The churches in America are misled in regard to the taking of holy communion. Saint Paul clearly wrote, "When you all come together, this is not to take the Lord's supper." The Apostle to the Gentiles went on to say: "Do you not have houses to eat and drink in?"

      In the freedom of the homes where distractions can be minimized the Apostle would have the Lord's people take holy communion in an atmosphere where they are free to worship and praise God and pray unto Him and even walk in the Spirit should they be enabled to enter into the anointing. In partaking of the wine of the Lord's blood and the bread of his body, the individual attempts by faith to drink the divine blood of Christ and eat the divine flesh of the Lord into his human body to put on the literal Spirit of Christ.

      The wine of holy communion is intended to induce a death of self state of being with the other elements of the Lord's supper which it is not lawful to reveal to the public. "The secret of the Lord is with those who fear God."

      If you do not know the identity of the elements and their quantity and quality, you cannot attain to the "dying daily" state of being Saint Paul attributed to himself as the Lord's anointed Apostle and preacher of the Word which is Spirit. Likewise, if you are not willing to go step by step where the Spirit of the Lord leads you, holy communion is more of a symbolic experience for you.

      Even though vessels of gold were often in use in Solomon's holy temple, it is not necessary to have an expensive or ornate chalice for the partaking of holy communion. Actually, you are the Lord's vessel, the Lord's cup. We are to become "VESSELS SUITABLE FOR THE MASTER'S USE."

      "GREAT IS THE MYSTERY OF GODLINESS." So great is this mystery, that very few ever come into an understanding of it in this lifetime.

      It is not the cup that sanctifies holy communion but you who live sanctified lives sanctify the cup.

      Those who live self centered lives living selfishly for themselves rather than for their Creator, may own the most beautifully ornate and expensive chalices in all the world and never truly partake of the Spirit of holy Communion.

      The partaking of holy communion has been in use by Jewish holy men for thousands of years. So it is in their culture that many of that many of the secrets for the taking of holy communion may be found. In regard to unleavened bread which is a must for the communion table, there is a Jewish product called "Matzos."

      To the human eye, they are unsalted, unspiced crackers. But to those with spiritual discernment, they are not only unleavened bread; they are a solid chew that does not distract the mind with taste. This is very important for the practioner of holiness. We are to eat the crucified flesh of Christ into our bodies by faith.

      The partaking of the bread of Life is not only a matter of faith. It requires absolute focus.

      The true disciple needs to learn to recognize good wine. If you are purchasing it off of the shelf of a store, look for the stronger grapes such as Zinfandel or Cabernet Sauvignon aged five years or more. You will know if the fermentation is good by turning the bottle upsidedown to the ceiling lights and looking for dregs at the bottom of the bottle. Pick the bottle up carefully to avoid scattering the dregs or they may not be there by the time you get the bottom of the bottle focused against the brightness of the lights.

      You don't want drink the dregs, so it is wise to use heavy duty paper towels to embrace a coffee filter to catch them as you pour the wine into a larger mixing container. Mix two different aged bottles of wine with one squared bottle of Manichevitz sweet wine and stir it up.

      Holy communion is at its best when the partaker is active continually in prayer, preaching, and praise without any intermission except to continue partaking of what the Lord shows you to use. Keep in mind, no outsiders were present at the last supper to find out what they were partaking of.

      But we do know by faith that blood and water came out of Christ's body on the cross when the soldier pierced Him with a sword, and since we are partaking of his body and blood; it is also wise to include water on the communion table.

      Keep in mind as you draw near to God, demon activity increases for the very purpose of distracting and obstructing the partaker of holy communion from entering into the Spirit of communion with God and Christ; and strangely enough opposition will often times arise from the least expected direction.

      Religious leaders will oppose the taking of holy communion in your home and will offer you instead the taking of plain ordinary religious communion in the church, the majority of them offering inexpensive grape juice in the name of correct theology.

      Whatever the opposition is, you will have to deal with it to obtain the privacy necessary for standing before the Lord for the partaking of holy communion with distractions.