You wrote to say you were walking in the Spirit in daylight when you decided to look into the large mirror of a truck and see what you looked like in the anointing, and were immediately hynotized by the power of Christ's eye in you and were barely able to break away from the magnetic force.

         The eye of Christ in you has been mesmerizing your listeners as you speak to them face to face. Surely you must have noticed some of them looking at you unblinkingly as though they had fallen into a trance.

         It is not by you, but by Christ in you lost souls are coming into the Light of salvation. They are taken captive by the same hynotic power of the Lord in your eyes while you speak his Word into their ears.

         Fish lost souls into the kingdom of God before someone distracts them and they break free from your hynotic power in the Lord.

         Remember, in the book of Acts where the Apostles Peter and Paul fastened their eye on the cripple by the Gate Beautiful? It wasn't just the faith filled words the Apostle spoke, the power of God in his eye convinced the cripple he was healed.

         The Apostles brought the cripple under the power of Christ in them and with his undivided attention now focused fully on the eye of the Apostle Peter; perfect faith was transmitted to the man who was enabled to obey the command to stand and be healed.

         You, as a full time totally devout disciple, can use the same power of Christ in you to immediately win souls. Direct your gaze in the Spirit where Christ wants to work mightily. If the Lord directs your gaze to someone, he wants to effect them now in his Spirit through you.