You were singing late into the night in the Spirit and when you were done, you heard a majestic voice such as your human ears had never before heard saying it was a job well done.

         You were right to question whether God was addressing you. He was speaking to his ministering angel in the throne room of heaven, for the angels are able to be there in less than an instant of time as we know it; and God was honoring his angel for a job well done.

         God is capable of being very subtle even as you have found him to be in his holy prophets and their writings, so some of them do not appear to be prophecies to the natural mind. In this experience, your conversation could have been in heaven like it was said of the apostles, had you known you could have been included in the conversation between God and his angel.

         A very great opportunity has been lost.

         This was the second opening for you to become involved in a conversation in heaven, but you are right to be careful to say nothing until you can speak righteously.

         For God is in heaven and we are upon the earth, therefore let your words be few.

         You were singing in the Spirit with the help of the angel of the Lord, and when you were done; you too had favor with God and could have thanked the LORD our God for sending you an angel who was able to sing through someone as hard of hearing as you.

         In speaking thus with God while your angel was present, and in honoring the holy Spirit; you could have hoped God Almighty who has even greater angels might provide you with one of greater power and skill to advance you even more.