"A fool is known by a multitude of words."

       There are dozens of Scriptures describing a fool in the Bible. If you have a Concordance, look them up!

       A fool lacks understanding and is in spiritual darkness and "God has called the foolish to confound the wise," so there are many fools in the body of Christ.

       One of the tragedies of modern America is the specialist. Everyone seems to be a specialist and though the individual knows plenty about his specialty, he usually knows little about anything else except perhaps his hobbies.

       We have become a nation of fools. Americans are all experts but they really know little or nothing about the big picture, yet Americans almost all with one mind think their expertize in one thing makes them expert in all.

       Over and over again experts in some secular field have published their presumed revelations from sacred Scriptures. Since they are perceived to be experts in some secular field; they presume they must also be experts in sacred Scripture.

       A chess master must eat, drink, sleep, read, talk, walk, practice and play chess day and night all of the days of his life, yet some secular expert comes home for a few weekends and thinks he is a master of the holy Book where God speaks to mankind. And chess is a whole lot easier to master than the holy Word of the Living God who knows all things and see all things in His Divine OmniPresence.

       Ask any Christian if the Bible is easy to understand, and they almost all will tell you "Yes." John the Baptist was "a burning and shining Light" and was not sure Jesus was the Messiah, yet Christians everywhere think they understand the prophecies. John the Baptist was as great a Prophet as any you can read of in the sacred Word, and he had trouble understanding the prophesies; but you have no difficulty at all?

       Christian Seminaries promise they will make their students Biblical pastor/teachers when they pay a certain amount of money and pass the curriculum they say they have gotten from the Lord. And when the day they have appointed comes, they call the graduation class together and lay hands on them and tell them the Lord has ordained them for the ministry. The proof they have been ordained by the Lord is an ordination certificate provided by man, not God. Doesn't that make you just a little bit suspicious?

       You opened this document by punching the "fool" button, but you may leave here with a little wisdom. There is nothing in all of the sacred Scriptures appointing Seminaries to train pastor/teachers, nor did Jesus ever tell us to study the doctrines of men. He did tell us to "study (sacred Scripture) to show ourselves approved of God...."

       So, presuming you are a Gentile. Let's hope you understand our Messiah is Jewish. Jesus knows He is Jewish. Our Jewish Messiah knows the holy Prophets and Apostles of old were all Jewish irregardless of what some ignorant Gentile religious leader in a church pulpit says. Our Jewish Messiah may not know the day and the hour of his coming, but He knows where He is going to set up His Holy Throne. Read your Old Testament and you find King David's throne referred to as "the throne of God."

       The Jewish people will inherit the promised land and the Gentile people will inherit the earth. Stay with me.

       In the physical reality we see in this present world, Israel can only hold out as long as America is her friend; and with the election of B. Obama, America is turning the corner away from Israel.

       So a false Messiah from Israel will make himself appear to come to the rescue of the world with "lying wonders." Israelites will follow hard after him to the desecration of their soon to be rebuilt temple, and the loss of their superpowerful State and just when it looks like its all over for Gentile and Jewish believers alike, our Jewish Messiah will come back to Resurrect us and fight the battle of Armageddon against AntiChrist and the armies of his worldwide empire.

       If you are a Gentile, you will not displace the Jews in the promised land. Your promised land is where you belong in some other part of the world. New Yorkers in the State of New York. Texans in Texas. Californians in California. That is your place. Your purpose is to grow up into Christ and in doing so, you must learn how to put on his immortality. So it is important for you to know the written Word of God rather than the opinions of religious leaders who cannot know their Bible because they have not walked in its Spirit and in the example Christ set for his disciples.

       Lets take this idea of "the Jew first, then the Gentile" a little further since Jewish holy men gave us the Word of God and a Jewish Messiah purchased us on the cross.

       The strangeness of the Jewish people not wanting to fit into the cultures of the Diaspora is easier to comprehend when you understand they know they are chosen and their great heritage has not been totally abandoned by God Almighty.

       Someone with a Jewish citizenship will convince Israel he is the long looked for Messiah.

       Much confusion comes from the idea the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob abandoned Israel to a greater love for His Gentile Church in this present world with their multi-millionaire jets and Media campaigns.

       God stepped back from Israel upon the death by crucifixion of His Beloved Son Jesus nailed to a wood cross til he died. But the Almighty Omnipresent God of All Creation did not abandon Israel altogether at anytime in history.

       A good look at the miraculous restoration of a homeland for a wandering people in 1948 ought to be persuasive enough for any honest person to consider God Almighty has not forgotten His Chosen People.

       No nation has ever been scattered into all the world for almost two thousand years with their culture still in tact to return to their former religion in Israel, but Hebrew People of every nation were shepherded back into the Jewish homeland.

       It's not wise for anyone to mock the Jewish people in any way.

       The Thousand Year Reign of Christ will be ruled over worldwide by Israel by the law of Christ that will come out of Zion, by holy Prophets and Apostles in League with Messiah, by a total reconstitution of the world as we presently know it into A Global Theocracy beyond human ability to imagine in its greatness.

       Gentile believers will be grafted into Israel.

       With the help of the Lord of Glory, Israel shall become Queen of all nations in His Thousand Year Reign, as the Son who came back by Hebrew tradition to fetch Himself a bride from His own Kin, and so there is a wedding attended by 144,000 Jewish servants on Mount Zion who follow the Lord whithersoever He goes.

       There is no-one more Jewish than Jesus!

       The capital of your world to come is Jerusalem.

       Your great prophets and apostles will be Jewish.

       The power of the name of God will be made known to resurrected believers on Mount Zion.

       Then people will tremble and all the earth will learn the fear of the Lord of glory in Jerusalem when the Lion roars!

       The nations will want to go to Jerusalem to hear the Master speak in the voice of God to teach them His Ways.

       The most devout of the Gentiles will be left outside of the holy temple where Messiah will take up residence to keep the glory under a cloud for the thousand year reign.

       A certain noble Jewish Holy Man of Old will walk the streets of Jerusalem at times with the key to the house of David's divinely inspired dynasty returning to power immediately in the holy city. And it shall be to him you must think to go to to obtain entrance before the Lord of glory housed with all his prophets and apostles in the Millenium Age Temple rebuilt immediately upon His Second Coming to rule over all the Earth.

       It is foolish to even think to compare one of those modern day "Gimmee Your Money" preachers flying around in multi-millionaire jets to the holy men who will walk up to the temple of God in the Thousand Year Reign of Christ and gain entrance there, while you who talk about stomping the Devil under your feet in a meeting walk around thumping your chest to no avail! Since when did Media Merchandise Sales part a Red Sea or bring fire down from heaven to destroy the enemy?

       Many foolishly belittle The Church in the Desert for its failings without adding the totality of its miraculous accomlishments in surviving the boiling Sinai desert forty years to embrace the Promised Land.

       Israel is still The Promised Land!

       Believers will walk in the Garden of Eden there in the Thousand Year Reign of Christ!

       Are you willing to die for the Prince of Peace busily creating a people for his praise unseen by human ears and eyes?

       Israel in the desert broke bread daily with manna from heaven long before the apostles were made to understand his flesh is meat indeed? Many faithful Israelites will stand resurrected in the Second Coming of the Lord of glory.

       Get ready for a worldwide Revival of Love for Jesus such as this present world has not dreamed!

       Realize the sacred Scriptures contain mysteries only the Saints come to understand as they live in absolute obedience to Our Austere Lord's many prudences:

       Respect holy communion even if you do not yet understand the effect it has on coming into the power of God for those few set apart unto God.

       The Israeli's in the desert neither sowed nor reaped, nor did they build homes or make shoes. Their sandals did not wear out in their forty year trek.

       They were set apart unto God as a nation.

       What do you think the Israelites did with their freedom of time?

       The Israeli nation in the desert were a monastic congregation.

       A million people with a supernatural Pastor. Have you seen your Pastor work miracles no man could deny? One thing you will notice in the holy writings of Moses where the Israeli's were known to complain, is no denial at all of his miracle working power nor the miracles he worked in God's power. The fact they tried to overthrow Moses when the going got rough ought to tell you your humanity is not going to be pro-God when the going gets rough either.

       The miracle man struck a rock three times and water gushed out of it for the dehydrated Israeli's to drink. He saved their lives again. How would you like to go for a forty year walk with Moses? A Master of holiness in the righteousness of God. Moses could also take lives as you may already know if you have read of the rebellion of Korah and the two hundred Levi princes. The desert opened its mouth and swallowed Korah and his family alive and fire came down from heaven and killed the two hundred Levi princes, men of the same tribe as Moses. How much more then would you expect Moses to punish you in the Age to come when he is back here upon the earth? You who are no kin to him. You who demand a voice in all that goes on or you will not participate.

       The world will be ruled theocratically by the Lord Jesus Christ in the Age to come. But I will reign with Christ, you say. Oh, have you been beheaded for your witness for Christ in the seven years of Tribulation that is coming upon the earth? Those Saints who cannot be silenced even at the cost of their lives will reign with Christ. You who have not come into the power of God nor risen to the stature of Sainthood will not reign. If the congregations worldwide reign, then who is there to reign over?

       To walk with Moses would be like walking with the angel of the Lord in a man shining angelically. Can you really stand in the presence of so great a holy man without saying to him: Depart from me Sir, ...I am a sinner.

       What would you say to him who came down from the mountain with a message written by God's finger in stone? What would you say to him who was raised in Pharoah's house to be a prince?

       Would you discuss as his equal the power needed to part the Red Sea? Would you give Moses good counsel on how to bring plagues to pass?

       What would you tell Moses? Would yu update him on the wonders of technology? How the world is capable of blowing up cities. How the population worldwide has become addicted to television. Would ou tell him who won the world series or the superbowl? How about the Indianapolis 500? Do you think Moses would be impressed by the speed of race cars? Have you considered the possibility of Moses coming back with the Lord and his army of angels riding on white supernatural steeds as fast as Light?

       Maybe you could give Moses a Bible lesson or two on the latest wind of doctrine. How about the "We are gods doctrine." Moses would be impressed with that wouldn't he? If you are a god and he is a god, then you are equals. And you could show Moses how you part a small gurgling brook so the holy man can know you are in the big Leagues with him spiritually.

       Just think how wonderful it would be for you to meet Saint Peter the holy Apostle in the same manner Annanias and Safira met him.

       Moses executed an Israelite for picking up wood branches on Sabbath in the desert cold. Are you sure you are in the same spiritual Big League with the prophets and apostles of old.

       All of the holy men and women of THE GOOD BOOK will be back in the Resurrection of the saved. They will be filled with the holy Spirit of Christ (which is just a theological idea to 99.9% of the believers in this present world. If you ask churchmen how to enter into the Spirit of Christ, they will think your nuts and bolts are loose).

       Get your thoughts into prospective with the world you say you are going to when you look to Christ to return in the glory of God to snatch his people up to the clouds. Lets say you are the pastor of one of a hundred thousand churches in America looking around there in the clouds with fifty thousand pastors resurrected with you from the generation you were born in to, and .....Oh My God, the supernatural Resurrection of God's people is much greater in magnitude than any believer imagined!

       You were a big shot as pastor of your congregation of three hundred, but are now caught up into a moving mass of a billion or more souls stretching in every direction beyond what your eye can see in those clouds

       You see the Light of glory upon the Lord as he looks down upon world Emperor Antichrist standing on the earth looking up in a face off for control of the planet.

       The billion or more Resurrected are stretched out in such a way they all can see the battle of Armageddon as it takes place down below on the earth.

       Your ticket to this great worldwide event is your obedience by faith to God to the end of your life as you presently know it.

       From there the pastor begins to find out he was a big fish in a small puddle of not so holy water.

       The small time pastor with the big time ego is suddenly glad the glorious Lord is way up there in the great multitude of Resurrected between him while taking notice there is lightning in his mouth.

       Suddenly lightning flashes down the glorious Lord's outstretched arm aimed at the world He comes to take back for the glory of God.

       Armageddon erupts into major convulsions of warfare but not an angel in the Lord's army is wounded, nor did any of the supenaturalized technology Satan taught the world to make for war with God,... have any effect.

       Now the janitor of the church and the top financial contributor of all the congregation of the pastor were there too, and were all coming to the obvious conclusion they were caught up in a vast sea of saved souls from the beginning of time stretching beyond sight in every direction and were not the big shots from the big shot church anymore.

       Oh Well, all of the huff and puff of the church shows was fun but Resurrection business is much more real.

       Messiah supernaturally burns the earth with fire killing the wicked like weeds in every nation to rid the earth of them while sparing the meek, and the Lord of glory hisses for the Jews in the Worldwide Diaspora to return to Israel by the miracle provided them to miraculously come home to their homeland in THE FINAL ALIHA of every Israeli to their homeland.

       The Lord of glory sets down upon the earth with his conquering army of angels of light and splits the Mount of Olives into the roar of an earthquake all the way to Azal.

       The pastor now humbled to his lowly estate in the greatness of the size of the family of God present at the beginning of The Thousand Year Reign retreats within himself and looks out of the windows of his eyes.

       He sees the Son of God high and lifted up above Jerusalem and the Priests of The Most High God waving incense outside of the desecrated temple leftover from the reign of Emperor of the whole world Antichrist and his false Prophet just killed in the battle of Armageddon.

       They are thrown into the lake of fire upon the earth at the beginning of the Thousand Year Reign of Christ.

       One look at two former world rulers eaten alive by the torments of the Lake of Fire cures all disobedience and rebellion very quickly in the world to come, allowing for "plenteous salvation" particularly in Israel where the Disapora will come over oceans to the glorious Jewish Lord of Glory quickly and once they have mightily crossed over a greater than a Red Sea, they will continue to know as only Israeli's can know, the greatness of being chosen by God to be Israeli.

       Let me argue you out of your rebellion against God.

       It doesn't matter what ticked you off against the A l m i g h t y, ... its always going to prove wrong to strive with your Maker.

       T h e G o d o f A l l T r u t h.

       Every man, woman and child in America should serve the God of our forebearers. The God they prayed to when the greatest nation in all the world had its yoke thrown off with the surrender of its royal armies surrounded in New York.

       H e a r t i l y r e p e n t o f e v e r y s i n y o u e v e r d i d!

       You obviously cannot remember your whole life in the little time sinners today allow for repentance as they continue to join churches for the comfort of thinking they are saved,....

       This is a very sad truth.

       Churches everywhere in America are opening their doors for sinners to come in to their tax exempt religious system.

       "Everyone Welcome" signs abound on church lawns.

       Their Everyone Welcome translates into sinners Welcome.

       Their kind of invitation translates into unbelievers welcomed as though they are saved. Oh what a mess that makes spiritually when the poor folks faith in the church fails.

       The church is not the way, the truth or Light!

       Make sure you are saved! Don't let the Devil make a fool of you!