1a. EXPERTS: Experts are a dime a dozen. You probably have one living next door.

1b. EXPERTS: When the Media has someone come on the air to give an opinion, they call them an Expert to generate more credibility among viewers for their broadcast.

1c. PHILOSOPHY: I think not, therefore I am.

2. ISRAEL: The Middle East controversy over Israel's right to exist rage on until Christ returns in the glory of God to let the world know He will rule the world through Israel.

3. WICKEDNESS: The whole world lies in wickedness and no man can overthrow it. Just go to the graves of the Kennedys and ask them.

4. PERFECTION: Those who think perfection in Christ is free, ...will find the cross of a living sacrifice waiting to sanctify them in all their ways in the world to come.

5. RELIGION: Great men who build churches, cathedrals, seminaries, television stations or hospitals for God...build temporary works, while the kingdom built within is forever.

6. HAPPINESS: Once the devout and holy enters into the realm of the Perfection of Christ, happiness outside of the divine nature is hard to find.

7. THE GLORY of God is a far greater experience than the glory of this world.

8. FRIENDSHIP is a treasure hidden in the Perfection of Christ in us when we shall all be like him, then we shall all be friends forever.

9. FRIENDSHIP: Outside of Christ the potential for a perfect friendship diminishes the less the Lord is loved and increases the more He is loved.

10. SUCCESS should measured by how obedient you always are to God rather than by how much fame or wealth you attain to.

11a. ENLIGHTENMENT: The bitterness of enlightenment is seeing the desperately wicked and deceitful hearts of others toward yourself knowing they are blind to it, thus the Lord prayed: "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do."

11b. ENLIGHTENMENT: The goodness of enlightenment is the knowledge every believer will eventually become wise enough to appreciate your Light in the world to come.

12. RELIGION: If all of the religious leaders of the world were gathered in one place, they couldn't tell you who God is.

XX. EARTH: We are all passengers on the space ship earth with a pilot and crew so few can see.

14. ABORTION: Life appears to be sexually transmitted, but God shaped you in the womb and breathed life into you, so life has been God transmitted from the Garden of Eden to this day and only a fool would destroy a baby He is shaping in the womb.

15. WEALTH: You are owned by what you own, therefore be austere lest you become a slave to your possessions.

16. CREATION: God created everyone including Atheists.

17. SIN haunts us whether we're sorry for them or not, so don't sin or they will chase you to the end of your days.

18. BUSINESS: Love your neighbor as much as you love yourself translates into giving your customers the kind of service you would like to receive.

19a. WAR: Humanity is being used of Satan to develop nuclear powered weapons to help him fight Christ in the glorious second coming when the Lord of glory conquers the earth.

20. ISLAM is one of Satan's armies.

20b. RELIGION: All of the other unbiblical religions of the world are Satanic, promising life while leading their adherents into hell.

21. PARADISE is hidden in the divine nature of God.

22. A DEMOCRACY is only as good as the people in it.

23. REPROBATES whose hands refuse to work are already dead among the living.

24. BUSINESS: Design your product for the good of the people then do what you can to get it into the marketplace.

25. WEALTH: What good is it to become a billionaire when you can eat only one hamburger at a time?

26. VIRTUE: Beautiful women are a work of art but holy women are a work of virtue.

27a. AUSTERITY simply means you do not want to gather more than you might need for you and yours in this lifetime.

27b. WAYFARING: Take up the cross of a living sacrifice daily and you will find the doors to the churches locked tight where-ever you go in America.

27c. WAYFARING: When a wayfaring man shows up to worship in the congregations, pastors will preach against him knowing he is living the gospel the way it should be lived.

28. SINS: The older you get, the more the way you lived is written on your countenance.

29. RETIREMENT: I have seen old men wandering about with nothing to do in their retirement and am amazed they never found any real purpose in life but to work for a paycheck.

29b. RETIREMENT: If you don't have anything to do, there are plenty of charities where you will find it more blessed to give than to receive.

30. POLITICIANS are so busy with their agenda's they are blind to the public good.

31. WRITING: People use big words to make themselves look intelligent when they have no message, but writers use plain speech when explaining the truth.

32a. PESTILENCE: Too bad the mosquito hasn't become an endangered species, but if it was; you can be sure an environmental group would arise to protect it.

32b. PESTILENCE: The biggest pest of all has to be the fly. Instead of worrying about the possibility of global warming, why don't we have an International convention to eradicate it?

33. IMMORTALITY: There is probably no greater error among the churches than the notion believers will become immortal like God.

34. TECHNOLOGY: Voice mails, text messaging, emails, cassettes and video's know no fear.

35. SOLITUDE is a friend of mine. It is there I am able to fellowship with God.

36. DEMON OPPRESSION: Madmen fly into rages where the storm within is so great they cannot hear the devil urging them on.

37. PERFECTION: Nothing is finished until it is perfect.

38. ART: The ugliest of art can sell for astronomical prices when it has gained renown for something having nothing to do with its artistic value.

39. ART: The artist is someone who never allowed the fires of their creativity to be put out.

40. LOVE: One thing humanity has in common is the desire to be loved and praised in whatever we are doing.

41. COMMITTMENT: If you want to be great at what you are doing, you have to be obsessed with it.

42. CREATION: There is no greater art than creation, so how could it be an accident?

43. ARCHAEOLOGISTS take great pleasure in robbing graves and treasures the dead have stored up for their hopes of life in a world to come, and no nation should ever permit anyone to dig them up.

44. IQ: Anyone with a learning disability needs instruction to live a normal life before they develop their own hard to break bad habits and attitudes.

45a. CORRUPTION: Degenerative art is a reflection of the people it entertains.

45b. CORRUPTION: A nation legalizing degenerative art is degenerative.

46. BUSINESS: When was the last time you did business with a corporation that personally held itself accountable to you to solve the problems you were having with the services they promised?

47. WEALTH: Billionaires are fully capable of going to sleep and waking up with gains or losses in the millions of dollars and it effects them emotionally.

48. BUSINESS: Any business not growing is falling behind the ever increasing cost of doing business.

49. GOVERNMENT: If you invite the government into your business, you'll find it difficult to get them to leave.

50. CRIME: Crime does pay in this world. Just ask Bernie Madoff's wife.

51. GOVERNMENT: Don't ever get behind on your taxes unless you want to taste tyranny.

52a. COMPUTERS: Very few want anything to do with me in my old age and afflictions but my computer doesn't mind my company at all.

52b. COMPUTERS: My computer and I get along real good. In fact I turn it on.

52c. COMPUTERS: My computer knows more than I do but I am smarter than it.

53. OMNIPOTENCE: God is present throughout the day and in my dreams too.

54. EDUCATION: Life is a classroom for those with a healthy appetite for knowledge, but those who do not desire to know the truth are playing hooky from life.

55. EDUCATION: An education without God is fraudulently designed by the Devil to destroy the soul.

56. EQUALITY: All men are not created equal by their Creator nor in the eyes of the law; but it's a noble notion.

57. FEMINISM: Women demand equality but as soon as there's war it is evident they are not equal.

58a. POVERTY: Few of the rich know how to live like the impoverished, nor do they want to learn; and few of the impoverished know how to live like the rich; but they'll be glad to try.

58b. SALVATION: There are two paths: One leads into the Light while the other leads into the blackness of darkness. Take your choice!

59. FAITH is the virtue you grow by obedience to God, perfecting it in the Spirit of Christ.

60. FORGIVENESS frees you to move on with a pure heart to what God will show you to do next, but unforgiveness drive people toward vengeance.

61a. THE 2ND COMING: When the Lord returns He will dissolve all of the works of mankind and we will start over again without the Devil influencing what we do.

61b. THE MILLENIUM: Believers in this world are looking forward to streets of gold to walk on, but I am looking forward to streets of dirt where I can walk barefoot and enjoy the earth beneath my feet.

61c. THE MILLENIUM: "The meek shall inherit the earth and delight themselves in the abundance of peace." We only go to heaven after death to await the Resurrection.

61d. THE MILLENIUM: The earth is the promised land for Gentiles while Israel is the promised land for the Jewish people, and they deserve it. I don't see you over there fighting for it.

61e. THEOLOGIANS: So you think you're a theologian, do you? Just how much of the Bible have you lived?

62. GOVERNMENT: God has allowed mankind to attempt to govern itself just to prove to everyone it can't be done.

63. THE WORLD TRADE TOWERS would have been knocked down anyway in The Great Shaking of the whole world. Ben Laden just got there first.

64. FILMMAKING: The film industry has been the greatest birth control pill ever invented.

65. HISTORY: He who has the money and expertise to make the movie gets to rewrite history his way.

66. HISTORY: God drives history like you drive a car.

67. BUILT IN OBSOLESCENCE means workers have to replace inferior products, putting in longer hours to keep the public supplied.

68. MEMORY: Nations are forgetful. Americans are not mindful the statue of liberty was a gift from France nor are Europeans mindful America helped them rebuild after they were devastated in World War II. The Japanese tend to remember Nagasaki and Hiroshima rather than MacArthur helping them establish the constitutional democracy by which they are governing themselves today.

69. NOISE POLLUTION: Apartment dwellings are habitations of noise pollution, intrusiveness and tyranny but if you are buying your own home you are not safe there either.

70. INDIANS: The American Indian is a cultural trophy who does not know how to live like his ancesters, and in many instances he has not yet learned to live like an American either.

71. HISTORY: God is the A and the Z. History is His story.

72. HUMOR: Of course, there is humor in heaven! There is no-one in all the Universe more witty than the Lord.

73. HUMOR: Humor gets good results when the truth is spoken spontaneously in an unexpected way in context with what is happening.

74. PERCEPTIONS: Some see a rock pile cluttering the land while others see building materials .

75. IMAGINATION has its limitations.

76a. VIRTUE is the greatest of all knowledge while inspiration is the highest intelligence for the moment.

76b. VIRTUE: What good is knowledge without virtue?

77a. THE ANOINTING: The truely anointed person will appear to be eccentric like the madman on the other end of the spectrum; and people have difficulty discerning between the two.

77b. THE ANOINTING: God's people want the Lord's anointed to be normal like them, so they prefer counterfeits over the real thing.

77c. JESUS was not normal like ordinary men; he is normal like God in the form of a man.

78. IQ: The public is vulnerable to the Hawking's who gain reputations for having a higher knowledge they don't possess.

79. TIME TRAVEL: Steven Hawking cannot get out of his wheelchair but he wants you to believe it will be posible with a Time Machine to visit Marilyn Monroe modeling or Galileo performing his gravity experiment by going into the past.

80. TIME TRAVEL is already in existence. When you die and go to heaven or hell, you will be with multitudes from the past, present and ultimately from the future.

81. GOLD: Were gold common the streets would not be paved with it. Its too easily damaged, so God must know something man doesn't know or there wouldn't be streets of gold in heaven.

82. SIN: Help in the fight against cancer. Quit sinning.

83. IQ: If we measure genius by whether or not someone is a Nobel Prize winner, then we have to ask how brilliant the selection committee is and how they were selected?

84. When a CHILD PRODIGY amazes the world, people shouldn't presume the child has superior intelligence. God Almighty deposits a tremendous capacity for knowledge in every healthy child. If you nourish your children wisely and virtuously, you will bring forth the genius in them.

85a. CHILD PRODIGIES: Laszlo Polgar raised his three daughters to play chess competitively and two of them became grand masters not in sports, politics or science but at chess.

85b. CHILD PRODIGIES: Look what Ricky Skaggs could do musically at the age of seven.

86. CHILD PRODIGIES: Mozart was a wonder child musically. He was born into a family of musical performers.

87. FOCUS: If you are living in the past or dreaming of the future, you are not fully here now.

88. IQ: An IQ test can no more measure your intelligence than a barometer can take your temperature.

89. IQ: If William James Sidas was the smartest man on the earth, why did he die young?

90. PREDESTINATION: If you are still alive, God isn't done with you yet.

91. HELL: There would be no hell if there was no sin.

92. COVETOUSNESS: As long as you want what belongs to others, you will make yourself miserable.

93. POVERTY: One of the big differences between the rich and the poor is they don't have to stand in line as much as the poor do.

94. WAR: Men think war will be a glorious adventure until they get embroiled in hostilities and can't get out.

95. HAPPINESS: The older and more miserable a sinner gets, the less chance there is happiness will pay them a rare visit.

96. LOVE: Watch out for the woman who says she loves you out of a need for you to bear her burdens. When she is financially independent, she will need you no more.

97. LOVE: There are those who have no love to give to anyone while confusing their lust and coveteousness for love.

98. SEX is a skill few ever develop beyond the basics.

99. SEX: If you stop to take your shoes off in the middle of sex you may as well leave them on.

100. SEX requires continuity. As soon as continuity is breached, the sensitivity you needed for ecstacy may be gone til the next time.

101. SEXUAL PERVERTS like to think they are better at sex, but there is no greater pleasure than godly love between a husband and wife who know how to love each other sensually with skill.

102. SEXUAL PERVERSIONS: destroy the conscience and ultimately the soul.

103. CHILD MOLESTERS: It is impossible for the pure of heart to understand how an adult with an impure heart could ever touch a child sexually. Its something a normal person wouldn't consider appropriate.

104. JUSTICE: When a whorish woman trecherously leaves her husband, that's bad enough. If the Judge tells him he must slave to support her so she won't have to work, and she is given custody of the children too; justice is mocked and the man's life is destroyed financially.

105. PROPHECY: We live in THE LAST DAYS where many lovers have no natural affection for each other nor do they know they are lacking it.

106. A FOOL does not know he is a fool.

107. MARRIAGE; One of the great tragedies of marriage takes place when the wife tries to change the husband into the image of other men she admires and succeeds in making him into something he's not.

108. ENTERTAINMENT: Very few film makers will be welcome in heaven.

109. ENTERTAINMENT: The greater beauties of music are the emotional expressions put into the sounds of it.

110. FAITH: Fighting the good fight is a just and worthy cause worth dying for, so why choose a lesser path if you are free to take up your cross and follow Jesus where-ever he leads you?

111. EVOLUTION: The earth spins a thousand miles an hour in an orderly orbit carrying billions of human passengers safely and atheists want us to believe it's an accident.

112. EVOLUTION: The supposed abilities of Paleoanthropologists to diagnose millions of years of history from a fragmented skull dug from the ground is going to be about as accurate as a bowler reading the future from their bowling ball.

113. EVOLUTION: I'm sure glad there is no homo erectus in my ancestry but if Philip Rightmire insists he's descended from the apes, he should live among them since he is unfit to live among humanity.

114. EDUCATION: Warning sinners about going to hell is almost of no use anymore, since they are taught from their youth up we invented hell to terrorize them into believing a fairy tale so we could control them.

115. SCIENCE: Paleoanthropologists working for National Geographics don't need much in the way of evidence to prove their continuing arguments for Evolution from their digs since they are already convinced of what cannot be proved.

116. MYSTERIES: There are dead stones and living stones. Which one are you?

117. WARS tell us mankind will never achieve perpetual global peace without God governing us.

118. HISTORY records the rise and fall of nations, its wars and their leaders, but as to the quality of life, historians are able to say very little because they weren't there.

119. ENTERTAINMENT: There are performers in this present generation who would have been committed to an insane asylum in previous generations.

120. ENTERTAINMENT: The loyalty of secular fans is so degenerative, if they find out you are a believer in Christ, they will stop buying your merchandise.

121. POVERTY: The abundance of laws in America seem to be directed not only at orderliness in society but at keeping the poor fenced into poverty.

122. CORRUPTION: The wickedness of big banks in America was rewarded generously by billions of dollars of free money their victims suffering from foreclosures should have received.

123. ICONS: The impotent Dali Lama lost Tibet and became an international celebrity, but a man who loses his wallet considers himself a fool for not being more careful.

124. RELIGION: When one believer challenges another to a debate, it is disobedience to the command to "Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind." There is no time to waste on theological debates while millions are falling into hell every day.

125. JUSTICE: When have you ever heard of a Donald Trump or Bill Gates in small claims court?

125b. JUSTICE is not served by court appointed attorneys who work for the court.

126. In POLITICS today it will be necessary to deceive the electorate or George Washington couldn't get elected.

127. POLITICAL campaigns cost so much money, the poor are disenfranchised from campaigning while the rich who have need of nothing run the country with little concern for the needy.

128. RELIGION: The existence of so much diversified religion in America suggests to sinners we are not all inspired, and they are right.

129. WICKEDNESS: It is very foolish for the wicked to mock God while enjoying his grace. What will they do when He withdraws it?

130a. ATHEISTS: There is no such thing as positive Atheism. The positive cable to their faith battery is disconnected so their spiritual engine can't start.

130b. ATHEISTS are bankrupt. The wages of sin they deposit in the bank are death.

131. ATHEISTS call God and nature cruel if he exists. If God does not exist dear atheist; why do you bother making a case against Him?

131. ATHEISTS claim God created criminals, yet the police are not waiting with guns drawn for babies to exit from their Mother's wombs so they can arrest them.

132. ATHEISTS complain when God allows a deformed child to come into the world, thus making themselves more righteous than God. Be careful what you do during your pregnancy Mothers and your children should be healthy.

133a. THE WICKED want to take away our freedom of speech so we cannot remind them hell will be their reward if they don't repent.

133b. HELL: If you mention hell to the wicked once, you have mentioned it too many times.

134. ATHEISTS: When the Atheist falls into the bottomless pit, he thrashes about kicking, screaming, threatening and cursing God whom he said he did not believe in, and soon realizes no-one is listening. Meanwhile the blackness of darkness encloses him with iron chains he cannot break from his mind and hot flames burn him up with torments forever.

135. ATHEISTS demand to know what right believers have to speak of hellfire and damnation and we answer them saying, "What right do we have to not warn you of the wrath to come?"

136. ATHEISTS complain of being provoked with fear when hell is mentioned, and they resent it; but were they to repent, they would no longer have to worry about it.

137. ATHEISTS say they are free thinkers while imprisoned in the darkness of their own minds.

138. EVOLUTION: Darwin was the greatest enemy of God every born. His poison will kill you if you swallow it.

139. ATHEISM: If there was no hell to silence them, the Lord would have to listen to them run their mouths forever.

140. PACIFISTS: There's no need to be concerned with Yoko Ono's politics. She's in the Lennon business.

141. GRIDLOCK: When in gridlock in traffic, you're experiencing a recession but when your radiator overheats and explodes, you're in a depression.

142a. MADMEN: Of all the madmen I have ever listened to, Norman Finkelstein is a Jew opposing Israel in the Media regularly with unbelievably irrationale expertise saying, "Hitler didn't want to go to war."

142b. MADMEN: Since Finkelstein likes to associate with murderering Muslim terrorists, it wouldn't surprise me to hear they have beheaded him in the name of their god.

142c. MADMEN: Finkelstein apparently loves attention at any cost. He certainly is doing an awfully wonderful job of succeeding at being despised.

143. OMNIPOTENCE: The world is a puppet show God puts on for himself every day.

144. SPORTS are universal. Anyone can enjoy them irregardless of what language they speak.

145: SPORTS require a lot more knowledge, discipline and skill than most players realize, that's why so many never excel.

146a. You will never be successful if you fail to prepare for success in the perfect world to come.

146b. If you are not perfected yet, your victories are not perfect either; so any allusion to success is premature.

147. TECHNOLOGY dehumanizes users into interacting with totally unemotional and unconcerned machines rather than with people who may be capable of love and affection.

148. TIME: When the devout enter into oneness with God, they experience timelessness in the Spirit as long as they are able to remain in the anointing.

149. TIME: God invented time when he created life.

150. TIME: The whole world is entering into the future at the same rate of time.

151. TIME: God is not subject to time. Imagine Him falling behind in the management of the universe He created and finding it necessary to suspend its operation like a mechanic who pulls his car over to the side of the highway to work on it. What would you do if you suddenly discovered gravity was turned off and you floated away like a helium balloon?

152. PERFECTION: God cannot fall behind in anything He does.

153. PERFECTION: It is impossible for God to do anything imperfect.

154. PERFECTION: It is impossible for God Almighty to fail, unless he wants to; then he will do it perfectly.

155. WAR: General Westmoreland came back from Viet Nam with excuses for losing the war, but there is no excuse for it. When the enemy is hiding in the jungle, cut the jungle down.

156. WAR: Mankind cannot put an end to war as long as the Devil goes about seeking whom he may devour.

157. WAR is an adventure some get involved in until they realize its not fun anymore.

158. GOD is perfect Love and is justified in perfectly loving Himself, but man is corrupt and when he sets his love on himself, he does so corruptly. Set your love on God who is Perfect so you can attain to his perfect love in you.

159. THE GREATNESS OF GOD is far beyond human perception like the Universe he spoke into existence with incomprehensible power and infinite understanding, so we cannot grasp Him inhabiting eternity.

160. DISCIPLINE: When I was a youngster strangers corrected my unruliness with a good stern word, or caught me in my sins and corrected me with kindness; now when I try to deal with out of control youngsters they call the police.

161. You will never be so strong, so wise, so resourceful, so rich you don't need others.

162. Someone with no love in their heart is not sensitized to their wrongdoing, and will easily become offended when it is brought to their attention while someone with love in their heart wants to know when they have done wrong so they can correct it.

163. Unarmed British police greatly err in attempting to control Muslim mobs breathing threatenings and illegal hate speeches when they are afraid to arrest the evildoers.

164. ELDERLY ABUSE: When your health fails, it comes unannounced along with the bullyings of people whereever you go; and you find yourself trapped defenselessly in a perpetual state of vulnerability - realizing elderly abuse has become your companion with no provision in the law for you to carry a gun - to defend against attackers from whom you cannot run or fight.

165. NOISE POLLUTION is the companion of technology and has come to be accepted as a way of life, so anyone who attempts to manage noise is considered a complainer, yet we are talking about quality of life and everyone should work together to reduce noise pollution

166. NOISE POLLUTION is so common, the current generation of chaotic souls has to have noise to relax.

167. HOMELESSNESS: We spend huge amounts of national resources housing astronaunts in Space Shuttles flying into the nowhereland of the solar system while multitudes are without housing here in what people are saying is the greatest nation on the earth.

168. TECHNOLOGY manufactures idle time for the work force it could use for better pursuits than partying.

169. WAR: The Lord of glory will return to conquer the earth, and the Devil knows his supernatural power is insufficient to win the victory so he is inspiring supernaturalized weapons of warfare for his use in that day.

170. PRIDE: Technology has generated an Age of specialists with the knowledge to work in their speciality while the remainder of society knows little or nothing about it, so gross ignorance of the masses is the companion of technological advances; yet people have the audacity to become puffed up with egotistical pride over their little portion of know-how.

171: FREEDOM: We are born into the most luxurious freedom a nation has ever known and are blind to enslavement to spiritual darkness in our souls.

172. GRAMMER: Love is an active verb blessing a well deserved noun with just the right adjectives.

173. MUSLIMS have no inward witness from God as we do in the kingdom growing within us; so they feel the need to be noticed praying to make them feel like they are holy.

174. ADAM AND EVE had many disadvantages, but the principle one was they missed growing up.

175. ADAM AND EVE awakened into spiritual Perfection without knowing good and evil, so they had no idea of the price we would all have to pay for their disobedience.

176. EDUCATION: The best education I ever got in school was with the whip.

177. CHRISTMAS: The problem with Christmas is Santa Claus who is not the same yesterday, today and forever.

178. THE SUPREME COURT has ruled there can be no nativity scene in Washington D.C. Talk about throwing out the baby with the dirty bathwater.

178b. JESUS is not welcome in our nation's capital, so who do you think will not be welcome in heaven?

179. CREATION: Aren't you glad you don't have to pay the fuel bill to keep the earth orbiting?

180. The SCIENTIST hasn't been invented yet who can calculate the fuel needed for the sun to burn as a star in our Solar System.

181. REAL ESTATE: The earth belongs to the Lord yet real estate people market it and nations establish boundaries where there were none.

182. GRIDLOCK: Instead of building more and more highways, we need to restrain Detroit from producing so many vehicles.

183. There is no FREEDOM OF RELIGION in America outside of religious institutions unless you fight for it.

184. UNITY: If there ever was unity in the United States, there certainly is no unity now.

185. MANNERS: When someone walking toward you says "Excuse me" commandingly, they are not asking you to let them through politely, they are announcing you need to get out of their way.

186. MANNERS: American drivers are trigger happy with their horns and forgetful they have brakes when someone pulls out in front of them.

187. COUNSELLERS: People like to give advice, but are seldom willing to accept responsibility when their counsel fails.

188. THE WORD OF GOD in your Bible is eternal, so you are not understanding it correctly if you think "Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Christ" is no longer applicable in His Thousand Year Reign.

189. DIMENSIONS: The secrets of wisdom are double what is, so you who look upon the appearance of things and think you see it all; and are missing another dimension of reality altogether.

190. THE BIBLE: The author of confusion has provided numerous paraphrases of the Bible packaged as translations and if you buy the lie, supposing them easier to understand; you'll not come to a knowledge of the truth.

191. Most of the TERRORISTS who have come into the world murder innocent people as a way to wealth and power, but the Ben Laden's who actually believe they are serving God are the most dangerous of all.

192. DICTATORSHIPS are capable of multiplying the power of life and death down the chain of command, making their idealogy very popular with those empowered by it

193. OBEDIENCE: Go with all your might where you see God wants you to go and when you're right, He'll give you the victory if you merit it.

194. THE ANOINTING: Where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in their midst; so Shadrack, Meshack and Abindego were joined by the Lord in the fiery furnance as they worshiped him and while his anointing is upon you "nothing by any means shall hurt you."

195. TERRORISTS are serial killers with a worldwide orgnization backing them everywhere they go so Ben Laden could be a clean shaven taxi driver in New York City.

196. CREATION: God gives the birds their songs and the lions their roars so you can be sure he can make any sound you have ever heard and he can teach a man to whistle so beautifully with such great skill the birds are astounded.

197. IMMORTALITY: If God made you as Perfect as He is in every way perpetually, you would be a little god; but you are far from Perfection.

198. IMMORTALITY: Many of you say you are little gods but are not on the infinite path to becoming as Perfect as God in every possible way, so why do you deceive yourselves and others?

199. GRACE: God perceives the inability of his creatures to be as wise, all knowing, all powerful and Perfect in every way as He is....so there is grace; for your inabilities.

200. The MERCY of God will endure forever and you being capable of error forever will forever be in need of mercy.

201. SANCTIFICATION: People wouldn't make New Year's Resolutions if they didn't want to improve themselves and the quality of their life; but the power to do so is in the Light of the Lord.

202. LEARNING: Life is the classroom we are all in all of the days of our lives if we apply ourselves to learning.

203. INTELLIGENT DESIGN is obviously God's doing. Otherwise the duck is God, for he has willed himself to be waterproof and to float like a boat in the water.

204. GOVERNMENT: It is clear now after witnessing the ruin of democracy in America by sinners, that only true believers should have ever been allowed to govern; for there can be no fellowship between Light and darkness, truth and lies, honesty and dishonesty, righteousness and unrighteousness.

205a. TECHNOLOGY: The foundations were destroyed when horses were replaced by mechanical beasts so preachers could no longer gather crowds in the cities without breaking the law.

205b. TECHNOLOGY: One thing about a car is it doesn't reproduce itself like a horse, so you always have to buy a new one to replace it.

206. THE ANOINTING: You will discover the Lord when you die to self completely to make your temple of flesh ready for Him to fill you with His Spirit, and are ready to go into the fiery furnace of death if he leads you there.

207. SODOMY: People keep asking if the gay community can be saved. Sure, if they repent of their sexual perversions.

208. SODOMY: The practice of any kind of perversions ultimately produces a reprobate mind.

209. SODOMY: It is foolish to point out the legal rights to do what they want to do behind closed doors or to say their abnormal sexual practices are of no concern to you or others. Its the mindset they bring outside into the public the Lord is going to judge along with the wierdo behaviour accompanying it.

210. THE CHURCH: A pastor who receives a paycheck is a hireling. He is working for the paycheck and not for the spiritual well being of the congregation.

211. THE CHURCH: A pastor who shows you his ordination papers to prove his qualifications to guide you spiritually is carnal. Light a match and the evidence of his qualifications is gone.

212. THE CHURCH: No man knows the will of God for his life until He reveals it for the moment he is in.

213. THE CHURCH: Your heart is not right when you presume to organize a church meeting. When did you become the Holy Spirit?

214. CLOSURE: Bring everything you do into closure or you will invite disorder into your life.

215. COMMUNICATIONS: Don't tell anyone anything they don't need to know or you will find them armed against you when they become your enemies.

216. PROMISES: Don't make promises. We are not to owe anyone anything but to love them.

217. SERVICES: Don't pay for services before you get them or you will be paying for them again.

218. HEALTH: Don't trust doctors. They have too little time or interest to properly diagnose the complexities of your health problems.

219. JUDGMENT: Weighing good deeds against bad deeds as the Muslims say their god does, is a ridiculous means of measurement. Someone with a perfect driving record gets drunk at the age of eighty five and runs over a Mother and her children, but his good driving record outweighs his bad?

220. TECHNOLOGY: A businessman buys one of the most expensive luxury cars made and drives it off of the showcase into the street and sees Elijah landing in the chariot of fire. What do you think he does? Why he does a U-turn and drives the car back onto the showcase and asks for a refund. The Prophets and Apostles are not impressed with modern technology, but eye has not seen nor ear heard neither has it entered into the hearts of mankind, the awesome things God has prepared for those who love Him.

221. ISLAM: America told the Mormons they couldn't practice Polygamy and America can tell the Muslims they can't practice Sharia Law. There is no room for two governments in any Country.

222. VIRTURE: If you go to work to become a better man, you'll take home a greater reward.

223. GOD is not pleased when you are in the midst of many incomprehensible mysteries he has created and you notice nothing of his handiwork.

224. THE INTERNET has made it possible for multitudes of diabolical messengers to communicate their rebellion against God. Freedom of speech has never been so free.

225. WEATHER FORECASTERS: Americans want the most knowledgeable people handling the News. Discrimination is illegal. Our Weather Reporters have to have 36-24-36 qualifications for the job.

226. IMMORTALITY: We are to take up habitation in the immortality of Christ when we put Him on, but He is able to depart from our flesh temples whensoever he pleases - so we should not say we will be immortal, although the enlightened experience immortality while one with Him temporarily.

227. HOLY COMMUNION: The rebellious say we partake of ritualistic cannibalism when we eat the body and drink the blood of Christ, but they know not of what they are speak, nor should we humor them by attempting to explain the great mysteries of godliness to them who have nothing to do with God.

228. JESUS: How do you know Jesus never appeared to me? Do you think I would tell you if He did?

229. ATHEISM: The earth is orbiting around the Sun at 65,000 mph without crashing into it and Atheists want us to believe there is no Pilot.

230. ATHEISM: If an Atheist wants to prove to me there is no God, let him show me a satellite that puts itself into orbit around the Sun at 65,000 mph without a pilot; then I shall fall down on my knees and worship Him, for I shall know He is God.

231. CHRISTMAS: Santa never died for us, so the time is fast approaching when we should abandon him since he is rapidly becoming a tool of the Devil.

232. ATHEISTS: God doesn't make Atheists, unbelief does.

233. CRITICS have blamed God for not healing amputees while the Lord has inspired amazing technology for the making of artificial limbs.

234. CRITICS: Some have criticized God for not feeding the starving masses of the world while He is waiting for the hypocrites to do something about it.

235. LIFE: We are spectators of the life we are living, and if we live it well; we can applaude God when the curtain comes down.

236. LIFE: God does not ask you if you want to live or die, but if you will obey him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and let Him do the rest.

237. LIFE is a river of decisions we made leading up to the present, which ultimately will empty into the great Sea God is and there we shall be one with Him.

238. ATHEISTS: Since worlds are already in existence in an orderly Universe the burden of proof is upon Atheists to prove God doesn't exist, and this they cannot do.

239. QUALITY OF LIFE: Establishing and maintaining a higher level of quality of life requires diligence unless you have servants to do it for you.

240. RESURRECTION: Those who believe they are going to walk on streets of gold and live in a mansion, have a contractual problem they will have to reconcile when they arrive in the Kingdom to come.

241. WAR: We have developed the ability to destroy cities in a few moments that take decades to build, so our ability to destroy is greater than our ability to build.

242. MYSTERIES: Watch carefully what a man is doing with his hand, for God is behind that man's hand even if the man does not know it.

243. ATHEISM: I know a sure cure for Atheism. Make them work on Christmas and Easter without holiday pay.

244. HISTORY: America failed to be a Christian nation when the Church decided the newly arrived television and filmmaking industry would do their moral duty without censureship, but God's people were wrong and Americans are feeding on evil imaginations daily before their TV sets.

245. GOVERNMENT: Isn't it ironic the way Americans have proclaimed Democracy the world over as the answer to the good government while our democracy is failing us miserably.

246. WAR: A man is not particularly brave unless he believes there is something worth fighting for.

247. MEDICAL SCIENCE is powerless to heal, but they have the power to kill you with chemical drug prescriptions and operations you don't need.

248. MEDICAL SCIENCE: When you are ill it is important for you to seriously consider what you have been doing wrong and correct it. Why should you pay the doctor to not figure it out for you?

249. MEDICAL SCIENCE: Fear and other kinds of stress are major causes of heart attacks.

250. ATHEISTS are dishonest sinners who say there is no God so they have a license to sin.

251. ATHEISTS are more dangerous than honest sinners who admit they sin.

252. ATHEISTS: When Atheists insist the Universe exploded into being in a big bang, they are saying the Universe created itself; and are making it God.

253. ATHEISTS: You wouldn't ride in a car going a hundred miles an hour down the highway without a driver so why would you want to ride the earth at 65,000 mph without a Driver?

254. DISCERNMENT: If you see no-one in a restuarant, find another one.

255. Most ACCIDENTS involve human error on both drivers part, so drive safely at all times and the statistical possibility of your having an accident will diminish.

256. THE VISION: When you look upon the face of a believer you are looking upon the image of God in them, and when all are spiritually perfected; God shall look through the eyes of all at the many images He created of Himself and we shall know it.

257. ATHEISTS: There is no need for anyone to invite God into his Universe anymore than you would expect to be invited into your own home.

258. FELLOWSHIP: Imagine speaking with God who already knows what you are going to say before you say it; and you will begin to comprehend just how difficult it is to hold a conversation with Him.

259. THE ANOINTING: The kingdom of God is within you only when you have built it with absolute obedience to the Word which is God.

260. CREATIONISM: God Almighty threw the earth into orbit at 65,000 mph and we think professional pitchers have a fastball if they can throw a baseball a hundred miles per hour.

261. ATHEISM: If there was no God, there could be no Atheists to mock God and his people, yet Atheists say God is an evildoer while He allows them the freedom to speak against their Maker.

262. ATHEISTS are at war against God and his peope to remove us from the earth.

263. ATHEISTS: It would be rare to meet an honest Atheist who is sincerely deceived.

264. CONSTITUTION: There is nothing in the Constitution requiring Separation of Church and State, so the removal of all that is of God from our government and our classrooms was never the intent of the founding fathers.

265. ATHEISM is a non prophet corporation.

266. TECHNOLOGY empowers women who are by nature weaker than men, so it should not be a surprise technological societies have become Feminist. Its just as easy for a woman to pull the trigger on a gun as it is for a man.

267. Americans have FREEDOM OF SPEECH as long as they don't try to use it.

268. SCIENCE is unable to prove God exists, but that doesn't mean He is non existent.

269. MOVIE STARS: The public over emphasizes their adulation for movie stars when good movies are made by Producers, Directors and Cameramen and too.

270. YOU TUBE is one of the Devil's playgrounds, and the day will come when believers are excluded from it.

271. STORING UP necessities is wise for the young since its money you can't spend in your rush to buy life with whatever money you can get your hands on; and storing up necessities is wise for the old since they do not know if they will be able to get out to shop in the near future.

272. ATHEISM is the accelerator toward the establishment of a modern day Sodomn and Gormorrah, and when the world has succeeded; it will rain fire and brimstone upon its own civilizations.

273. ATHEISM has been grossly misunderstood from the beginnings of its rise in America with God's people supposing the existence of God to be understood by all as obvious; so most believers even to this day are unaware of how skillful Atheists are in debating their cause.

274. Tke away oil money from Arabs and terrorism will decrease considerably in this world.

275. When the God of the impossible puts you in an impossible situation, he may intend to help you do the impossible.