What is a "REPROOF OF INSTRUCTION?" A reproof is a verbal correction. A "REPROOF OF INSTRUCTION" is a verbal correction given with instruction so the individual can easily understand the error of their ways. Reproofs do not have to always involve something of great importance. Michaelangelo said, "TRIFLES MAKE UP PERFECTION AND PERFECTION IS NO TRIFLE."

      A worker was reproved for erroring in what was being done. The reason for it was easy to observe. She felt she had to look at the person she was talking to while trying to perform her task. In the reproof she was made aware that she could converse just fine without looking away from her task and perform both well. But by looking away from the task at hand, she errored and made more work for herself. She received THE REPROOF OF INSTRUCTION.

      But fools do not and often times cannot, receive reproofs. "A FOOL IS KNOWN BY A MULTITUDE OF WORDS." A fool has to do all of the talking. All fools have this behaviourial trait in common. They love to talk and hate to listen. They'll make it seem like they're listening, but what they are listening for in egotistical pride, is the opportunity to break back into the conversation and dominate it. That is why God counsels A ROD FOR THE FOOL'S BACK. The rod of discipline gets their attention to the matter at hand.

      America manufactures fools by ceasing to use the rod to discipline foolishness out of its children. So it is nearly impossible for good counsel to be given or received, and America has become a foolish nation.

      In egotistical pride, there are many who criticize all but few who can accept constructive criticism. People are more interested in showing off what little they know rather than learning what they do not know. You ought to be the first to critically observe your own faults and to avoid justifying your own imperfections, so when someone else observes the same thing about you; you would be able to accept it, presuming the observation is given in a right spirit. There is a difference between criticizing to put others down and dominate them and the giving of REPROOFS OF INSTRUCTION to help them see themseves better.

      People see others based on their own condition. TO THE PURE ALL THINGS ARE PURE, BUT TO THE IMPURE ALL THINGS ARE IMPURE. So the simple and undiscerning will find themselves judging the motives of others to be pure while they are being oppressed and robbed. And the impure will think the motives of the pure of heart are just as impure and corrupt as theirs. The impure of heart will always be suspicious of others and therefore they are tend to also be critical of everyone's intentions, not knowing some have good intentions toward them. Their criticisms are of little use because they are motivated for profit and for control and usually do not include the instruction needed to correct behaviour flaws.

      This is not to say the pure of heart have cleaned the weeds out of the garden of their heart. Oh no, the simple and undiscerning are loaded with worldly confusions and so it is GOD HAS CALLED THE FOOLISH TO CONFOUND THE WISE. The sinners of this world see the saved as fools whose God they reject and whose motives they despise. The sinful businessman is only interested in financial profit. Any goodness they display is for show and they think the Lord's people are also putting on a show of love and concern for them. Sad to say however, the loving concern of believers is not yet made perfect in Christ and it is for this lack of Perfection in Christ that REPROOFS OF INSTRUCTION are needed.

      Everyone is not capable of giving an enlightened REPROOF OF INSTRUCTION, so it is important for you to seriously consider criticisms embodied in what people are saying to you throughout the regular course of the days, months, and years of your life. What people have to say to you are mirror reflections. To hear what people are really saying involves your being QUICK TO HEAR AND SLOW TO SPEAK. The fool is just the opposite. Fools are quick to speak and slow to hear. If you presume yourself to be wise, you may very well be a fool.

      Children are naturally foolish. Usually an adult fool is someone who grew up without proper discipline. When you find yourself to be foolish as an adult, it is then your responsibility to grow out of it by the truth that sets us free. "YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE" is a prophecy Christ spoke. All believers are destined to KNOW THE TRUTH and when they ultitimately come to a knowledge of the truth, whether it be in this lifetime or in the world to come, they will be SET FREE.

      "THE FLESH IS CONTRARY TO THE SPIRIT." If you are not battling against the flesh to CRUCIFY THE LUSTS, you are probably stuck in a state of lukewarmness where your spiritual growth is at a standstill. Parents need to give their children REPROOFS OF INSTRUCTION. They need to explain to them right from wrong and punish them if they do not change for the better.

      There was a time in history when monasteries flourished with enlightened spiritual men providing REPROOFS OF INSTRUCTION to those commited to grow up into Christ. Constructive criticism is desireable to those who know they need help. If God Almighty provides you with such an environment where you can receive contructive criticism you know is of value to your developing into A NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST, you ought to embrace it with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. May God help you. Amen.

      For those who have religious minds, REPROOFS OF INSTRUCTION will only improve the student into a two fold son of the devil as Jesus said. The religious leaders of his day traveled across "SEA AND LAND TO MAKE ONE PROSELYTE" (St. Matthew 23:15) only to make them worse than themselves. "IF THE BLIND LEAD THE BLIND, THEY WILL BOTH FALL INTO THE DITCH."

      REPROOFS OF INSTRUCTION work when the student or disciple are seeking spiritual Perfection rather than vain glory and power over people. The work of redemption always centers in the individual first and foremost. Even if you are called out by the Lord to learn to walk in the Spirit, you must guard your spiritual condition in all you do. For if your condition degenerates in any way, the Spirit of Light will be quenched.

      The individual who is called out alone faces a terribly hard path if there is no Master to provide REPROOFS OF INSTRUCTION. He is left to seeking the Lord continually to come into THE ANOINTING THAT TEACHES ALL THINGS. Once a wayfaring man has mastered his own behaviour by the Spirit of the Lord, it is possible he might be enabled to teach others; but this is not always true. Love and patience and commitment and continual devotion to the Lord and his people are necessary.

      So your instructor must not be in it for the love of money, although it may be in old age that a certain need for materialistic considerations exists to preserve his life and light a little further for your well being even as that great Light of Israel, King David was preserved in every possible way for the well being of the nation.

      So be sure of yourself, to whom you submit your well being; for my Pastor Noel Weiss cared for mine in directing me little by little out of the snares of religion and to you who are already deeply snared, let me give you a little wise advice that may qualify here as REPROOFS OF INSTRUCTION.

      First of all, you are presumptuous to think the materialistic success of the church in America proves it has favor with God. You are looking upon THE APPEARANCE OF THINGS. Instead of looking for leaders who fly back and forth in multi-million dollar jets merchandising the gospel to provide themselves with mansions and luxury living, you should be looking for the truth seeker with the humble and contrite heart who is set apart unto God around the clock.

      You are also presumptuous to suppose those who have large followings are spiritual. The Pharisees had a large enough following in Jesus day to shout down those who cried out for the release of the Lord. Much to your surprise, were Jesus here walking in the flesh today; they would oppose him knowing the teachings of the Lord oppose their methods.

      You are presumptuous to think you can pay huge sums of money to become indoctrinated into the Light of Christ in the seminaries. Those schools of religion across the nation are full of dead men's bones, skeletons in suits and ties speaking darkness and death. Where in holy Scripture do you find the Lord giving ordination papers to his disciples? Why would you pay for such an education to ruin your own soul and those you will lead? When you pay your tuition, their counselors promise to lay hands on you at a certain date in the future to ordain you for the ministry of the Lord as pastor teachers. It is incredible to know our young people are so ill advised in this America to rush into such a course of study in heated and air conditioned classrooms to learn the gospel of Jesus Christ in comfort when the call is to deny yourself and take up your cross as a living sacrifice!

      You are presumptuous to help religious leaders in any way to build the business of religion and expand it all the more into the great evil it is doing to America. When they say "Get your hammers and your nails and build the church," they are speaking of buildings for the church. We are the church. We are temples of God. Yet many a building in this great land has the word "CHURCH" embodied in it or on its signs. It is THE NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST you are to build, not buildings to further the materialistic goals of religious leaders.

      You are presumptuous to make yourself a a religious leader as many do by competing for control of the pulpit in an already established congregation. One is skilled in music, another in programming the internet, another in merchandising, still another in church politics, and still another plasters the Word of God or bumper stickers all over their vehicles. In all these cases and more, those individuals wear their skills and practices as though they were religious robes justifying themselves as though they were called of God to minister to the people and collect donations from them. The self made religious leader is just as corrupt in doctrine and practices as the seminary trained religious leader. The nature of religion distracts the mind of its leaders from STUDYING TO SHOW THEMSELVES APPROVED OF GOD to go into the lifestyle of serving God as A LIVING SACRIFICE. The need to make financial gain causes religious leaders to tell the people what they want to hear rather than what they need to hear. Truly THE LABORERS ARE FEW. Very very few!

      Well, there you have just a few major REPROOFS OF INSTRUCTION, but REPROOFS OF INSTRUCTION can involve little things as well as big things. REPROOFS OF INSTRUCTION can also involve perfecting the mysteries of God which you cannot learn in the churches. These skills were taught long long ago when monasteries flourished and they are nearly lost to us today, but this website is constructed to provide the understanding necessary for you to become schooled sufficiently in the great mystery of godliness to enter into it where THE ANOINTING THAT ABIDES WITHIN TEACHES ALL THINGS. May God help you to understand that you are responsible to your own soul for your spiritual growth. Heap up all the teachers of confusion you want, but those who truly are of a noble heart will STUDY TO SHOW THEMSELVES APPROVED OF GOD here where there is no request for donations.

      Let us hope you have AN OBEDIENT EAR. (Proverbs 15:32) For he THAT HEARS REPROOF GETS UNDERSTANDING. (Proverbs 15:32) ) And HE THAT REGARDS REPROOF SHALL BE HONORED. (Proverbs 13:18) But for those who go about in the religious world of Christianity where unaccountability, dogma reigns - will inherit dishonor in the world to come where ALL THE HONORABLE will be brought into contempt. Do you really want to be among the MANY OF THE FIRST WHO SHALL BE LAST?

      You are presumptous to think you can study the great complexities of the gospel taught here and mix these studies with the confusion of religion. COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM AND BE YE SEPARATE, says the Lord.