The Adversary wars to deceive God's people from attaining to the holiness necessary to become filled with the Spirit of power to destroy his works.

         Many say they already have the anointing abiding within themselves without living according to the laws of the Spirit necessary to abide in the Lord of glory. "IF YOU SAY YOU ABIDE IN CHRIST, YOU SHOULD ALSO WALK AS HE WALKED."

         The businessman would turn the management of his part in the business to someone else. The Seminary student would drop his classes. The pastor would say goodbye to his congregation.

         The husband has the burden of providing for his family before he can go out into absolute poverty seeking God with faith for his needs to be met while he proclaims Christ wisely as a serpent and harmless as a dove.

         Each man answering the call to take up the cross of a living sacrifice must leave all behind him to walk in Christ. Anyone going out into the poverty of Christ with a misplaced zeal of the flesh should keep in mind they ought to have STUDIED TO SHOW THEMSELVES APPROVED OF GOD first.

         As long as you think you are already filled with the Spirit, you have no reason to search the Scriptures to learn how.

         The language of the authorized King James 1611 Bible alone contains the correctness necessary for you to come into an understanding of the anointing. The truth necessary for you to understand the anointing is absent from the other versions.

         The author lived outdoors for sixteen years in an attempt to perfect his skills in entering through the divine door Christ is into the anointing of his Spirit. He was committed to bringing back the knowledge of how to walk in the Spirit to God's people when it first became clear to him in 1981 that the vision had been lost as technological civilization replaced the natural world mankind formerly lived in.

         Since Christians are not well read in the holy Book and do not speak the language of the Word of God, and have come to speak the traditional language of the churches; the presentation of Scriptures pertaining to the anointing will be by category to make it easier.

         Each chapter represents a categorical statement pertaining to the meaning of the anointing, and the verses within the category are presented with explanations of how they apply to the anointing.

         This will not be an easy study. Much of the Scriptural material pertaining to the anointing has been misused from generation to generation in the churches to where the true application of the verses has been obscured to the mind's of God's people.

         Misconceptions have also arisen regarding the anointing. Many teach the Spirit fell upon the Old Testament Prophets but did not fill them. There is the presumption of a perpetual anointing, the free gift of an unearned anointing, the passing on of an anointed mantle, a figurative anointing that is not sensed, ...and anointed men and women supposedly have no need of a glowing halo as we see them pictured with "THE CANDLE OF THE LORD UPON THEIR HEAD" in the art of old.

         Very few connect "THE BURNING AND SHINING LIGHT" of John the Baptist with his eyes, yet Jesus said "WHEN THE EYE IS SINGLE, THE WHOLE BODY IS FULL OF LIGHT." When the whole body is full of the Light of the Lord, you can be sure it will be evident in their eyes.

         It is easy for someone to claim to be an apostle, prophet, pastor, or evangelist. It is another thing for them to "DEMONSTRATE THE POWER AND THE SPIRIT" of the anointing necessary to occupy one of those offices. We hear many saying the are the Lord's anointed in the religious world today as though they could stake a claim to the power of God by faith alone.

        In the Age to come Christ shall be present with a government of righteous resurrected men and women, his servants from every generation who taught holiness as the only means of attaining the anointing of Christ. They shall be called REPAIRERS OF THE BREACH (Isaiah 58:l2) between man and God, between the flesh and the Spirit.

         A book has been prepared for the study of Scriptures pertaining to the anointing. Even if you are not willing to take up the cross of a living sacrifice and live in the poverty of Christ to grow in his anointing, it would be wise for you to examine what the anointing is, so you will be better able to discern between those who are and those who are not anointed of God.


         They sow the Word of God rather than their political or religious opinions. They have communion with the blood of Christ and "LOVE NOT THEIR LIVES TO THE DEATH."

         They serve one Master, they need no money, they take "NO THOUGHT FOR TOMORROW," and they WALK BY FAITH RATHER THAN BY SIGHT.

         Study carefully the vision of what it means to walk in the Spirit of Christ.

         To walk in Christ you must put on his mind to suffer in the flesh and be filled with understanding regarding the Word of God to die daily to self and enter into his Spirit.

         Mastering the anointing is one of the greatest challenges in Christ. May the Lord help you in your study of its principles. Amen.