It can be very helpful to understand what a billion is since it is nearly infinite to the human mind and major governments of the world are spending billions of dollars as though it were nothing, .... there are also five billion people inhabiting this planet.

         God Almighty is operating on a major scale beyond the comprehension of any one individual, is he not?

         A million seconds is about 11 days. A billion seconds is about 32 years, and a trillion seconds is 32,000 years.

         Since one billion seconds equals 32 years, if you were to put a billion one dollar bills on the table at a rate of one second each, it would take you 32 years. Bill Gates couldn't live long enough to count all of the money he has gathered. Someone worth five billion would need 160 years to count it one dollar at a time. A millionaire would have to work at counting their money one dollar at a time for 11 1/2 days. Yet it only takes the President of the United States a few seconds to sign a multi-billion dollar act of Congress into law.

         Is it any wonder the government of the United States is trillons of dollars in debt?

         If a government spent 1 million dollars every single day of the year since Jesus was born, it still would not have spent 1 trillion dollars until the year A.D. 2737. A trillion dollars is a lot of money isn't it?

         A billion dollars is spent every eight hours by the American government.

         A billion seconds ago it was 1959.

         A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive in the flesh of a man.

         A billion hours ago Adam and Eve were not yet created.

         A billion dollars is a lot of money. This is what it looks like as it comes off of the printing presses. By the way, the Federal government has the printing presses. They own the money tree in America. When the States get into financial trouble, they look to the Federal government . When the Federal government gets into financial trouble, they look to the printing presses.

         We are to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, but we don't have to be blind concerning the wastefulness of our ever growing government; and the oppressiveness Americans are enduring which is certainly having a disastrous effect upon the love of neighbor in this once Christian nation. In this EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF civilization, do what you can to make this a better country, a better county, a better city and a better neighborhood where-ever you live.

         LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR by being concerned for their needs.

         As a grand finale for this document, there are billions of dollars worth of gold stored in this location. You will notice there is no human traffic. Instead it is heavily guarded for obvious reasons. People have been known to kill for ten dollars. Imagine what they might do to get their hands on these treasures.