If you are typical of other Christians, you enjoy your Church experience. You feel good after a service or Bible study. And are under no real obligation to do anything. Your spiritual battery feels charged, but deep down inside you know something is missing. You become accustomed to the feel good lukewarm church experience after a few years and settle into the routine like the rest of the congregation.

        The Church has so much potential it is quenching. A hundred thousand congregations in America united in wisdom could put Presidents into office and solve problems like homelessness and the murdering of babies in the womb. Church members could work together in putting up one another's homes to where God's people would be free to serve him instead of the monthly mortgage. Many other evils could be confronted and subdued.

        We are told in holy Scripture, "WHEN THE RIGHTEOUS REIGN THE PEOPLE REJOICE." The difference between a dynamic American Church and a lukewarm Church system is like day and night. Think of it this way. The majestic deer bounds about the forest like a prince alive and alert to danger while domesticated cows chew the cud indifferently and slaughter house employees sharpen their knives to cut them into hamburger meat. "Where there is no vision, the people perish." Do you want to be like the majestic deer with its crown of antlers or the barnyard cow falling asleep on its feet?

        This document is an analytical holy Ghost inspired BLUEPRINT OF THE CHURCH in America backsliding toward a major disaster.

        The Church in America is a divided house. Therefore it must fall. Knowing that by faith in the Word of God does not make you a Prophet. It does mean you are building vision. Read on in a meditative spirit.


        Let's take a closer look at the Church as it is.

        Every employed Christian is serving two masters which is acceptable only if you live holy lives while doing it, but many proudly insist they are living a holy life unaccountable to no-one. Serving the gospel of non-accountability is a serious mistake. Make yourself accountable to the Word of God by obedience to what is written.

        Why would you want to become stuck in religious dogma? Why would you prefer to go through the vanity of religious dogma when you could be moved by the Spirit. Why would you want to build the visible church when you could build the invisible church?

        You came to the Lord vulnerable to the easy way. It is common to human nature to prefer the path of least resistance. You chose a Church and began mingling with the blind who are led by the blind without your knowing it. Your eyes were opened to salvation and you were delighted to know you too had escaped from a hell you previously were not sure existed. Your faith was activated and the Church seemed like the family of God it was supposed to be. You did not notice anything was wrong. How could you? You were new to the complexities of the Word of God. You needed a teacher. The Pastor of your Church was so sure of himself. You were confident he was provided by God to show you the way.

        Initial salvation can be deceptive compared to becoming "wholly sanctified."* Believers come into the churches with pre-conceived notions of what Christianity is. You see in the visible world, but you are blind regarding the invisible realm where spiritual warfare is taking place. Religious leaders are blind guides. They quench the Spirit in all they do and leave their congregations stuck at the start of the race set before them. The vision of growing up into Christ is lost. In its place is a comfort yourself, let's have fun together social club gospel.

        When Church folks use the word disciple or saint or the word church in America, they use those words and many others religiously rather than Biblically so it is difficult for Churchmen and women to understand the Bible. Some Churches call themselves disciples. Others have ministry houses with people living there they call disciples, who are not disciples according to holy Scripture. Most of the Churches in America consider themselves Saints when in reality, they are "children of God" in the same category as the children of Israel who followed the great Saint Moses in the wilderness forty years. The Church is not a building. It is either the corporate body of Christ gathered in the Lord's name or the Church is you, the believer in Jesus Christ. If you want to understand the Bible, you must use the language of the Bible.

        The existence of Saints is ignored by religious leaders in America including those "big shot" windbags flying around in multi-million dollar jets preaching the "We are gods," heresy and materialistic prosperity. Watch out for anyone deifying themselves. God is a jealous God! If you think Christ is not jealous of his deity as the second person of the godhead, look at it this way. Great Saints like Moses and Elijah never claimed to be little gods nor did they boast of their great works. Why should you listen to clouds without rain boasting of works done in the flesh? Christ through the power of God is the A and the Z. It was Christ in Moses who parted the Red Sea. Christ in Joshua who stopped the sun. Christ in Elijah who brought fire down. Christ in Shadrach, Meshach and Abindego who walked into the fiery furnace of death and caused those three Saints to live by means of the whole armor of God he provided for them in the Spirit of the anointing.

        Individuals called to Sainthood* attempt to live and die like Christ lived and died. They are forgiven much, therefore they love much. They are enabled by strict obedience to the Word of God to live and move in the ways of the Lord* conscious inwardly of the great mystery of the Spirit's guidance. They are STEWARDS OF THE MYSTERIES OF GOD. The anointing that abides within teaches them all things.* They see clearly through the eye of Christ and hear clearly through the ear of the Lord while the Church remains "dull of hearing."*

        The author of this website is a Saint in America. His teachings were not obtained from religious leaders or the authors of books but from experience walking in the Spirit to proclaim salvation by Christ publicly in cities up and down America. When other missionaries left this country to start churches in other nations, he remained to preach in the sword of the Spirit to Americans. While religious leaders drove in air conditioned cars to preach in air conditioned churches and return to air conditioned homes, his flesh melted off of his bones to where he became a stickman. A hundred and sixty five pounds on a six foot three frame hungering and thirsting after righteousness that he might be filled with the Spirit. Now he is old and is programming this website for you, the Church, that you might come to a knowledge of the truth needed to be set free from the darkness of self. A Saint who loves the Lord feeds his sheep.*

        Church leaders in America say they are equiping Saints, but non-saints cannot equip Saints? Religious leaders quench the knowledge of God necessary for Sainthood not only in their teachings but in the way they live their lives. They teach a "You have already arrived" gospel saying "You are Spirit filled," when they know not how to be Spirit filled themselves, and some of them are honest enough to tell you so if you ask them. Others will lie to you. But none of them bear the cross of Christ though most of them will say they do, and will point to the soft job of pastoring the Church as proof of it.

        Jesus did not work for a paycheck. He preached against religion as an employment, warning against hirelings who flee when wolves come.* He did not labor in the comfort of a religious synagogue, but went into Israel to war against the hypocrisies of religion and teach the people the right way by powerful words and deeds. It is a serious mistake to believe religious leaders are serving God when there is evidence everywhere of them serving themselves.

        Many religious leaders have taught Churchmen to say they have need that no man teach them as though Churchmen are taught by "the anointing that abides within" a Saint.* If you are employed secularly, how can you abide in the anointing of Christ when "no man can serve two masters?"* Sainthood is a calling obtained from God after initial salvation. By telling you what your unsanctified ego wants to hear, they are able to bait you into believing you are Spirit filled and already have "the anointing that abides within."

        It is clearly stated in holy Scripture that God provides men to teach the body of Christ*, but no-where does the Lord promise to provide every man made church or Messianic believing synagogue with a pastor/teacher or rabbi "wholly sancified" to do the work of God righteously. Take your eyes off of the pulpits of religion and seek the Lord for your Light, but be careful of your own darkness. It is greater than you think. "The heart is deceitful and desperately wicked, who can know it?"* God has hidden the Light of his Spirit and Power in a crucified Life. There is no institution ordained of God to produce love, joy, peace and the longsuffering of the Spirit. Good fruit is produced by the bearing of the cross of Christ as a full time living sacrifice. If all you do is learn what you find taught here on this website, you are in danger of puffing yourself up and making matters worse if you do not build holy habits in your life. "Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up."*

        God says in holy Scripture: "My eyes shall be upon the faithful of the land, that they may DWELL* with me: he that walks in a perfect way, he shall serve me."* Anyone trying to serve God in anything less than Spirit guided perfection is doing so in their flesh. Mortal prophets, apostles, evangelists and pastor/teachers of the Bible are examples of what it means to be servants of the Lord. Many claim they are servants of God, but there are few laborers* who are able to DWELL in perfect oneness with God.

        The day is approaching when we will be hated of all nations for our faith. What will you do against persecutors if you are not "quickened in your mortal body by the Spirit that DWELLS within?"* The same invinceability Jesus manifested in his ministry is yours if you are living and moving in his Spirit in the great mystery of godliness. No man could lay a hand on him til his time came.

        The greatest of all flaws in Seminaries throughout the nation is their "knowledge only" approach to training students to become religious leaders. What kind of musician would you be were you to study music theory without learning the instrument you are going to play? Would you expect to learn how to repair the bodies of wrecked vehicles in the classroom or in the body shop with hands on experience? No man can learn the Gospel of Jesus Christ without bearing the cross of Christ. The Lord gave evidence of this truth when he said: "Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me..."* The Seminaries teach religion without the hands on experience Jesus gave his disciples while he bore the cross of a living sacrifice with them. If you want true religion, you will bear the cross of Christ in his Spirit and learn of him. Jesus is "the way, the truth and the Life." The graduates of Seminaries do not know Jesus Christ. They have not borne his cross. But they say they know him.

        Consequently, Churchmen and women say they know Jesus, but they only know of Jesus. There is a Grand Canyon of a difference separating the two. The Churches do not know the ways of the Lord. God "made known his ways unto Moses, his acts unto the children of Israel."* Moses is a Saint of God. He knows the inner workings of living and moving in the Spirit of God in the great mystery of godliness. The children of God who followed him forty years in the Sinai desert were witnesses of miraculous acts of God, but Moses knew God's ways. They knew of God, but Moses knew God. The exception to this rule were the disciples of Moses such as Joshua and Caleb.* They also knew God.

        Those who walk in the Spirit will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh,* but the children of Israel lusted for meat and became sickened by too much of it when God provided the miracle. This is a picture of the Church in America lusting for materialism and made sick by too much of it. "Choose this day whom you shall serve." God or the flesh. If you choose the flesh, you make yourself vulnerable to the Adversary who goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. If you choose the Spirit, you will gain power over your flesh and will learn to walk in Christ in whom is the treasurehouse of divine riches.

        Christians like to say they are not called to labor in the harvest field. Few are found preaching salvation in the public; and when they do, they do it in the flesh out of ignorance of the things of the Spirit. Had Christians in America obeyed the command to study to show themselves approved of God so they could be called to labor as living sacrifices in the Spirit, they would not make vain excuses. Every Christian can study to show themselves approved of God to be called into his work. If you love the LORD with all your heart, soul, mind and strength this you will do. The fact you have neglected to study to show yourself approved of God proves you do not love the LORD with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and should order your conversation concerning yourself accordingly.

        Studying to show yourself approved of God is a rung in the ladder ascending upward toward oneness with God through Christ. The Spirit of the Lord is the divine door to the invisible realm of the eternal kingdom. By going along with the religious show in America, many have become accustomed to catering to their flesh to the endangerment of their own soul. Will you be among the many who fall away from the faith when violent persecution comes? When you say you were not called, you excuse yourself from obedience to God and Christ whom you say you love. If you love the Lord, you will no longer hold back one ounce of time or energy, but will truly love the LORD above all creation from this day forth irregardless of the lukewarmness of everyone else around you.

        Some Churchmen have hundreds of teaching tapes and CD's, teaching video's, religious publications, books and commentaries and they listen faithfully to religious leaders on radio and tv. They have fulfilled the prophecy Saint Paul made saying, "The time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, BUT WILL HEAP TEACHERS UNTO THEMSELVES..."* You need to get a wheelbarrow and haul the whole load of spiritual junk food out to the dumpster and start all over studying to show yourself approved of God.

        Many will say, "I can't do that. I invested a lot of money in those teachings and am content when I study them. "

        The flesh is comforted by the gospel of non-accountability with no cross to bear for God nor persecution in your path endangering your life or resources. Let go of the deception. You cannot study religion and the spiritual path of the Bible. You have to separate your life from religion to learn the ways of the Lord. Listen carefully. "WITHOUT CONTROVERSY, GREAT IS THE MYSTERY OF GODLINESS."* The mystery of godliness is made greater and more difficult to understand when there is controversy. Get all of your religious materials and throw them in the trash. The Lord is able to replace your financial losses. Separate yourself from the confusions and oppositions of religion and begin to study to show yourself approved of God today.


        Those who appoint themselves God's servants due to some material advantage or due to a promotion within the established religious system are presumptuous of God's will and unmindful "the flesh profits nothing."* The vision of serving God in his revealed Light and Power was lost down through the centuries to the fleshy things of religion. Religion is the outward show of devotion to God. Spirituality is the building of a new creature inwardly through dying to self and the putting on of the Lord Jesus Christ.*

        The present global epidemic of division between Catholics and Prostestants has multiplied with hundreds of thousands of independant churches answerable to no-one but themselves. "A house divided against itself will fall."*

        Christ Jesus is in the position of Lord over a Church worldwide that is disconnected from his authority and guidance and therefore is disconnected from the supernatural empowerment needed to overcome wickedness in high places. The Church system in place today is wealthy materially, but impotent spiritually.

        Though Catholic and Protestant Churches differ in theology and form, they all have one common denominator in their services: They pre-plan their meetings. Pre-planned meetings hold the attention of congregations while quenching the Spirit. Church leaders say, "Do one thing" while the holy Spirit says, "Do another." Consequently, a form of godliness is produced that denies the power of God.* The form of godliness in the Churches deceives their members, but God is not deceived. His Presence may be felt where two or more are gathered in his name, but his power is far from them.

        Congregations obey Church leaders for fear of being embarrassed and possibly removed from meetings. If a member were to say, "Pastor, the Spirit is telling me to do thus and so contrary to what you had in mind." The Pastor with a pre-planned agenda for the meeting is not going to accept objections from the congregation for fear someone will take his place as their leader. He will sit the objector down or ask them to leave. If the objector refuses, the ushers will escort him outside and he will not be welcome in that Church again. Sadly enough, the congregation will agree with the Pastor. Interuptions in violation of pre-planned meetings always make the Spirit led individual appear to be a transgressor. The people of God are supposed to gather in freedom from dogma, from rituals, and from pre-planned meetings, where they can be "instant in season and out"* so the Spirit of God is always free to speak and move through them.

        By pre-planning meetings, religious leaders make themselves head of the Church. They reduce Christ to a figurehead, using his name and his Word to rubber stamp the fleshy activities of the Church. The use of the Lord's name and of religious rituals and the preaching of dogma in a house of religion provides the illusion of holiness. These exterior activities are but an outward form of godliness while true holiness takes place in the interior of the pure hearted who wear the mind of Christ with a willingness to suffer in the flesh.* Were Christ present bodily in services throughout America without his glory, he would be counted as a liar and an interupter of the services. Religious leaders would attempt to have him removed. They are not in submission to his Word nor his Spirit nor do they intend to follow the examples he set when he was here on the earth.

        Seeking financial contributions is another of many Spirit quenchers in the Churches. How can a religious leader be seriously concerned for the physical and spiritual well being of the flock when requests for contributions are not met? You had better believe the pastors go over checks and envelopes from collections to find out who is giving and who is not giving in their congregations. Those members who give the most will receive the most attention. Fund raising is "the root of all evil" in the Churches throughout America. The Lord warned against "hirelings."* If anyone desires to lead God's people, the first thing he must do is earn his own keep.

        Churches usually have a "missionary fund" where they raise money in the name of the Lord to glorify him. But in reality, they use the Lord's money to expand the business of religion by planting more churches. This is just another way in which they usurp the headship of the body of Christ from the Lord. Never did the Lord authorize any man to turn the Gospel into a business nor did the Lord ever authorize the merchandising of the faith that is in Him.

        Media teachers of religion talk about your having the faith to send them money to keep them on the air doing great things for God, but where is their faith? If God was really in what they are doing, they would have no need to show their lack of faith to their media audience. Their faithless examples are such an embarrassment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sinners hear them begging for money over the air and despise the Lord, thinking they actually do represent him.

        A congregational member or visitor to a Church leaves their freedom of speech and freedom of movement at the door of the house of religion they attend. This is a warning sign something is wrong with the Church system. Christ is in the business of setting his people free from the darkness of self while Churches are busy bringing people into bondage to religion. By making themselves the head of the Church over a religious gospel, the churches in America make themselves "the way, the truth and the Life." When a pastor or a priest is faced with making a decision regarding what must be done in the management of the Church enterprise, they may say they'll take it to prayer; but their decision is ultimately based on what is profitable materially.

        You can see the headship of the Lord usurped in everything a Church does. Church vehicles have the Church name, address and times of worship on them. Instead of sowing the Word of God, they sow invitations to Church. Yet those vehicles have plenty of space on them for at least a short verse of holy Scripture. We are told in holy Scripture, "A sower went forth sowing the Word of God."* Religious leaders show a complete disregard for the Word they say they represent. If you think about it, you will surely come to see they are interested in their business while Jesus was about "the Father's business."*

        Likewise, if there is an evangelical group going out from a Church, their invitations to the public usually emphasize the Church address and meetings stamped on a tract. God's people are not instructed in the Bible to go into all the world to plant new houses of religion or invite sinners to existing ones. The Great Commission is to go into all the world and sow the Word of God in public places where crowds can be gathered to be brought to repentance.

        The usurping of the headship of Christ has been clear for centuries in the way the Pope rules over the Catholic Church globally. No-where in all the world is a man more visibly glorified than the ruler sitting in the throneroom of the Vatican receiving visitors from all over the earth. Though he claims to be the Vicar of Christ, no man is further away from the example of Jesus Christ than the Pope who makes himself appear to be "the way, the truth and the Life." He usurps the headship of the body of Christ, receiving all of the glory among men while Christ is kept in the background, as it were a rubber stamp to be used to authorize all the Pope does.

        TBN's Paul Crouch took the pre-imminent position in the past decade or more from Billy Graham as the Chief Prostestant leader; and his fleshy leadership has the same religious rubber stamped approval of Christ on it as the Pope. Crouch wants you to believe TBN is righteous. Therefore, financing TBN is the righteous thing to do according to him and his crowd. A few years ago he named one of their satellites "angel." Crouch said TBN was fulfilling the prophecy in the book of Revelation where an angel visits the earth to preach the gospel to all the world.* In other words, TBN was that angel. An angel will come in due season to fulfill that prophecy dear reader. Meanwhile, the less you have to do with Crouch and his TBN pack of wolves, the better off you will be spiritually.

        Those who have a large following of their own as a writer of books or as an actor or singer or as a successful mega-church pastor, have been signed up by Crouch over the decades to increase his ratings. This is the policy he has implemented from the beginning with no real concern for theological content or fruit of the Spirit in those he invites. They must be willing to flatter him for the great works he says he is doing for God. Crouch is in collusion with the powers of the prince of the air to corrupt the spiritual fabric of the Church in America and throughout the world. Had he sought the Lord diligently through the years for his headship over TBN instead of letting money and ratings rule, TBN could have truly been used of the Lord to turn the Church back to God. Instead Crouch has made matters worse for the Church and for America whose spiritual health is dependent upon the condition of the Church nationwise.

        "If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?"* Is it any wonder a Spirit led disciple or Saint cannot function in the Churches? Whatever the Lord would tell his servant to say and do, the pastors and elders would contradict. Congregations are in bondage to the church bulletin they are handed at the door and if there is none, they are in bondage to the Church leadership present there due to the authority they exercise over the building. In other words, congregational members and visitors are in the position of guests and can be asked to leave if they don't behave according to rules imposed upon them. Anyone who shows any signs of being led by the Spirit is perceived as a threat even as Christ was perceived as a threat to the Pharisees who ruled over the Old Testament Church. "If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you."* The devout must grow up into Christ outside of the spiritually bankrupt Church system. "Come out from among them and be separate,"* dear devout believer, if you wish to grow spiritually; otherwise they will quench your growth and make you like themselves.

        Religious buildings built with the hands of men for God's people to gather in become "institutions" while passing from one generation to another generation. By doing so, they promote the growth of dogma. The Catholic Church was the first to "institutionalize" itself as the universal Church in the reign of Constantine. Believers in Christ survived one purging after another under Roman emperors until Constantine made the God of the Bible the official religion of the empire. The Moses seat was moved from Jerusalem to Rome where the Popes sit in its authority to this day in greatly embellished thrones in the Vatican. Houses of worship went up everywhere in the empire. These passed from one generation to another, and Church policies and doctrines grew into the present day religious dogma of the Catholic Church.

        When the Reformation took place splitting the universal Church into Catholic and Protestant factions, the Protestant's built houses of religion which they also passed on from generation to generation to institutionalize the Church in their own way. Far better for all of the Church system to sell off its properties, give the money to the poor and return to the fundamental practices of the faith. When Christ returns in the glory of God, he will do away with religion as you know it. There will be no more Catholic or Protestant Churches. Church dogma will no longer dominate the thinking of God's people. The Lord will sit down in his throne in Jerusalem and rule the earth as the head of the Church and the King of kings.

        Meanwhile, the institutionalized Church system exists perpetually in a backsliddeen state by Spirit quenching devices. If asked why they are hold Church services the way they do, religious leaders will say everything must be done "decently and in good order." If they permitted their congregation to freely move about and speak in meetings, religious leaders would quickly lose control of the people and the finances. They would be out of business. The love of money and a love of the pre-imminence in the congregation are the real motives behind their methods.

        In the early church revival, the congregation gathered with tongues, revelations and doctrines to speak to one another. In the name of "doing all things decently and in good order" churches in America do NOT allow "revelations and doctrines" without first approving them. The holy Spirit cannot speak anything in the Churches in America that is disagreeable to the Church leaders. Therefore the Church system is incurable.

        "Tongues" are sometimes given two or three minutes in the middle of a service. If there is a testimony given, the individual usually must gain the attention of the Church leader for permission to speak like school children. The holy Ghost can only speak in "tongues" through the congregation in a short time span with permission of the Church leadership, and most of the time; the tongues heard in the Churches are made up by those speaking them. By quenching the holy Spirit from speaking through a congregation, Church leaders make themselves "the way, the truth and the life." They steal the headship of the Church from the Lord. The Lord calls them robbers in the book of St. John, chapter ten.

        "Oh, but you must be mistaken Sir. We pray to Jesus, we worship Jesus, and we speak his Word in our services. You cannot expect us to believe Jesus is not Lord in our Church."

        Ahhh, yes. There is no doubt you give the Lord lip service in your meetings dear Christian. That's what makes the deception so strong. As long as the holy Spirit is quenched in every Church throughout this great nation, Jesus is not Lord of the Church.

        Just as soon as the church of non accountability to one another makes its way out of the door on Sunday, where do you all go? One goes to the beach to put on her bikini, the other goes home to drink beer and watch endlessly sportscontests on television, while others get on the Internet where they flirt with fornication and adultery and all kinds of worldliness. The list goes on and on and on. The Church is disconnected from God. It is impotent. How can you deny it? In the past generationthe Church has lost the right for our children to pray in the schools. The Church also lost the right to set up monuments displaying the ten commandments in government places. The Church even lost the right to pray in the name of Jesus in government settings. At the same time, wickedness is flooding the nation.

        Jesus said: "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free," You may not be able to do anything about the present situation, but if you wish to be set free, you must come to a knowledge of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Those who do not wish to bear the yoke of Jesus Christ will oppose the truth so long as they live and will persist in calling themselves Christians, but anyone who does not produce the fruit of the Spirit will be of no use but to be cast into the fire.*

       (Continue here to revise.) The loss of mutual accountability in the Church system not only has allowed the doing away of the freedom of speech to speak revelations and doctrines spontaneously in the congregations without any man's approval, but the congregations have been robbed of their right to judge legal matters among themselves. Christians are commanded NOT to take legal matters before civil magistrates, but to bring them before the Church where the least are said to be better judges than sinful civil authorities. . When have you ever seen this commandment obeyed in any church in America? Religious leaders hold the congregations in a state of powerlessness throughout the land when every believer should have a voice in a congregation to some reasonable extent.

        Congregations have also been robbed of the right to hear disputes among themselves. Church leaders have taken these rights to themselves as the head of the Church once again usurping the actual head of the Church, the Lord Jesus Christ. When one congregational member has "ought" with another, there is a system outlined in holy Scripture to bring peace. He first should take his complaint up with the individual who has caused him some kind of a problem either knowingly or unknowingly. If the offender will not hear the matter nor give satisfaction, the individual is instructed to gather fellow believers to witness his testifying to the offender. If the offender still refuses to give satisfaction for the supposed offense, the matter is supposed to be brought before the Church to be judged by the congregation. There the parties involved are obligated to abide by the congegation's decision.

        To make matters worse, institutionalized Churches in America are submitted to the State Franchise Board for tax deductible status in exchange for the relinquishing of the congregation's legal rights to act corporately as a political body. Most congregations are unaware of the deadliness of the non profit corporate contract between Church and State, and few are aware their religious leaders have sold their political rights in exchange for tax free status. This loss of political power explains rapidly increasing decadance in America along with the alienation of our freedom of religion in America. As a nation, we are rapidly heading toward the rule of tyranny. "When the wicked bear rule, the people mourn."*

        Churches in America are disobedient to the Church blueprint literally from A to Z. What we have in America is an institutionally backslidden Church system that cannot produce spiritual empowerment corporately or individually. Church practices disenfranchise believers from all responsibility. There is no mutual accountability for the living of holy lives. Most pastors do not know where their congregation lives or what they do with their time. Tools of spirituality like holy Communion have been reduced to Church ritual. Most doctrines are corrupt. Pre-planned meetings quench the Spirit. Every congregation is proud without any real justification and lukewarm. Sinners of every kind are able to infiltrate congregations without detection. One denomination even had a brutal serial killer as an active elder when he was recently caught. The Catholic Church priesthood is infested with sexual perverts. The bottem line is clear. When the blind lead the blind, they will all fall into the ditch.*


        The man whom God is using to program and write the instruction you find on this website was at first a religious leader who founded a successful non profit corporation to preach the gospel through the arts in the late 1970's in Southern California. There were two music groups, Lovelight and Gentle Spirit, a theatre group as well as other artists either living at or coming and going to the ministry's communcal home in the city of Santa Ana. The ministry paid its bills by collecting used articles and furniture for sale at the Costa Mesa swap meet and was involved in farming the large plot of land behind the house.

        The author saw something was wrong with the materialistic approach to ministry but did not know the alternative. In those days there was no-one to go to for understanding in the great mystery of godliness which he is teaching on gospel billboard.com He was entangled in the admistration and management of he house, the growing merchandise of artistic projects, the groups and the business and was married to the lead singer for Lovelight with a five year old son whose first word was "Halleluyah." The boy had come into the kitchen of the communal house that year to say: "Daddy, I asked Jesus into my heart."

        We are advised in holy Scripture that "the cares of this world choke the Word and make it unfruitful"* in our lives. This was becoming clear to him in the ministry that was growing up under his leadership. He began to seek the Lord for the truth in this matter of service to the gospel and was answered in God's ways. In the middle of a discussion over the phone with a believer, she interupted the conversation to say, "The Lord has a word for you. He will replace quanity with quality."

        In another situation, he was sitting in the pastor's lounge at Melodyland preparing a sermon where Dr. Walter Martin of CRI fame and Dick Mills known for his prophetic ministry suddenly got into a loud verbal fight. The author was shaken. He was the only other person in the spacious lounge and they were VIP's. When the fight was over, Dick Mills came to door of the lounge and stopped with the joy of the Lord on his countenance and three thousand people waiting in the congregation to hear him speak personalized words of knowledge to them.

        "And what is the Lord doing in your life?" He asked. After hearing a brief explanation, he said it sounded great and rattled off five Scriptures which the author studied and prayed over for the following two weeks until he came to understand they were given in a personalized manner to show him what God would do if he closed down the ministry and trusted the Lord. This he did and two to three years later, the Lord made him a living sacrifice bearing the cross of a disciple. So it is the author has experienced what it means to be a religious leader and has grown in the Spirit into Sainthood as well. The difference has been revealed to him and can be learned by you diligence herein.

        It is easier to preach sermons than live them. There is the great deception within Christian religion in America. The churches are led by fleshly talkers when we desperately need Spirit walkers like Moses to gether up "the children of God" again to guide us forty years in an environment isolated from the world. "No man can serve two masters."* You cannot manage a house of religion and administrate its programs and walk in the Spirit at the same time.

        Though Church leaders claim to be arming people for spiritual warfare, they arm them instead to become two fold sons of the Devil like themselves. It is the nature of the business of religion that the people shape the message of the pastors who need them for contributions, manpower and other resources. Management entanglements choke the Word in the lives of the pastors reducing them to men of the flesh rather than of the Spirit.

        The system perpetuates itself. Their disciple's go directly into the management of the church or off to seminaries where the "hirelings" the Lord warned against are manufactured in great quanities.*

        The Word of God does not justify building seminaries. Religious leaders build them for the love of money and a desire for vain glory. Students pay huge sums for a religious education and are promised they will be ordained as pastors when they graduate. None of this is Biblical. When Christ calls true disciples, he does not charge them for their education, nor does he tell them when they will graduate. It is all based on merit. Neither does he provide air conditioned and heated class rooms for their comfort. Just as the disciples' lives were in danger along with the Lord in the first century so it is now as a true disciple preaches the Word of God in the public. Seminaries manufacture religious leaders but the holy Spirit equips Saints with the whole armor of God for the preaching of the Gospel.

        Do you see the ordination diploma hanging on the religious leader's wall? Do not let your eyes be deceived like most Churchmen and women. If he committed adultery last night or was busy embezzling Church funds, it would remain on his wall, and he would not hesitate to point to it as a credential. He is a hireling. He will flee when the wolf comes. What good are the teachings of religious leaders if they do not produce a spiritual man in themselves? The Lord said, "You will know them by their fruit,"* not by their ordination certificates.

        When John the Baptist paved the way for Christ, he saw religious leaders coming to his baptism and said to them: "O generation of vipers, who has warned you to flee from the wrath to come?" He clearly saw religious leaders as snakes concealed in the thick grass of religion where they poisoned the sheep. History repeats itself. Modern day religious leaders are another generation of vipers.

        What is the duty of a true Biblical Shepherd? Timothy, an anointed early Church pastor teacher, was told by the Apostle Paul. "I charge you therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom; preach the Word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. But watch in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist (publicly), make full proof of your ministry." (2 Timothy 4:1/5) Religious leaders in America do not reprove or rebuke their congregations neither do they exhort them with all longsuffering and doctrine to live holy lives. They are in the business of religion, looking upon the members of their congregation as though they were customers come to purchase their version of religion by the long term payment plan of making contributions to the collection plate. For that reason, religious leaders will not confront their congregations. They want their contributions.

        Religious leaders do not hesitate to advertise their church location on Church vehicles. They are running a religious business and are looking for more customers. Their primary concern is a packed house. Their motive is to please everyone so they'll keep coming back to put more money in the collection plates and to volunteer their time and energies for Church business. They are ear ticklers using "enticing words of men's wisdom." They entertain. They flatter. They do not want to know how you live your life, neither do they want you to know how they live their life. And they avoid if they can, any knowledge of financial needs in the congregation. They count the money in the collection plate as theirs in direct contradiction to the Word.*

        "The love of money" corrupts everything a religious leader does. Religious leaders do funerals for pay where they say nice things about the worst sinners. They perform marriages for pay without really knowing couples are founded on the Rock. They submit marriage documents to the State as though the government were ordained by God as the high Priest of the Church nationwide. They cater to the "deep pockets" in the congregation, promoting them whenever possible to gain financial favor with them. Their vision of building larger church buildings is motivated by a desire to increase their income.

        Religious leaders like to take up a pet doctrine to make themselves look good to their congregations and avoid the real issue of taking up the cross of Christ. The Apostle Paul wrote about it in his day when "circumcision" was their pet doctrine, saying: "As many as desire to make a fair show in the flesh, constain you to be circumcised; lest they should suffer persecution for the cross of Christ. For neither they themselves who are circumcised keep the law; but desire to have you circumcised, that they may glory in your flesh. But God forbid I should glory, except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I to the world. For IN CHRIST JESUS neither circumcision avails anything, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature." (Galatians 6:l2/l5) And what is the new creature, but the second man who is the Lord from heaven."* Any deteour from living and teaching the building of the new creature in Christ is another gospel.

        The Apostles were not like "many who corrupt the Word of God."* Corrupted doctrines in the Churches are endless: No man could name them all, but for an example; we are told in holy Scripture: "The fear of God "is taught by the precept of men."* It is common for religious leaders to say the fear of God is simply reverence. That notion is quickly proven wrong in Hebrews l2:28 where we are told: "Let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with REVERENCE AND GODLY FEAR: For our God is a consuming fire." Reverence and godly fear are not the same, yet both are needed to serve God. Reverence by itself would produce hypocrisy in a believer's life. "For by the fear of the LORD men depart from evil." *

        There are many other false and corrupted doctrines taught by religious leaders throughout America to where it has become nearly impossible for a believer to find a place to worship without becoming corrupted in doctrine as well as quenched by the church system. Religious leaders come out of Seminary with no real doctrinal convictions nor cross bearing experience. Their primary motive in what they teach is to please their congregations so they'll keep coming back to put money in the collection plates. Saint Paul labels this "ear tickling."* Religious leaders baptize for salvation rather than death of self as a means of their congregation avoiding the cross of Christ. They tell their congregations they are Spirit filled when in reality, Christians in the Churches of America are sin factories desperate to know the truth that sets us free. Religious leaders teach an escape from Tribulation rapture even though the cross of suffering and martyrdom is central to the Gospel. "Once Saved Always Saved" is a popular corruption suggesting believers can do anything they want once they have received Christ as their Saviour. Many religious leaders say Christ suffered for us, so we do not have to suffer for him and in doing so; they make themselves enemies of the cross of Christ.* The bottom line is, you are foolish dear believer to enter into the Churches in America to become polluted by religious leaders. "You suffer fools gladly."*


The conceptualization of why and how God's people are to gather has been lost down through the centuries. Dogmatic traditions of men dominate the minds of believers, producing the wrong environment for them to grow sprititually. Instead of a formal controlled environment, God's people need a "seek the Lord" atmosphere with freedom of movement and freedom of speech. Rituals need to be replaced by attempts at giving words of knowledge, words of wisdom, revelations, doctrines and tongues; all of the Spirit rather than of the flesh. The religious social club ought to be replaced by real "seek the Lord" fellowship in breaking bread daily house to house. Instead of pulpits and pews and buildings embellished with religious ornateness, the homes of believers ought to be sanctuaries. The people need to become the Church rather than the building commonly known today as "the Church." The collecting of funds ought to be for "the poor, the widow, the stranger and the Levite" as Moses said of the tithe rather than fund raising for the comfort of religious leaders who indulge in the Lord's tithes that do not belong to them. The vision of the mega-church ought to be displaced by the vision of the family of God growing up into Christ. The use of technology such as television, telephones and the Internet ought to be limited to absolute necessity only since the prince of the power of the air uses them to take believers captive at his will without their knowing it.

        Once the reader generally understands the difference between religious meetings and spiritual gatherings, you are on your way to breaking free from the chains of religion which have stunted your growth as a believer.

        During the early church revival, microphones had not yet been invented; but the Sons of thunder had no need for them. They like the Lord, could speak to a multitude without artificial amplification. Christ held the attention of thousands of listeners three days straight through while they all tarried on a mountainside before he miracously fed them out of concern they would faint in the desert heat upon returning to their homes. You can be sure the people had no difficulty in hearing God in Christ speak. The deception artificial amplification produces suggests the speaker is in the power of God. Artificial amplification also removes any need for individuals to build the thunderous sword of the Spirit in their mouth. One of the first things a public witness wants to do is buy a handheld amp or install an amplification system on their vehicle. These devices can be useful if you have already built the sword of the Spirit, but the use of such devices will work against your building the power of the Spirit in your mouth if you use them prematurely. This is just one more of many internal operational errors in the Church system in America today.

        Let's consider the pulpit. In Church meetings, the pulpit is where the speaker goes. It is where the pastor rules. Can you find the use of pulpits in the Bible? When Christ spoke in a synagogue, did you know he simply stood and read from a prophecy he fulfilled. There is no blueprint for Church meetings such as you find in America. The use of pulpits and now of amplification and other such furnishings such as Church pews, are the traditions of men. There is no mention of them in the Bible.

        When the watch you wear strikes twelve noon, the spirit of the world in the Church takes over and most Sunday services are soon dismissed so the congregation can go its separate ways. This is one of those universal practices taking place in all of the churches in America. Of course, some have established eleven o'clock and others twelve thirty or one o'clock for dismissal time. The point is, the holy Ghost is not free to move in believers who have a pre-established agenda.

        Furthermore, most church leaders do not know where their congregational members live, and seldom do congregational members know where their church leaders live. There are exceptions with smaller congregations and Churches in small towns. But throughout America, a spirit of unaccountability pervades the Churches. What do you suppose shephereds are doing if they are not watching over their sheep? And what do you suppose sheep are doing without a shepherd watching over them? They are all free to incline themselves to the things of the flesh and without others around them seeking the Lord, the thought does not occur to them they ought to be about the business of the Father. Everything the Churches in America do inclines the participants to worldliness. And "if the love of this world is in you, the love of God is not in you."*

        Let's go back inside the Sunday service and take a closer look. First and foremost, it is somewhat of a fashion parade, is it not? The men wear suits and ties and the women dress in their Sunday best. The Christian in America is more concerned with his outer appearance than the building of a new creature in Christ in his inner man. To make matters worse in this Sunda fashion parade, the dress code has sunk into the gutter over the past couple of decades with women displaying their bosoms and all of the other decadance of American fashions showing up on the doorsteps of the Churches. Piercings, artificially colored hair, tatooes and so on. When Dr. Gene Scott was alive, his tv program featured a front row with what appeared to be professional models displaying their bosoms immodestly. His camera men panned the front row regularly throughout the show to bait listeners to stay tuned. Far better for believers to dress casually and be about the business of the Father than to dress up for the Devil's show.

        Believers leave their freedom of speech and freedom of movement at the door of American churches. They are told to "Sit down. Stand up. And "You're dismissed now." The collection plate is in and religious leaders want to be free to do their fleshy thing. Where in the Bible do you see a congregation dismissed? A spirituall congregation ought to come together to "seek the Lord" and not cease til they have no more strength or time personally to go on seeking the Lord.

        Church meetings in America have become a religious theatre with the program already planned in the Church bulletin. Rituals like holy Communion have been robbed of their proper spiritual use to become part of the ritualistic Church play. Yet Saint Paul made it clear to anyone with an open Bible. "When you all come together, this is not to take the Lord's supper."*

        Women are allowed to talk in the Churches and teach and some even lead congregations in America. These practices are all contrary to the Bible blueprint for the Church. By violating the Word of God in any way, men and women cannot expect to attain to higher spiritual ground? Even when you do not understand the Word of God, you ought to obey it. The practices of the Churches in America say they are wiser than the counsel of God in the Bible, but the lack of fruit of the Spirit and of spiritual understanding among believers says they are foolish.

        Even in the early Church revival before all of these dogmatic practices came into being, Saint Paul reproved one Church saying: "You suffer fools gladly."* "Lean not on your own understanding."* The ways of God are not the ways of man. Right from the beginning, new believers are corrupted, not only by the religious environment, and by corrupt doctrines, but water baptisms are often done for initial salvation now rather than for an attitude of death of self in the participants, and nearly every believer has come to believe they received all the spirit they will ever need in the baptism of the holy Ghost.

        When prayers are made at the altar calls in Church meetings, people are expected to fall down in the Spirit. If you don't fall down, it will appear God is not interested in you or that you have sinned so much, the power of the pastor's anointed touch is unable to do you any good. Yet no such practice exists in holy Scripture. Falling down in the Spirit is just one of many acts in the religious play going on in American church meetings. It reaches its ultimate madness in the Benny Hinn show where he knocks participants with his anointed jacket. God's people have become so accustomed to religious theatre, they hardly notice anything wrong with such spectacles.

        Another of many wrong practices is "hand holding" in group prayers. Consider carefully the consequence of holding hands with strangers in an American Church service. Do you have any idea what they might have done with their hands before coming to the Church meeting? Some committed adultery. Some fornication. Some embezzlement, and so on. And you are holding hands with them to pray to the holy LORD and God of the universe??? No such practice exists in holy Scripture.

        You should have the idea by now. A massive book would be needed to identify every transgression of the blueprint for the Church to meet spiritually, but this document ought to suffice. You have the holy Book. Now, when you read it; read with a searching eye for what you really ought to be doing to establish a "seek the Lord" habit. Anything that interferes with your seeking the Lord is not God's blueprint for the Church.

        The Lord warned of false prophets and false teachers in the end times. There is an alarming increase in vain visions and flattering divinations in the Churches. We are rapidly coming to the cycle where true prophets will be killed and false prophets will multiply. "That which has been shall be."* History repeats itself in cycles.

        Everyone has heard of the Dark Ages where the Bible was kept in Latin from the languages of the people and only the priests were allowed to access the Word of God. Now everyone in America rich or poor can obtain a version of a Bible, and each version disagrees with other versions so not only is the Word of God so confused few can find it; it is so confused few can discuss it; for they quote from one version and those they are addressing quote from another. So it is we have entered into the Dark Ages again where the Bible is kept from the people, and only religious leaders are supposed to understand it.

        Confusion reigns in the Churches in America with so many versions of what God is saying to his people, that God appears to be in disagreement with himself. God says one thing in one version and yet another thing in another version. So it should be clear to believers everywhere that they have been defrauded. But God's people have bought the lie. They believe the versions of the Bible are helpful and tend to respect them all. Increasingly, the one translation that a man died for so we could have the Word of God in our language, is less and less available in religious book stores today. The King James Authorized Version of 1611.

        The corrupt religious practices of the Churches in America have succeeded in bringing God's people low, dear Christian. Do not rush into your beloved Church thinking you can cure them now that the truth has been revealed to you. This is not your ministry. What the Lord would have you do, is work on you. Build holy habits. Take your observations to the secrecy of your prayer closet. Pray the devout will become disciples and disciples will become Saints. Pray the prayers you find in the Bible. They are perfect. Avoid entangling yourself in the snares of religion. God did not authorize you to form a religious organization no matter how small in size or great in intent. Offer up the sacrifice of praise continually and prayers without ceasing. Your duty is to grow spiritually. You the Church. Out of you ought to come preaching and praise and prayers. May God Almighty help you mightily. Amen.


        The first thing you need to know about the vast enterprise of the Church in America, is that God never told his people to put up houses of religion everywhere. What they have done is a repetition of what the Jews did in Israel before the time of Christ. They built synagogues everywhere. There is little difference between a church building and a synagogue. Both represent religion. Both are expensive to put up. Both use God's money. Both become institutions passing on dogmatic practices from generation to generation to where newcomers to the faith that is in God suppose they were established by some kind of Scriptural blueprint or by divine inspiration. And both produce enemies of the cross of Christ.

        It was in the synagogues of the first century that Christ met fierce opposition. The members of one synagogue wanted to throw him over a cliff to his death, but he walked through them as though he were made only of Spirit and they could not get their hands on him.* The religious leaders of the day fought the Lord verbally in the streets and tried to exclude him from the temple of God * where he threw out the money changers for making his Father's house a den of thieves. "By what authority do you do these things?" "If will tell you bywhat authority I do them if you tell me, Was John a prophet?"*

        Readers will say, "You can't be talking about my Church when you say the Churches produce enemies of the cross of Christ." "My Church is on fire for God. We give to missions. We support orphanages. We feed the homeless." Yes, your Church is about its worldly business of attracting more people into the congregation to put more money into the collection plates, but when are you going to become spiritually minded? What you need dear believer is to study to show yourself approved of God so the Lord will see you are ready to be called to his cross where you can crucify the affections and lusts of your flesh and become a partaker of his divine nature. Does that sound good to you?

        "No Sir, it doesn't. Christ died for us once and for all at Calvary."

        Ahhh, there is the problem. You have become expert along with your religious leaders at making excuses for not taking up the cross of Christ to labor for God. Hypocrisy is the fruit of the Christian religion and its corrupt practices. You have no idea how "deceitful and desperately wicked" your heart is, and do not wish to participate with the Spirit in becoming transformed into a new creature in Christ.

        "Oh but Sir, I am already a new creature in Christ. All my kin and my neighbors say so."

        Ahhh, are your kin and your neighbors experts in the Word of God.


        So how is it they know what is meant by a new creature in Christ in holy Scripture?

        "They don't need to know the Bible. They can see my life has changed."

        I get it. You think making changes in your life proves you are a new creature in Christ. Saint Peter is a new creature in Christ. He walked on water and the sick were healed in his shadow. Saint Paul was a murderer of Christians and became a miracle worker too, and a teacher of the Church down through the centuries. They are new creatures in Christ. They no longer walk in the darkness of their own selves, but in the Spirit of Christ.

        "Well I guess there is more I could do to become a new creature."

        You're beginniing to catch on. As long as you feed on the leavened bread of religious dogma, you do so to your own hurt and those you influence. There are warnings in holy Scripture for you to watch out for the leaven of religious leaders. "A little leaven, leavens the whole lump."* Instead of growing in the truth that sets you free, you allowed yourself to be led into the bondage of religion.

        "But Sir, I am rooted and grounded in the Church just like the Scripture says. How can you say I am leavened?"

        The Apostle Paul clearly states in the New Testament that we should be "rooted and built up" in Christ, "and established in the faith,..."* He did not say "rooted and built up" in the Church. The gatherings of the Church are for seeking the Lord in a Spirit of spontaneous preaching, praise and prayer for edification and for the reading of holy teachings such as you have here before your eyes. God does not supply a Pastor for every congregation that calls itself a Church. That is a presumption practiced in every Church in America except for the Jehovah Witness cult.

        "Okay, I' m leavened and I've gotten used to it, like you said earlier. In fact I like things just the way they are. Are you saying we are all going to go to hell because we are lukewarm?"

        Let the Lord answer your question. He said, "I would you would be hot or cold. If you are lukewarm, I will spit you out."*

        "Yes, but what does he mean?"

        You have already been warned, "Where there is no vision, the people perish." Are you ready to die a horrible death outside of the power of God to overcome it when you like Stephen the Martyr and Christ could die in a perfect state?

        "Of course, anyone in their right mind would want to be able to overcome persecutors and death itself. But is that all I gain for all the work it appears I will have to do to become holy like the prophets and apostles?"

        Oh no, those who study to show themselves approved of God, and who diligently take up the cross of a living sacrifice in Christ can expect to become partakers of the divine nature, of the unsearchable riches of the Lord. There in the perfect state of oneness with God at times, you will store up treasures in your heavenly bank account that will guarantee your wealth forever.

        "I think you are well researched and have good intentions, but how can you be of the Lord when Pastor Chuck Smith has established hundreds of Churches and Robert Schuler has pioneered a new concept in Church services and both have many thousands more listening to them than you do?"

        They build the visible Church but "God is not mocked, a man will surely reap what he has sown."* Choose this day whom you shall serve.


        Churches are rich and increased in goods and think they have need of nothing.* You need to grow up into Christ. God Almighty never said you were to obey the church you attend with your attendance there counting as a commitment to obey their chain of command. This was not said to encourage you to rebel flesh wise but to encourage you to be unentangled with the church you attend, so you can spend more time studying to show yourself approved of God in obedience to the holy Word of God.

        The condition we are speaking of was warned against in book of Revelation prophecies where God's people are counselled to "BUY GOLD TRIED IN THE FIRE."*

        Do you see growing decadence and violence in America? God's people are supposed to be the restraining force against wickedness.* When moral restraints are loosened too much in any society, sinfulness multiplies.

        The document before you is a Biblical analysis of what the Church is doing wrong so you can avoid the many snares draining God's people of the spiritual growth necessary to attain to the Light and power to do its duty righteously. At the same time, you will need to replace religious behaviour with holy habits. You are the Church.* Out of you should come preaching, praise and prayer. You are a temple designed for the Lord to visit interiorly. "You are not your own, you were bought with a price."*

SCRIPTURES QUOTES OR PARAPHRASED FROM THE TOP DOWN: 1 Corinthians 1:1/2 (apostleship was a calling), Psalm 103:7, 1 Corinthians 4:1, Psalm 101:6, Psalms 103:7 (ways of the Lord), Saint John 6:63, Saint John Chapter 10 (warning against hirelings), galatians 5:19 (those who walk in the Spirit do not fulfill the lust of the flesh.),