Insurgents in Iraq finance terrorism there by gangster activities.

       As you may have noticed in THE TERRORIST BLUEPRINT provided in holy Scripture, terrorists are motivated by the love of money which is the hidden root of all evil, saying to those they would recruit: "WE SHALL FIND ALL PRECIOUS SUBSTANCE, WE SHALL FILL OUR HOUSES WITH SPOIL."
(Proverbs 1:10/19)

       The American public was mystified as to the ability of terrorist insurgents wrecking violence daily in Iraq in spite of the presence of an American army with superior weapons. The truth exploded regularly into the light as Iraqi's fighting against it with young superiorly equiped americans became weary of the bloodshed in their own country with Muslims killing Muslims indiscriminately at times, and many innocent dying.

       Violence in Iraq made no sense except America is no longer to be police the world.

       No-one could blame anyone in particular. The propetuators of civil unrest were obviously protected by a segment of the Sunni population with tribal leaders consenting.

       God knows the truth, and GOD IS GREAT!!!

       One of the key informants is Judge Radhi Radhi who recently resigned as head of Iraq's government courruption watchdog agency to seek asylum in the United States. Thirty one employees of his agency have already been assassinated.

       Sunni extremists who declared their own Islamic caliphate headquartered in Baqubah extort drivers and take a portion of the harvests and goods transported through the areas they control as "taxes" U.S. commanders say.

       In Baghdad, Sunni and Shite militias have chased thousands of people of the opposite sect from their homes which they then rent out to displaced families of their own sect.

       When you realize the irrationale bloodshed and violence in Iraq is Muslim against Muslim, it becomes clear they are not practicing a holy religion; but are hiding wickedness behind the veil of an unregenerate religion that changes no-one. Islam is a destitute religion destitute of holy men. What you see of Muslims is an outer show of religion, but inside they are full of dead men's bones.