This is a holy collection of new songs done in Dan Singer's Recording Studio with him as expert lead guitarist creatively playing impromptu along with the wayfaring man who sang the Lord's song without accompaniment in the years he walked the King's highway.

       Sometimes he sound engineered a song and added a second guitar, but most of the songs are first takes without embellishment.

       For those of you looking to get to know either one of us, and for others looking for new ideas for song compositions; these impromptu songs might be just what you need. For all who do not read the Word of God, this is your chance to listen to the holy Word put to music.



       These are IMPROMPTU SOLO ORIGINALS from the Word of God

       Just click onto the song you wish to hear and a WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER should come on screen to play it for you: If you do decide to do any of the songs in this collection musically, be sure to send us an mp3 copy so we can upload it here for the listening enjoyment of visitors to this website.


One song, five minutes.


One song, one minute.


One song, eight minutes.


One song, eight minutes.


One song, three minutes.

       This entire collection by Ed and Dan was sung from the holy Book with its perfect Word in a set apart atmosphere free from the worldliness polluting so much of the music produced for God and country today.

       We performed straight out of the Word of God with our Bibles open to the text.

       The Word of God has poetry for the poet, history for the historian, philosophy for the philosopher, science for the scientist, psychology for the psychologist, healing for the sick, and lyrics for the singer.

       Dan made sure we were private in his recording studio.

       The phone would ring while we were making ready but once we started doing music, the phone was disconnected.

       There were times when we began around seven p.m. and were still recording after Midnight so encouraged were we, that we might be enabled to do even more in the Spirit of music. There is a heavenly dimension to music that is delightful.

       Dan does things on guitar many guitarists would not be able to do as he sees through the eye of his ear the needs of a song. He was utterly unintrusive musically which allowed me to struggle through impromptu vocals put to the Word without any idea of where we were going with it.

       We were attempting to write our songs with sound, not for merchandise nor fortune or fame; but for the experience of it.

       We followed one another depending on who took the lead musically.

       Singing in the Spirit is easy to say, but hard to do. It is always wise to fast through lunch and dinner before attempting new songs in the evening. Dan also was inclined to perform without the weight of food in his belly.

       Impromptu performance works when the Spirit of the Lord manifests into the songs. At times we can hear ourselves going beyond our natural abilities and at times we are struggling to find the song.

       We almost always recorded our first take on a song due to my lack of a music memory of what we did; we seldom attempted a second take although at times Dan would see greater possibilities for a song and would want me to try to do it again, but remembering my way back into a song was impossible for me.

       We were obeying the command in the holy Book to SING A NEW SONG. And like anyone who obeys a principle found in the sacred Scriptures, we discovered a fountain of creativity we could not have otherwise drank from together. When we are all perfected, we will find rivers of living waters flowing out of our bellies into our songs in the beauties of holiness.

       George Bush Jr. was one of the prime targets of September 11th. The President spent the day flying around in Air Force One trying to figure out where he could safely land. That's exactly where you would have been were you President of this nation when the two greatest pieces of real estate in all the world were burning up in a disaster of catastrophic proportions and no-one knew where another ambush might be waiting.

       After taking counsel of some of the multitude of advisers available to an Ameican President, the Presient declared war on terrorism.

       The American military was soon on its way to Afganistan to fight the Taliban oppressors and we were working on the song entitled OH TALIBAN.

       What Dan did in his private recording studio only he and God knows, but he worked on the song every night for about two weeks.

       I know Dan cut and pasted vocal revisions into the recording computer wise. If you listen carefully, you can hear me singing background to my lead vocals.

       Its a marching to war song with a lot of guitar rhythm such as you might expect to hear from the beating of drums.

       "OH TALIBAN" is a classic one of a kind song and should be distributed among soldiers in Afganistan to encourage them in a winning way. Its a march to war song.

       It reminds us all the enemy is already defeated, they have lost their crown. The Taliban wants to come into power again and must be fought until they are destroyed as an organization.

       There is a long war ahead in that part of the world if the people are to enjoy freedom from tyranny. Please email the above music link to soldiers you know stationed there or download the song we have prepared to encourage them. Since the war has lingered on as wars tend to do, it may not be too late!

       Now here is a rhythm guitar lesson for My Saviour Lives. Hope you enjoy it!