The chart below is designed to save you the tediousness of extensive studies into the enormous maze of the doctrinal supermarket in the present world of religion. Most Bible students do not have the will or the time to make their way through its dark tunnels into the light of convictions. Many choose the path of least resistance in surrendering to the first religious leader they come across who seems to know the good Book. In this plain and simple chart you will find brief explanations of true doctrine v/s false doctrine that get right to the point.

      Anyone who says doctrine does not matter is suggesting your beliefs should have no organization. There is much to organize from the library of the Bible not only in doctrines, but in subjects, in principles to live by, in prayers to pray, in ways to praise, in techniques of walking in the Spirit, in prophecies past, present and future and so on. Without organization, you cannot hope to master the Word of God and become a vessel suitable for the Master's use. May the Lord reveal his doctrines to you so you can begin to build the mind of Christ: Amen.


"NOT LAYING AGAIN THE FOUNDATION OF REPENTANCE FROM DEAD WORKS AND OF FAITH TOWARD GOD... "(Hebrews 6:1) In examining the phrase quoted above we first of all find two doctrines identified with precision; both having to do with the laying of the believer's doctrinal foundation. One: REPENTANCE FROM DEAD WORKS. Two: FAITH TOWARD GOD. These two fundamental, but rarely understood doctrines are accompanied with the command to lay the foundation and move on. The churches in America have done the opposite. Over and over and over again, repentance and faith are subject and theme in Sunday sermons. Why? The foundation was not laid right in the beginning so it cannot be built on. And the two fundamental doctrines are not properly understood. Like any building project, REPENTANCE FROM DEAD WORKS and FAITH TOWARD GOD must be laid solidly as a foundation for you to build "THE HOUSE NOT MADE WITH HANDS" upon it."
Many presume to have repented when they have not come to an understanding of the perpetual need to catch themselves in sin and repent. Boasting of having quit a couple of major sins like drug and alcohol abuse may be a beginning, but not an end of all repentance. Sinners are able to rise to the occasion against evil habits too. Furthermore, giving up drug and alcohol addictions means you retreated to where more temperate sinners have a head start on you. Why boast of overcoming what overcame you when the temptation to come under the power of drugs and alcohol did not overcome them? You are probably intemperate in many things and more inclined to sinfulness than those who were raised to be temperate. Even when you defeat DEAD WORKS in your life, be on guard against the lack of temperance at the root of them. Repentance is required of you regularly as you sin, to be sorry before God; to seek his forgiveness, to make restitution in a wise and orderly manner to those you have wronged; and you ought to continue to repent as you discover sins you did not know are sins as well as sins you already know are sins. The path to Christlikeness is paved with repentance. It is the ground you must walk on to build Christ in you by FAITH TOWARD GOD. Avoid "Once Saved Always Saved" as a license to live as you want to live. There is no license to sin.

"I WILL SHOW YOU MY FAITH BY MY WORKS." ( 2:18b) Saint James wrote to those who would show their faith without works. FAITH IS PERFECTED BY WORKS, (Re: 2:22) he testifies. Faith like love is action. Hell is full of good intentions. Why lean on your own understanding? Do you who has sinned exceedingly really trust yourself? Did you not know the Scripture says your heart is: "DECEITFUL AND DESPERATELY WICKED." "FAITH TOWARD GOD" involves trusting God's Word whether you fully understand it or not, in obedience to his Word, and God will work to help you grow spiritually.
Christians in America are bombarded by those who would show them their faith without works. The merchandisers of the faith appear to have faith however, as they arrive in thirteen million dollar jets for their latest enterprise. They pitch their merchandise as though it were more important than the Word of God and boast as though they are doing great things for God. Whether on radio or tv, they finish their religious presentations with the wonderful works for God you can support with your tithes and offerings and return to their mansions built and maintained with those contributions. Their faith is in themselves and in money. They are not servants of the Lord. To exercise and build "FAITH TOWARD GOD," it will be necessary for you to relinquish all your religious thinking and habits and come out from among them. Establish a monastic existence for yourself and for your family if you have one under your authority. Set aside study time, prayer time, worship time, and fellowship only in the Word time. Stop all financial support of religion and give directly to the "POOR, THE WIDOW, THE STRANGER AND THE LEVITE." Establish an active witness where you can speak your faith to others. Live increasingly in obedience to the Word of God as truth is revealed to you. You cannot serve carnally minded Christianity and Spiritually minded faith toward God. It's your choice.

Why argue the point? To be sprinkled or immersed? If you really intend die to self and give your life for the faith when the need presents itself, yield to immersion in water baptism. The seed cannot bring forth new life unless it is buried. When you come up out of the water of baptism, that represents a symbol of new life coming out of your real commitment toward God (Romans 6:3) You will reap what you sowed.
There is child baptism in the Catholic as well as some Protestant churches where religious leaders insist it is all the baptism the individual will ever need. It is obvious a babe held in the arms of its Mother has made no commitment to die to self or for the faith. Make sure you are baptized as an adult. There is ample evidence of adult baptisms in the Scriptures. Water baptism ought not to be done to signify initial salvation. You should already believe in Jesus Christ as your Saviour when you are immersed in water baptism. Believing is the essential ingredient of salvation. The thief on the cross believed and was saved without baptism. Baptism involves a long term commitment for the living to root out their sins. It is a long term commitment to die for the faith when persecution arises. For the more devout, it is a commitment to root out every sin and die to self.

Upon receiving Christ as Saviour, newcomers to the body of Christ usually find themselves shopping for a church in the supermarket of religion. The Bible takes on new meaning as the Word of God to them, and they begin to hear Scriptures quoted in a certain way they believe must be correct, otherwise; why would everyone go along with it without raising objections. Actually, it does not occur to them they are not invited to object or even question any interpretation given in the churches. Soon they too are saying the same thing, and without realizing it; by means of corrupt interpretations they have short circuited their study of the Bible and soon lose interest in pursuing it any further than perhaps a casual evening study where freedom of speech is also greatly curtailed subliminally. Nonetheless, there is a thirst for more of God and the baptism of the holy Ghost quenches that thirst for a while.
Most Christians in America have been led to believe they have received IT ALL in the baptism of the holy Ghost. They come out of the churches thinking they are now spirit filled perpetually. This is apparent in Christian publications where Christians advertise themselves as spirit filled plumbers, spirit filled room mates, spirit filled churches, etc. Christians will tell you they are new creatures in Christ, ...that their conversation is now in heaven, ...that they are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. All these are errors right at the laying of their foundationl. The sum of such errors is an "I have arrived attitude." The "I have arrived" attitude in American churches is a sleeping pill. Every moment a believer embraces the "I have arrived" mentality, they remain asleep spiritually and oddly enough, do not wish to be awakened. The religious show at church takes over and they become actors in it. The baptism of the holy Ghost can be a wonderful experience. It is intended to plant "THE INCORRUPTIBLE SEED" of the Spirit in recipients. In baptizing individuals, God makes himself real to them through the holy Spirit. Avoid the multitude of illogical errors the churches in America have embraced. Think of baptism by the holy Ghost in this way. You can hold the seed of an oak tree in your hand, but given proper nourishment; it will grow up toward heaven and you will not be able to move it. That is a picture of you when you love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength in seeking to be like Christ day and night for the rest of your life. Grow up into Christ, dear believer. That is your duty to God, Country and your own soul.

A gift we find perfected in the hundred and twenty in Jerusalem during Pentecost. There the hearers from all over the known world understood what was being said as though it was in their own language. Such a large multitude was enticed by this supernatural phenomenon, Saint Peter was able to bring three thousand of them into a belief in Christ while preaching in the power of God. "WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE," so it is conceivable that God can speak through believers in a tongue they do not understand, but with the American church meeting reduced to a form of religious theatre where the actors and acts are staged based on the church bulletin handed out at the door; or stuffed inside the shirt pocket of the pastor; it was inevitable tongues would become part of the act too. After all, everyone has to feel they are playing a part in the meetings; and there is very little opportunity for it for those not scheduled - except to put on some form of super spirituality to gain acceptance. Consequently, we have an epidemic of speaking in tongues of the congregations own spirit rather than of God's Spirit.
One of the most profound errors concerning "tongues" is the requirement by most believers that newcomers speak in tongues to prove they were baptized in the holy Ghost. It is common for church workers in the aftermath of a congregational gathering to insist the individual make up meaningless sounds to get their mouth moving so the holy Ghost can take over and speak in tongues. What this has produced is an abundance of people speaking in tongues of their making in the churches. One error leads to another error and so on til we now see interpreters giving false interpretations to false tongues. "WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE,." God spoke through Baalim's donkey when the angel of the Lord was blocking the way. Certainly, God can speak through your mouth or mine. The first time he did, it was like a whip cracking the air; for the Word of God is: "QUICK!!!" I heard the sound in a deep state of mediation knowing something had taken place. The Spirit did not alert me to his using my mouth, so I was not sure what happened. But as I thought on the sound my ears heard, I separated the words which had "cracked" into the air so fast, they rolled together to my hearing. Once the sounds were separated, the message from the Lord took on an interpretation in the privacy of my version of a monk's cell and I came to know the profound meaning of it for me personally in making even deeper contact with God. I had no thought of God speaking through me as I sought him in devotions into the early morning hours, nor did I move my mouth so he could speak through me. My experience was not the tongues of Pentecost nor the babbling heard in churches throughout the land. It nonetheless was the Spirit of the Lord speaking through my tongue. It was 1981 with the long rode of discipleship set before me. I was graduating from the religious pulpits of churches where I preached, to walk in absolute poverty as a living sacrifice to learn to follow the Spirit of the Lord. There, as "a wayfaring man", "the anointing that abides within would teach me all things." (1 John 2:27)

To comprehend the LAYING ON OF HANDS, it might be a good idea to envision the power charge the woman with a blood deficiency was able to tap by faith when she touched Jesus. She was healed instantly. There was no laying on of hands by Jesus, but coincidentally; the woman's hand touched his garment. Two things were needed. A physical connection by means of a hand. And a power depository. Likewise in the laying on of hands.
The churches take wonderful examples from the Scriptures and turn them into rituals. One of the reasons this takes place, is due to their inability to admit anything is wrong. You would think with no-one really healed week after week, month after month, year after year; they would finally cancel the show and admit they are falling short. But there are people willing to fall down under the supposed spell of the Spirit. And others willing to go to the front and return without complaint reverently. And still others willing to praise the pastor for his wonderful prayers so they might become a greater part of the show. All in all, the whole idea of LAYING ON OF HANDS has become like a train shuttled off to a side rail where it no longer is of any use. It is no doubt a hindrance to your faith to participate in and watch those who really do not have the power deposited in them, praying for the sick; to make themselves look good in sight of the audience. After all, it is not their fault or is it; if the sick do not have sufficient faith to be healed. The solution is plain and clear. GET THE POWER. Then you do the LAYING ON OF HANDS. There was a man, his name I cannot say; who walked the gospel with precisely that notion in mind; and early one morning while walking in the Spirit before society had awakened from his slumber; he saw a man trembling all over his body as he walked toward him. He stopped him and said. "I want to pray for you." The trembling man looked up somewhat irritated and said. "Oh, all right, but make it snappy." The man laid two hands on the sick man's shoulders and closed his eyes, praying with all his might. To his surprise, there was an explosion in his eyes like dynamite going off. He told the man without opening his eyes. "I know you are healed." Then he opened his eyes and saw the man was no longer trembling. The man walked away while the disciple stood still contemplating what happened, before abruptly turning to the departed man. "Hey! Aren't you going to give glory to God for healing you?" The man stopped, turned, and remarked callously. "You don't think I'm going to thank God for healing me do you?" Then he walked out of sight and the disciple realized, he had just experienced the 90% (9 of 10 lepers) who did not return to give glory to God.

Presuming the RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD concerns those who die in their sins and are thrust into hell, the Scriptures say: At the end of the thousand year reign of Christ, they will all be brought up out of hell clothed again in their mortal flesh. In this state, they will face THE WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT to determine for sure their name is not written in the book of Life. Then they shall be cast alive into THE LAKE OF FIRE situated at that time above ground in what will apparently be the new earth, an earth without oceans and no more need for sun or moon.
The Jehovah Witness heresy promotes their false doctrine of ANNIHILATION, which some Protestant churches embrace too; saying in effect, that hell is not a place of torment, the existence of the individual terminates at death. This was somewhat the position of the Saducees in Christ's time. It is important to believe in hellfire and damnation as a motivator to help you restrain your lusts and affections from sinning. Prisoners in hell are dying continually. (Saint Matthew 10:28) Hell is a prison. (1 Peter 3:19) The prisoners shall be tormented so much "THEY SHALL BE AS THOUGH THEY HAD NOT BEEN." (Obadiah) The JW's like to point to such texts as proof of annihilation, but key words tell us otherwise. 'THEY SHALL BE..." So they still are. Nonetheless, the effect of their teachings is: That they have made an agreement with hell, that it in reality does not exist. "THEIR AGREEMENT WITH HELL SHALL BE NULLIFIED." (Isaiah 28:18)

A private act such as when the early church in Jerusalem broke bread daily or the immediate followers of the Lord came out seemingly intoxicated on Pentecost (which Saint Peter brushed aside from those observing them.) The sixty teams of two soon proved LIFE IS IN THE BLOOD as they spoke in tongues in the midst of multitudes gathered from all over the world in Jerusalem. Revival spread from there. It is this holy act of communion the Adversary has succeeded in stealing from you dear believer, by making it appear to be a sacrament belonging to church ritual.
Saint Paul wrote: "WHEN YOU ALL COME TOGETHER, THIS IS NOT TO TAKE THE LORD'S SUPPER." Nonetheless, communion has become a dogmatic ritual in the churches throughout America contrary to Saint Paul's command. It seems right, so the people participate in it out of ignorance. One error leads to another error. So it is the churches mainly use grape juice now and preach it as though it were doctrinally correct. Holy Communion is essential to entering into the anointing. With the churches taking it ritualistically as part of their religious theatre, many are deceived into thinking that is its real intent. The anointing and Life are one and the same. The anointing is the bringing of the individual believer out of themselves into the Life giving force of the Spirit. In Saint John Chapter Six we discover there is NO LIFE WITHOUT THE BLOOD. The wine of holy communion is to be taken as the Lord's blood, not as a social drink; but in compliance with the laws of the Spirit; with the individual offering up the sacrifice of praise continually and praying without ceasing. This requires skill and knowledge which cannot be explained here.

King David wrote: "HE PERFORMS THE THING APPOINTED FOR ME." You will get no-where arguing and debating theological speculations. There was a paper war in Europe between the Calvinists and those who believed in free will. John Wesley and George Whitefield came to odds over it. What did it produce? An embarrassment for the gospel and a tremendous loss of resources and energy by God's people. Go on to perfection in Christ where you will find God is the A and the Z, the beginning and the end. Leave the speculators on the tread mill of of endless theological debates rather than become involved in their vanities.
Nearly every Christian in America will say they have free will, yet it is God "WHO WORKS IN US TO WILL AND TO DO." If we have the will to do something, it is because he gives it. Our call to "PRAY WITHOUT CEASING" includes prayers for God to instill in us the will to do righteousness specifically in situations in which we find ourselves. Where we do have the ability to express our will, most Christians do not; but where we suffer from the illusion we can do something; there, many go without prayer and are frustrated in their purposes. It is written: "MAN CAN DO NOTHING OF HIMSELF." Learn to stay within your limitations and grow from into a new creature in Christ. Why should you vex yourself. To say you have free will exalts you and it makes your idea of God smaller. Build Christ in you and you will all the more clearly see God working in you and through you, only then will your theology graduate from speculation to a continual state of realization. Avoid the petty doctrines of the disobedient and weak in the faith. "LET EVERY MAN BE FULLY PERSUADED IN THEIR OWN MIND." If others believe they have a free will, that should suggest to you their desire to retain the right to sin. Let them have their persuasion. "PRESS ON TO THE MARK OF THE HIGH CALLING..."

Upon receiving Christ as Saviour, believers are sanctified by their belief in the Lord as Saviour. There is however, a long way to go to make him the Lord of your Life in all you do. It is rare for a believer to achieve Sainthood these days, but when they do; they are "FULLY SANCTIFIED."
The churches in America do not recognize any difference between Jews or Gentiles, Saints or those serving two masters. It's all one bag to them. Sanctification is the growing process whereby a believer grows spiritually as the light of revealed truths become embodied in their behaviour toward God and man. This process is accelerated by increasing obedience to the Word of God in the Spirit in which it was written. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is the ability for Saints to partake of beauties of holiness in the Spirit of Christ and store up treasures in heaven in their bank account there.

The Justification God intends for believers in his Word is a license to do what the Spirit guides them to do once they enter Sainthood. Let's say for example, a wayfaring man traveling by foot up and down this great land happens across a fence with a NO TRESPASSING sign posted. Yet the Spirit within "QUICKENS HIM IN HIS MORTAL BODY" to move on into the property. The wayfaring man (Isaiah 35:8) has no idea what is on the other side of the fence. All he sees is wide open pastures and a few cows grazing. But he hesitates to obey the Spirit of the Lord because he does not wish to confronted. He is quickened again and complies, knowing the Spirit in which he is now moving is his JUSTIFICATION. So the apostles answered the Pharisees when confronted by them for working miracles in Jerusalem. "WE OUGHT TO OBEY GOD AND NOT MAN."
The doctrine of Justification is seldom mentioned in the churches. When justification is mentioned, the pastor usually says: "Christ is our justification." In that statement, there is no real understanding of what is meant by justification. When believers receive Christ as their Saviour, they are able to do right and wrong. There is no justification for wrongdoing. Those sins must be repented of and rooted out so the individual no longer remains a sin factory. And there good deeds justify themselves. So what then is this doctrine? Avoid taking license in your pride to do what you as a self willed individual wish to do in the name of the Lord. Why should you justify yourself?

There is a literal thousand year reign of Jesus Christ after he descends from heaven in the second coming to resurrect all of his people both those who died in the faith and those who are 'ALIVE AND REMAIN." upon the earth. Immediately after "THE HOUR OF WRATH", the Lord's feet set down on the Mount of Olives where and earthquake splits the ground to Azal; and a memorial of his return. There are many prophecies regarding his thousand year reign upon the earth.
Many do not have the faith or interpretive skills to believe the Millenium Age is coming or that it will be literal. Some even say we are already in it while others say it was already fulfilled. All of the Word of God is two dimensional. A two edged sword dividing "BONE FROM MARROW AND SOUL FROM SPIRIT." The visible from the invisible. To suppose the Millenium could be figurative alone is foolish. Another error among believers in America is the idea we are going to heaven. Yes, 'TO BE ABSENT FROM THE BODY IS TO BE PRESENT WITH THE LORD." But the body of Christ will not take up permanent residency in heaven. "THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH AND DELIGHT THEMSELVES IN THE ABUNDANCE OF PEACE." "THE LION SHALL LIE DOWN WITH THE LAMB." "THEY SHALL BREAK THEIR SWORDS (GUNS AND ARTILLIARY) INTO PLOUGHSHEARS."

"FATHER, I PRAY YOU NOT TAKE THEM OUT OF THIS WORLD, BUT KEEP THEM FROM EVIL." (Saint John 17:15) Can you imagine Christ prayiing a prayer that would be out of the will of God, after all; if you have see him; you have seen the Father. Therefore it is the Father in Him praying, and surely God does not disagree with himself. So as we look back on that prayer, we can certainly interpret it to apply to the Church universally in such a way as for us to never expect to be carried off to heaven. The prophecies confirm this in other ways. The door in heaven was opened for Saint John and not for the church, neither is there evidence it was left open for the Church. Furthermore, there is absolutely no evidence of the Church being taken to heaven except by means of death. This leaves but one option for us to choose from, and that is an end of the world second coming of Christ.
The Rapture is a highly promoted ear tickling fable in fulfillment of one of Saint Paul's prophecies. "For the time will come when they (the Church) will not endure sound doctrine, but shall turn their ears from the truth, and shall be turned to fables,......" There is only one second coming. See the book of Hebrews. He came once. He will come a second time. The Rapture would involve three comings, whether his feet sets down or not; makes no difference. Coming to resurrect his Church counts as a "coming" on any rationale man's scoreboard. The big question is not do you believe in a Resurrection. Surely you believe in Jesus, the Christ; the Word made flesh; and you believe the Word promises a Resurrection of the just and the unjust. Two resurrections a thousand years apart. The big question is: Are you prepared to go through seven years of hell on earth to reach the end of the Age? The Antichrist regime will make Hitler's dictatorship look like kindergarten. Much enlightened preparation is necessary. That is true doctrine. Noah had true doctrine. He knew judgment was coming a hundred years in advance and was ready for it. How about you.

Righteousness is the manifestation of the works of Christ through vessels suitable for the Master's use. "Thus the apostles wrote: "WE ARE THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS."
Fools have church congregations saying: "WE ARE THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS," as if saying it makes it so. Once again, the secularly employed Churchman serves two masters. You can know Christ as your Saviour, but to say you are the righteousness of God IN CHRIST JESUS when you have not yet learned to walk in Him, is false. Righteousness is difficult to understand. (Proverbs 2:9) There are key verses in the Bible that will tip you off to the truth that righteousness is more than being right. It is the product of Christ's powerful virtue (Galatians 5:22) working through a vessel suitable for the Master's use. "LEAD ME, O LORD IN YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS"....(Psalm 48) Attempt to perfect all the fruit of the Spirit along with praise, prayer and preaching and when you are called, Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow the Spirit of Christ in accordance with the laws of the Spirit and you will eventually experience the manisfestation of his righteousness in you.

"LET US GO ON UNTO PERFECTION." (HEBREWS 6:1) There is no mistake in the translation of the word perfection in the Bible. Everything we are taught to do in Holy Scripture points to spiritual perfection in Christ. The Bible has been provided as a divine textbook for the developing of perfection in yourself. The command to go on to perfection in its context tells the reader to leave fundamental doctrines behind once they are properly established in your mind and move on to a growing knowledge of what it means to be more like Jesus Christ. Due to egotistical pride, many tarry all their Christian lives with the defining of fundamental doctrines until they become so bored with their practice of the faith, they lose interest and become exceedingly lukewarm. Anyone with zeal and a knowledge of God is regarded suspiciously by the lukewarm who think them fanatical because of their fiery zeal and love for God.
The weak in faith do not believe perfection is possible. Religious leaders preach against perfection. They do not know how to go on to spiritual perfection nor do they intend to give up their comfortable lifestyles and take up the cross to find out the deep things of God and are embarrassed by their imperfect humanity before their congregations, so they quickly reject any mention of perfection. The Church in America despises the idea of perfection and even mocks it, though perfection like many other truths are waiting in the bearing of the cross of obedience and suffering to be revealed to those who studied to show themselves approved of God to become living sacrifices for the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is our Perfect Guide. It is written: "I HAVE SEEN AN END OF ALL PERFECTION..." (Psalm 119:96) A fountain of water is finite, is it not? Therefore it cannot contain nor gush forth the ocean. Likewise, man is finite, but God is infinite. In the anointing, the Spirit of the Lord gushes forth like a fountain of living waters on occasions of his own choosing to where he overflows true disciples and Saints. When he does, the vessel suitable for the Master's use sees the end of all Perfection. He can contain no more living waters in the fountain he has become in the overflowing Spirit of the anointing. He is not God nor can he contain God anymore than a fountain would be expected to contain the ocean, but he has overflowed with the Spirit of Perfection from God.