Here is a difficult letter to answer, for you speak in riddles regarding your most recent supernatural experience; but I will tell you of the hand of man.

         It is written that God is the "SWORD OF THE WICKED AND THE HAND OF MAN." And that is not easy to understand, for man does not perceive he is "QUICKENED IN ALL THINGS" by God.

         But the Saint perceives he is "QUICKENED IN HIS MORTAL BODY BY THE SPIRIT THAT DWELLS WITHIN," for he is busy building Spirit to become "THE NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST" which many presume already to be. And you as a disciple are becoming a Saint if you will persevere in the bearing of the cross of "THE LIVING SACRIFICE."

         You say you were so deep in the Spirit as to be outside of yourself in the love of God. There is no doubt you are coming into the deeper things of God, yet there will always remain even deeper things in God; on the infinite path into Christ.

         When the wicked kill with the sword or in these more modern times, with the gun; it is God just as God executes his wrath through police officers even when they are not within the law they are supposed to represent.

         When someone gives to your needs as you hunger and thirst after righteousness to be filled with the Spirit of the Lord, it is God giving to you. For he is "THE HAND OF MAN."

         So it is in "THE GREAT MYSTERY OF GODLINESS" you were truly outside of yourself in the love of God, for God was in you in Christ, and you were inside yourself; for you are the body of Christ.

         This great mystery was known by the Sages of all time such as David when he retreated from his throne in Jerusalem only to find one of King Saul's kin throwing dirt and stones at him while cursing his soul.

         When one of the commanders with him said he would go and take that man's head off with a sword, David objected saying he would rather subject himself to his persecutor in the hope of receiving grace for grace.

         David is an enlightened Seer. He knew it was God throwing dirt and stones at him with cursings, for the LORD was obviously angry with David in taking away his throne.

         The throne of God in Israel was soon returned to David, for God humbles the proud and exalts the humble.

         Continue in the love of God and you will not be disappointed. For you have stored up another treasure of the divine nature of great value to you and to God.