The visible world system has changed, but God remains the same, yesterday, today and forever.

      Zealots see the population moving about in vehicles at supernaturalized speeds and do not know how to gather crowds spontaneously as preachers of old did before technological civilization developed into its present State.

      Religious media reaches audiences around the world, but sinners don't have to turn them on.

      Religious publications abound on the displays of book store, but sinners do not flock to buy them because those who say they believe prefer to keep it to themselves. That is really bad for religious book store sales in any community.

      Most churches have websites, but their own congregations pay little attention to them because there is nothing happening on them.

      Churches open their doors on Sunday, but sinners stay home. Why should they join a bunch of losers? A bunch of wimps? A bunch of hypocrites.

      Believers wave Bibles on street corners but people ignore them.

      Preachers need to understand the senses.

      Early church preachers were able to walk into a small town or a large city and proclaim the Word without the noise of technology or the competition of the technological entertainment industry. Anyone within range of their voice could not escape the sound of their preaching and singing. The voice of the Spirit drew crowds to the preacher.


      The more a crowd gathers, the more others came to see what is happening; so huge crowds in the thousands are drawn to more anointed preachers whose God empowered preaching can be heard loud and clear by those whom God chooses.


      Many in America are unaware of the menace technology is to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Technological noise makes it nearly impossible for preachers to be heard. The necessity to keep streets and highways open to traffic prohibits their use for preachers to gather their crowds.

      This generation of public witnesses needs to adjust.

      There was no requirement for a preaching license before the automobile. Now City hall sets aside public forums in the parks if a city is fortunate, but unfortunately the traffic of the city does not pass through the parks. Huge crowds are nearly impossible to gather from those not so strategic positions.

      If you walk into a town or a city today and proclaim the Word, few can hear you. People live in insulated homes. They go into their garage from the kitchen unseen and climb into their air conditioned cars. Their windows roll up. They click the garage opener and drive past the preacher standing on the sidewalk. They turn on their stereo and cannot hear a word he says.

      Drivers are moving too fast in major population centers to hear modern day preachers and witnesses. They arrive in the parking garage at corporate where they park their cars; enter an elevator and step onto the floors of corporate to work. It wasn't this way when Christ and the Apostles preached the Word of power.

      In the evening the corporate employee return the same way they came.

      The first century preacher would be bewildered. How are we supposed to preach in a technological world? If you think about it, the first century preachers went after the ears. The LORD made it so man does not have a turn off switch for his ears. And people moving about in public during the day do so with their eyes open, so they can be enticed by what they see.

      In a world of technological civilizations, the preacher can use signs. When the corporate executive drives past a signbearer, a properly designed message will cause him to think about it. Your message is your fisherman's bait. Cast it properly into the sea of humanity and if you are using good bait, the lost will come to you. But if your message is contentious or irrelevant in any way, they'll not bite your bait nor come to you to find out more.

      The Spirit of preaching is the same yesterday, today and forever. Christ is the power needed to preach the gospel. Signs, banners and tracts are carnal weapons. The preacher still needs to know how to get into the Spirit of preaching by speaking the Word, singing the Word and praying the Word without ceasing.

      Too many Christians have little or no vision of becoming like Jesus Christ.

      If you love the Lord, you'll want to get started today to become like him. Don't say its not your calling. It might not be your calling yet, but if you persist in growing up into Christ as a preacher, while studying to show yourself approved of God...there's a good chance you'll succeed in being called.

      Just make sure you are ready to deny yourself and take up the cross of the living sacrifice and follow the Spirit of the Lord rather than the enticements of money in the pulpits of religion.

      Preaching instruction is designed for those who would build skills in the spiritual warfare of an increasingly dangerous world. Let the Lord make you fishermen of men. Build the new man which is Christ in you the hope of glory in the Spirit. Preach and witness not just to win the lost, but to grow spiritually into Christlikeness. It is a lifetime committment to holiness.