Don't bury your talent!

       Randy Hofman does not charge for his work. He refuses to have his talent for Christ buried after his art crumbles. He has returned again and again over the decades to sculpter with crowds watching the treasures of his faith taking shape in the sand. The awareness he has of his ability to draw a crowd while doing beach art encourages him to come back again and again.

       Armed with the knowledge of how to spray his beach art with a combination of elmers glue and water, Hofman's works of art last up to two weeks if it doesn't rain and if no-one crushes them. "KNOWLEDGE INCREASES STRENGTH," and he is able to combine art projects creating an even greater gallery in the sand attraction.

       His audiences do not find him invasive like they some who are bullish with their message. Onlookers are not intimidated by his him and his team working for God on the beach.

       The American public knows basic Bible stories, so Noah's arc carved into the sand is a great reminder of the Prophet who built a ship for a hundred years in the desert to prepare for the flood of judgment coming.

       Sometimes he stands by the finished product to answer questions. Sometimes God's children put on theatre to add to the attraction. Here we see a crowd gathered along the edge of the beach to admire his Biblical work.

       The same talent could make money for Randy Hofman, but he read his Bible. "DO ALL THAT DO FOR THE GLORY OF GOD."

      "A man's gift makes room for him." Sinners as well as believers marvel because it's something most of them do not know how to do.

       How about you? Do you have a talent you have buried? Die to your love of money! Set aside your desire to be famous! Does your art have to be displayed in prestigious galleries? Does your music have to be marketed for it to be heard? Is there something you can do with the movie camera you have at home? Are you afraid to stand up for faith in a name the world hates? Do your duty! You'll be glad you did. There is something worthwhile everyone can do to promote Life. May God help you put hour talent to work for the glorification of God instead of your self aggrandizement.

       Creative evangelism is where its at! "Anything you like to do, somehow you can use it for he Lord," Randy says. "God's invested something in everybody. It's our job to look for it, practice it, bring it out and give it back to Him."

       And so Randy carved Jesus on the cross into the sand by the sea as a reminder to anyone who might be drawn to the Father in heaven by such an incredible statement of love and sacrifice.