There are spiritual principles for communicating in holy Scripture: "BE QUICK TO HEAR AND SLOW TO SPEAK." "LET YOUR WORDS BE FEW."

       Fools give themselves away by a multitude of words. A fool is full of words. Fools entertain themselves by jesting. They also attempt to show others they have knowledge and in doing so, they convince the wise they not only do not have knowledge; but are presently incapable of learning wisdom which is the wise use of knowledge. Fools are full of words. Windbags. Trying to make themselves appear acceptable they make themselves unacceptable. Little children in adult bodies who can never get enough attention.

       Talking becomes such an addiction to some, it is conceivable they would go mad were they not able to find an audience to hear them; yet fools have little or nothing worth hearing.

       If you are numbered among the MANY UNRULY AND VAIN TALKERS (Titus 1:10) of the world, you have a serious life threatening addiction. You have ears to hear, but cannot hear. You are too busy talking.

       Far better for you to be possessed of a demon which could be cast out rather than of a desire to talk continually; for you cannot be cast out of you, but when you die and leave your body of flesh, if you have not repented of unruly and vain talk, your unfruitful human spirit will be burned in hell til you are no more.

       Why would you waste the life God has given you to live for him?

       A woman lived next door in an apartment complex would get on the phone every day in her bed room and talk so loud for hours the man next door could hear her conversation clearly. She did all of the talking and was very entertaining to herself in the theatrical way she spoke. How she got anyone to listen for so long was beyond his understanding?

       He would come home to his apartment late in the evening and she could be seen on the phone at the kitchen table doing the same thing. Talking incessantly. What a puzzle she was to him and what an annoyance.

       "MANY VAIN TALKERS HAVE COME INTO THIS WORLD" he told himself, and she is one of them. She apparently had nothing of any value to say but found herself entertaining.

       His back gave him serious trouble, so he went to a couple of mattress outlets and found the salesmen there to be non stop talkers who could were seemingly driven by a desire to impress him with their expertise on every subject perhaps to influence him to purchase expensive merchandise at their recommendation. He was not sure. But he was surprised such individuals were blind to their own vainity. When he left those stores, he could not remember anything they said to him. Their conversations were vain and he was sure he would never return to hear them talk endlessly again.

       They are talk addicts.