Tattoos have become a major fashion fad with designs borrowed from celebrity magazines and chosen according to current tattoo design trends; even tongue tattoos are beginning to be considered fashionable.

       The desire to be loved and noticed is so strong and peer pressure is so weak in America, that all forms of dress have gone into a craze of self expression. Had this continued to be a Christian country, there would have been the hope of unity in opposting such things; but now its an out of control trend.

       The law of Moses expresses the divine will of God in forbidding tattoos but religious leaders will undoubtedly tolerate them, saying we are not under the law. Religious leaders can almost always be expected to interpret behaviour based on filling up the seats of their church building.

       Meanwhile, a once conservative nation is degenerative in the name of improving the appearance of the individual. Too much idle time was one of the sins of Sodom and Gormorrah before they incurred the wrath of God. Attempting to glorify oneself is sinful.

       God Almighty is perfectly capable of decorating human flesh more than He has done in designing humanity in so many sizes, shapes and colors. Take a good look at the animal world at the zebra's at the tigers at the birds and even the flowers. There is no doubt He is the Master Designer of all creation. What people are doing when they have their bodies tatooed involves a second guessing of their Creator. There's the sublime suggestion He didn't finish the job.

       Some people like the individual here were already unattractive as a consequence of aging and sinful living, so they appear to be hiding behind a mask to stir up attention unto themselves. But really there is no spiritual gain.

       The job market would certainly shrink for such an individual and as changing styles arrive, the style of face mask above might become outdated especially since it presently lacks color. And what kind of people would want to be seen for very long with such an individual?

       Some of these factors are subject to change, but the risk of skin poisoning is not well known for such a new craze and it would come as no surprise for many wearing tattoo's to suffer from skin problems.

       Now here is a young attractive body the owner is trying to make more attractive. She may have succeeded in drawing more attention to herself, but her back is not more attractive than the way God originally made it. She has gone to a lot of trouble to obtain attention from the wrong kind of people.

       If she was thinking of showing off her tattoos at the beach, she takes the risk of the sun fading the colors of her tattoos. Ultimately with so much of her back covered by implanted inks, her skin will most likely shrival up from lack of air and moisture. There are obviously better canvas'es for artist to work on than the human body.

       How would you womenfolk like to have been married to such a fellow as you see here pictured with a giant spider on his arm? What kind of subliminal thought do you think he sends to people? Would you trust him more without the spider on his arm?

       Much of the attraction of getting tattooed seems to be generated by a public starving for attention. The tattoo parlor artists are seriously touching the bodies of those they tattoo. When their customers leave the parlor, they have feasted on the sensuality of touch. They are going wear the memorial of a few hours of sensuality for years.

       Others look for excuses to show off their flesh. Surely ungodly women know few men are going to be sincerely interested in the meaning of tattoo's they are wearing,... even though they ask. Tattoo for unholy attention and you'll get it, but God's people will avoid such displays of the self we are all supposed to die to.

       This hombre is threatening anyone who sees his tattoo. Its a tattoo threat.

       This one is inspired and we thank God for a godly message in a tattoo conscious public. But don't let your arm out in the sunshine too long brother and get some Eucerin to keep your tattoo moist daily.

       There are good tattoo's.

       And there are bad tattoo's. Put an art flop on one of the most important parts of your body and you are stuck with it. A better artist might be able to fix it but can you really afford an even bigger flop? You cannot change your tattoo's like you change your clothing. To make matters worse, people are often times too polite to tell you its not an attractive tattoo, but behind your back; oh myyyy....just what you didn't want! Instead of marrying the good looking rich guy with all of the virtues of a saint, you might have to settle for the bus driver with a bad back.


       If you listen carefully to the guy with the skull and arm implants, he is attention starved. He wants to be noticed; so he went to the next stage from tattoo's where this vainity industry will soon follow.

       Paying for the implantion of body damage becomes competitive for participants to see who can get the most attention, and this is great for the tattoo artist's income; but its a whirlpool drowing people in decadence.

       This one certainly must interfere with her sense of taste and though it is extremely artistic and took a great deal of skill to execute, there has to be loss of function and of tongue health as she grows older. She will spend much time in the future sticking out her tongue upon the request of those who have heard of the art in her mouth. Are you sure you will want so many distractions in your future? Look at her tongue more closely and you'll see there are already eruptions on it.

       This one is a major flop!

       But it looks like its not too deeply embedded in the skin, so it might just wash off. Meanwhile, it illustrates just how miserably unskilled some people are in the arts, and how recipients can expect to be very unhappy with the images imprinted in their skin.


       If you watched the above very brief video, you saw an arm blistered up from one of the known processes of tatto removal.

       The victim of his own errors will find himself suffering from skin disorders for the rest of his life where the tatto was removed.

       He did not say why it was removed. In some cases, employers require it with no other concern but for their rules. Employees in America in most instances are in bondage to their jobs. In other cases, it may not have gotten the kind of reactions he hoped for. In still other cases, a girlfriend might have agreed to marry him if he removed the ugly or undesireable tatto.

       Tatto's are a trap. Once implanted in your skin, they aren't leaving. You are either stuck with them or with the damage tatto removal causes.


       This kind of tattoo is much more wise in the amount of skin tissue put to the test for old age.

       It shows a dynamic so its no embarrassment as a tattoo.

       There are so many different icons the tattoer can put into three spaces in submitting their design to a tattoo shop.

       You have infinite opitons for a limited life.

       If you must have a tattoo, choose the minimized style you see pictured.

       Your opitions are infinite. Think of the money you are going to save. Think of limiting your risk of skin cancer. Think of all of the distractions you are not stirring up unnecessarily in the path your life is taking. Think of your freedom to come and go as a private citizen in America.

       Think of your future freedom of speech.

       What you really believe today, you are not guaranteed to believe tomorrow.

       Limit your tattoo in every way possible.

       Appoint your tattoo to a discret place.

       Remain sober in the tattoo parlor.

       Keep your faith private in the tattoo parlor to avoid inviting their displeasure in the art they do on you.

       The lines on the stars painted into his back skin are too thick.

       Order those lines to be at least one fourth what is before you in the picture. Limit the amount of paint pigmatation injected into your skin.

       Meanwhile, for those of you who presume tatoo's are painless, take a good honest look at this video. Once you have begun the tatoo process, its hard to stop.