of the faith. The day is coming when believers shall be "HATED OF ALL NATIONS" for believing in the name of Jesus Christ.

        Everywhere a believer goes these days, there is discrimination. "THE WORLD LOVES THEIR OWN," and despises and rejects the children of God without a cause.

        Christians are apprehensive about mentioning their faith on the job. Few are willing to face the ostracism that will naturally follow. Promotions are lost because of expressions of faith in the working place.

        It has become common practice to invite sinners to church to get them saved, but once in the door no-one is really checking up on the salvation status of new comers; but instead all are busy making everyone welcome.

        When sinners are made welcome in the churches, the obvious takes place. They relish the idea of being saved without having to show remorsefulness for their sins and are soon entrenched in the church and are inviting others to join there too.

        There are churches with open invitations on their street sign saying, "ALL ARE WELCOME." This is just one of many ways of telling sinners they can come on in to the service without any concern for being called to repentance personally.

        A very great national tragedy is taking place. We are asked in holy Scripture, "WHAT FELLOWSHIP HAS LIGHT WITH DARKNESS?" But Christians are worshipping with sinners nationwide. Is it any wonder the churches are now allowing women and Sodomites in the pulpits as pastors?

        Politicians in America have a bad habit of dusting off their Bibles particularly during campaigns when the press is hot on their trail, knowing they will get their picture taken inside the churches they attend. In this way, they use churches foolish enough to provide them with a pulpit; to obtain their ends.

        Believing voters then tend to presume those candidates are Christians like themselves, and without seriously considering the bad fruit on their spiritual tree - they vote for them come election time.

        The Clintons are often seen in church meetings. Here we see Bill Clinton speaking to a congregation during Hilliary's campaign for President.

        The Clintons are clever people with wicked fruit hanging on their spiritual tree for all to see if we will be take a careful look. Bill Clinton endorsed homosexuality in the military and the continuation of the killing of babies in the womb while the turning of the White House into a whorehouse is something believers in America have been far too forgetful of.

        Politicians like to talk about their PRIVATE FAITH but faith we cannot find evidence of, is no faith at all. The speech writers for politicians twist Biblical phrases into their messages for them; but its just propaganda designed to stir up votes. The Word of God is far from their mind.

        America was founded as a Christian nation. George Washington set the Bible on the pulpit of his Presidency saying in essence, The Bible ought to be consulted by the ruler of this nation.

        The Treaty of Paris in 1783 established America as a new nation in the eyes of the nations of the world and was addressed, "In the name of the most holy and undivided Trinity." There was no mention of other gods. Many other documents prove America was founded on the God of the Bible, yet religious freedom has come to be perverted to where it embraces other gods which are forbidden in The Ten Commandments.

        America has become ONE NATION UNDER MANY gODS instead of ONE NATION UNDER GOD. This is a very great national tragedy and appears to be irreversible as long as we lack a Moses to part the Red Sea. Other religions have moved in with great zeal and have set up their many thousands of places of worship throughout the land and have moved into the political arena to where their removal would almost certainly bring about a Civil War.

        Police departments all across the country are hindering public preaching in the name of preserving the peace. They will tell the zealots the passing out of tracts is acceptable behaviour, but the use of amplification is absolutely out of the question even though in most cases it is not written into the law.

        The police and fire departments as well as other emergency vehicles use the very loudest of amplification to hurry through traffic and the privaleged can be seen in the media using bullhorns, but the lowly public preacher is denied the use of them arbitrarily.

        The same goes for the use of amplified vehicles. Church leaders will not outfit amplified vehicles for the more zealous to use neither will they expend the Lord's money to fight the legal battles necessary to make it possible for others to broadcast the Gospel in this technological civilization. The Church in America no longer believes The Great Commission applies to America. They will send missionaries to foreign countries to establish more churches, but will not train or send public preachers at home or abroad.

        Ministers in the pulpits of America are not speaking of the Gospel of Jesus Christ when they do mention The Great Commission. They must be speaking of another Gospel. Yet the Word of God clearly says, "HOW SHALL THEY HEAR UNLESS A PREACHER BE SENT?"

        The educational text books of America are filled with the spiritual darkness of ungodliness. American school children return to their homes daily with no thought of God Almighty in their minds.

        Lodged in their thinking are thoughts that ought not to be there. Foolish unscientific speculations about all creation exploding into existence in a big bang without a Designer making the worlds revolve around their suns like clockwork. Clever unscientific labels from mental health care professionals supposing they can see into human behaviour when their methods produce no cure at all, but drugged up welfare clients wondering around in society unproductively.

        Evolution, Psychiatry, and Sex education with free condoms to encourage fornication. Endless subjects of no godly value have gotten into the nation's textbooks; and if it is of godly value - it has been removed.

        Look and see for yourself if you can find out anything about the faith of Abraham Lincoln in American text books or how about Christopher Columbus. Yet Columbus brought missionaries with him and upon his return he hoped to build cathedrals and hospitals with his share of the gold he was seeking. The American student has to research outside of their class room text books to find out the godly side of historical figures and anything about Jesus Christ and the Bible is forbidden. Is it any wonder the student in America has come to believe God Himself has been defeated by the laws of the land and only the weak believe in the Lord.

        Evolution is promoted by NASA without the Church in America even taking notice of it. They call it THE GALAXY EVOLUTION EXPLORER as if to say, the Galaxy is in a State of Evolution. Think about it! Millions of dollars of taxpayers money goes into promoting belief in the unproved theory of Evolution and Presidents who showed up at churches with Bible in hand during their campaign have said nothing about the naming of it.

        Further consider whether or not a Christian scientist could be hired for such a project or whether the Christian churches should have filed a lawsuit against the project since it is obviously the unlawful promotion of what amounts to a growing State financed antichristian religion.

        Instead the Churches in America are standing by doing nothing to defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ against such attacks against the very soul of America.

        In the beginning of America, there were no Psychologists or Psychiatrists. Ministers of the Gospel were called in to give their counsel as to the condition of the accused, and if the accused were sane; the cause of the crime was usually their sinfulness. This has all changed. Psychologists and Psychiatrists have taken the place of ministers on the stand and the cause of the crime is usually some disorder the accused is not responsible for.

        Our government has come to condone sinfulness and oppose godliness and in doing so, has financed what they are calling HEALTH CARE AGENCIES throughout the United States that are perpetuating this fruad,...while taking the weak captive with monthly SSI checks and psychotic drugs to keep them by appearance to be mentally ill.

        It is nearly impossible to find an adult American who has not been divorced at least once. Many Americans have been divorced several times or more.

        We find the government rubber stamping divorce when dividing what God has joined together is not within its moral authority, and their intrusion into the sacrament of marriage has resulted is an epidemic of divorce across the country.

        The devil is having a field day wrecking families in America. Just as soon as there is something worth dividing materially, the unhappy spouse in a marriage can go to court and get half of it. Just as soon as a spouse cannot get their way in the home, they can arrange win custody of the children in court and get the final word in the matter.

        The courts of America issue rubber stamped divorces in the name of "irreconcilable differences" with little concern for the truth. It is common for the more sinful spouse to ambush their mate in court and win property, alimony and custody of the children. The wrecking of the American family greatly weakens the development of American children into mature adults.

        Sinners in spiritual darkness cannot understand anything of the wickedness they promote in agreeing with the killing of babies in the womb, and the children of faith cannot comprehend why sinners cannot see the light.

        So the argument goes on in the public places with anti-abortionists standing outside of abortion clinics holding signs and shouting "murder" "murder."

        This is reminiscent of the abolitionists who cried out for the end of slavery until the nation was drawn into a Civil War that left 600,000 dead.

        Just as the slave holders insisted they had the right to hold slaves against their will, so abortionists insist they have the right to kill defenseless babies in the wombs of their Mothers.

        Meanwhile, the sins of the nation are piling up into huge mountains of judgment against this nation. "THE WAGES OF SIN ARE DEATH."

        Drug abuse is another sin doing damage to America. Both legal and illegal drugs are abused throughout the nation and the crazy behaviour resulting from it wrecks havoc on the American culture.

        The evil influences of drug abuse upon American society are innumerable and many have wrecked their lives forever through drug abuse.

        The problem like many other problems in the American civilization is so out of control, there is little or no hope of ever bringing it under control.

        We have seen the famous on trial for murder in my lifetime, and how they are treated with the greatest of respect and sensitivity while the innocent are locked away for the rest of their lives without any real legal defense.

        Yet millions of dollars are spent in almost every State of the union for court appointed lawyers to defend the poor who cannot afford legal representation. This is an illusion. Court appointed attorneys seldom defend their clients.

        How can juries come to the truth if judges are permitted to decide what they are allowed to hear?

        But the rich can come into court with a dream team and convince a jury a micro-waved glove does not fit the defendent, therefore he ought to go free. In this type of atmosphere, how can America continue to be a great country for very much longer?

        In Hollywood movie making, the bad guy has become the good guy, and the good guy is a loser and a fool to be mocked on the big screen.

        If a person of faith is involved in a movie plot, they are seldom the hero; but are almost always the weakling who can't fight back or their intellectual capacity is sorely undeveloped. If a war hero like Sergeant York has a movie made about him, his sinful life is emphasized while his life of faith is de-emphasized.

        Hollywood films and the media of television more often than not have glorified sin to where adultery and fornication are made out to be fun things to do while holy matrimony without pre-marital sex must be the greatest bore anyone ever invented on the earth.

        One American generation after another growing up with the film media has been indoctrinated with violence of every kind to where what the Scriptures said took place in Noah's time is taking place now: "AND THEIR IMAGINATIONS WERE ONLY EVIL CONTINUALLY."

        We have grown up with technology and take it for granted as part of our lives without seriously considering the evil effect it has on the world.

        The enemies of America know very well how evil technology can be. Missiles fired from the air and sea miss their targets and innocent civilians are regularly killed. They and their surviving kin know something of the evils of technology.

        We have already mentioned the brainwashing of American society by the glorification of sin in film making and we can hear jungle styled rap violently blaring from car stereos in traffic. We read of statistics telling us more people die on America's highways and streets in vehicle collisions than at war.

        But what about the more subliminal effect technological civilization has on public preaching. Before technology came into its present State, a preacher could ride into a town on horseback and gather a crowd right in the middle of the main street without any fear of causing an accident; and huge crowds would gather to hear them. Now, a preacher cannot gather a crowd even in the middle of heavily populated cities, and if they do; they will be stopped.

        It doesn't take much of an imagination to realize what is going to happen to America if the Gospel is not soon preached to its population in the way it ought to be preached.

        It was already mentioned that the pastors in the pulpits of American will not support public preaching in any way here or abroad. They will support door to door invitations to attend church meetings, but public proclamations of the Gospel, ....No!

        The pastors of America and the board of trustees of the churches have betrayed the nation and the church in another way. They have crossed the line of separation of church and State and have filed for tax free status with State Franchise Boards, and in doing so; they have signed away the political rights of their congregations to gather together as a political force and win local, County, State and National elections.

        In their betrayal of the Gospel of Jesus Christ which they say they serve as his servants, they have made it possible for liars and deceivers to run for office in the place of the godly. So the nation is becoming more like Sodom and Gomorrah daily, and is inviting the judgments of God upon itself.