Suffering is built into life. The Lord built pain into the human body to warn us of danger to our physical well being. He also designed us in such a way we can learn many things from sufferings of every kind.

         Every living thing suffers at one time or another.

         Yet it is natural for mankind to seek to avoid all suffering.

         Suffering is the opposite of what we naturally desire.

         No-one would expect you to put your hand over the fire on the stove to burn it. The continuing (unless you keep the wounded area under water) the potential damage to your hand would all prove to be an irrationale act. Yet, brave men have been burned alive at the stake for the love of Christ singing praises to Him.

         Were they irrationale? They put themselves into a position to be burned, knowing the preaching of the Word brings persecution.

         Putting your hand over the fire on the stove serves no purpose besides damaging the flesh, and is therefore an irrationale act, but preaching the Word of God knowing you will be persecuted; rationale when the Great Mystery of Godliness is revealed to you.

         Few believers in the world are able to explain why Martyrdom is the highest calling.

         It's a major Revelation.

         It is the Mount Everest of the spiritual world every believer is challenged to climb according to the Word of God where we are "CALLED TO SUFFERING."

         Let's consider the greatest Martyr who ever lived.

         There are two sides to Jesus......the Christ.

         The Son of man....the Son of God. The human side of the Lord was "MADE PERFECT ON THE CROSS." The Spirit within Jesus was already Perfect God.

         A little understood truth of great magnitude!

         You and I are made of the same stuff Jesus was made of.

         Yet our spirit at birth was the Spirit God gives man.

         The babe Jesus was born with the perfect Spirit of deity in his human body. But the child "GREW IN WISDOM."

         You and I were born with a human spirit but Christ was born with the second Person of the Godhead inhabiting his body.

         The flesh man Jesus developed so fast he astounded Pharisees in the temple of God with his wisdom as a twelve year old.

         Even his parents were astounded when they found him, telling them in answer to their emotional cries of "Why did you go missing without telling us?"

         "I was about my Father's business."

         Never was there before or after a teenager totally free to serve God! The truth Christ was as a twelve year old in the flesh with the eternal Spirit of God dwelling in Him, is the same truth that will set you free from all your chains.

         The family went back to Bethlehem where the Lord worked as a carpenter with the son of David who accepted him as his own son knowing from visions He was born of God miraculously.

         Christ worked in Jesus to perfect every movement in the Spirit during the next eighteen years before His time came. Hand eye coordination. The seeing eye. Walking in the steps in the Spirit. Speaking in the sword of the Spirit! Hearing with the hearing ear within and without. Discerning the spirits who came and went to disrupt the great work God Almighty was doing through his Son.

         On the other side of EIGHTEEN YEARS OF SILENCE we discover Christ Jesus forty days and nights in the wilderness suffering without human comforts and resources. The Lord didn't pack supplies for the forty days on his back like modern day adventurers. The Lord went into the Sinai desert with the ability of God in Him to read the stars He spoke into existence as a compass far excelling any GPS compass you can buy at the store.

         There was no canteen on his hip.

         When the curtin of night fell upon the wilderness as a black darkness, it found him without a tent to shelter him or a fire to warm his human flesh.

         Jesus walked in the divine Presence of the Spirit of the Son of God in Him worshiping and adoring the Father and they were One in the wilderness to make sure all was ready.

         Are there churches on street corners for Napoleon or Genhis Khan? Is Hemingway credited with writing the holy Book? Has Obama been elected ruler of this world?

         The Prophets spoke of the son of a virgin. They spoke of a Messiah who would deliver them from all this world.

         In the first and second Comings, Jesus fulfills the Word God gave His Prophets to write for the Holy Book.

         Sacred King James enthusiasts read and study in the search for ultimate truth. <.com>

         The inspired spiritual man thanks God in the midst of their suffering.


         Suffering comes uninvited to all creation with a mind of its own.

         It stays as long as it wants and hurts as much as it is meant to.

         Neither can we send suffering away as an uninvited guest.

         No man has ever got a hand on suffering to remove it unless he prayed in the anointing of the Spirit.

         We cannot buy LOVE, PEACE OR JOY on the supermarket shelf and if SUFFERING was there, it would be a surprise to see anyone buying it except perhaps to bury it deep in some wilderness where no-one would find it.

         Suffering comes in many forms. We suffer physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

         We suffer from NOISE POLLUTION! We suffer from DECADENCE. We suffer from DECEIVERS. We suffer from CRIMINAL VIOLENCE. We suffer from ACCIDENTS.

         We who have ears to hear suffer from VAIN TALKERS. We who have ears to hear suffer from OPPRESSION.

         We offer up the sacrifice of praise in our SUFFERING.

         Why are the righteous willing to thank God for their suffering?

         The righteous perceive God is the author of their suffering where many Christians credit the Devil as the cause.

         The righteous already have holy habits of holy expression of submission to God Almighty around the clock by faith in Christ.

         Christians live according to their own self wills and like to sing songs offering all to God in fleeting offerings they soon forget as they leave meetings with the unholy habit of leaving God out of their lives until the next get together of hypocrites they attend for the purpose of letting God know they are still hanging in there and are counting on Him keeping all of His promises even though they are intent upon doing none of his divinely perfect will.

         Christians go to church meetings to recharge their spiritual batteries.

         They get a little charge and a lot of false peace when we are not at peace with the wickedness and every Christian man ought to be armed with truth that sets men free from the many oppressions of the enemy who comes as "A ROARING LION SEEKING WHOM HE MAY DEVOUR."

         Suffering seems evil, but strangely enough; there is an inability to remember the pain back into existence once it is gone. Afflictions and disabilities can remain as stark reminders of pain, but once pain is gone, we cannot summon it back; nor would we want to.

         Young soldiers go to war and sometimes suffer much more than anyone could put into words.

         Farmers plough fields and harvest them working long hours, suffering through heat and cold and wind and rain and fatigue and sometimes ill health and vexations to put food on their table and money in their pocket.

         Factory workers struggle in their daily prisons to pay their way in this world. Professional atheletes risk serious injury and pain in war games to earn glory and their living.

         God is the source of all things. The A and the Z of everything.

         We are told in His Holy Word He created evil. Our sufferings were preordained before the foundations of the world. God Almighty has His purposes hidden from all mankind. We suffer knowing not only the Author of our suffering has preordained them but He is also the only One who can deliver us out of them.

         We suffer knowing our faith is being tested.

         Suffering has so many purposes.

         Only God could know them all.

         When I think of suffering as an old man loaded with afflictions, I think of how it humbles me to be a greatly weakened old man walking with a cane and how, not too long ago; I walked as a mighty man.

         The same spirit of a conqueror remains in me, so I am not totally humbled; and am particularly combative more than ever against oppressors trying to take something from my resources with cunning.

         Trials, tribulations and physical struggles result from our lack of perfection.

         The human race is spiritually imperfect. Were we spiritually perfect, even torture would have no power over us as Christ proved while nailed to the cross where he displayed perfect control over his temperment while wearing human flesh.

         Quite the contrary, to what is commonly believed in the churches, we are called to suffering. (1 Peter 2:21) God who created good and evil has done so to show us we must be willing to endure whatever he provides in the way of suffering to show us our helplessness and dependency upon Him and teach us to submit to his will perfectly.


         We are to give thanks equally in good circumstances as well as evil. When someone does, he shows himself balanced spiritually more than all of the puffed up theologians in the world.

         The worldly seek pleasure and comfort while the righteous endure poverty and despisings accompanying the cross of the living sacrifice. The worldly remain the same while the righteous grow into new creatures in Christ. yet both the worldly and the righteous suffer, and sometimes the worldy suffer more than the righteous.

         The worldy suffer for what they can presently gain while the righteous suffer to become virtuous forever.

         Why waste your suffering for worldliness when you know you will take no gain with you to the Resurrection.


         It is no small matter to gain the Kingdom of God wherein treasures of the divine nature are stored up. Make your sufferings count for righteousness. Let the whole world suffer for themselves only, but suffer for God so you might walk in him and enjoy his divine nature. It is for this purpose you were created, so rivers of living waters might flow from your mouth into the Spirit of the beauties of holiness and power in a divine State.

by Robert Browning Hamilton



         Jesus was a man of sorrows as he walked among men saying, "OH WICKED AND PERVERSE GENERATION, HOW LONG SHALL I BE WITH YOU?"

         We see the same atttitude in the Prophet Jacob of the Patriarchs when he met Pharoah, saying: "I AM A HUNDRED AND THIRTY SEVEN YEARS OLD AND ALL MY DAYS HAVE BEEN EVIL."

         Growing into the wisdom of God means you will come to a deeper discernment of THE THOUGHTS AND INTENTS OF THE HEART of those around you, and knowing their motives; you like Jesus will say: WHY DO YOU CALL ME GOOD. THERE IS NO ONE GOOD BUT GOD. IF YOU BEING EVIL KNOW HOW TO DO GOOD THINGS FOR YOUR CHILDREN, HOW MUCH MORE DOES THE FATHER IN HEAVEN KNOW TO DO GOOD THINGS FOR YOU?

         Human nature is evil and serving God as a cross bearer should increase your knowledge of your own failings as well as that of others. The cross is the accelerator to increased knowledge and sanctification. Therefore STUDY TO SHOW YOURSELF APPROVED OF GOD so the Lord might call you to bear the cross of the living sacrifice set apart unto his service around the clock.

         THOSE WHO SEEK PLEASURE WILL BE POOR spiritually. But SEEK THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, SOUL, MIND AND STRENGTH and eventually you can hope to store up treasures of the divine nature in a heavenly bank account for your use in the world to come where MANY OF THE FIRST SHALL BE LAST, BUT THE LAST SHALL BE FIRST when the log falls out of the eyes of the church and they too are enabled to see into the unseen.


         Suffering is built into life on the earth. Those who are blessed to inhabit normal healthy bodies cannot imagine the struggle those endure who lack in one way or another.

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