Knowledge and skill in spiritual warfare makes a difference between success and failure in life.

      "Let the peace of God reign in your heart," is good counsel from the holy Word of God.

      We all encounter emotional storms of one kind or another, and ought not to allow ourselves to make decisions we do not have to make, until we become calm again. Obviously, we would hope to make more just and righteous decisions without clouds of anger and depression and hurt in our hearts blinding us to the light.

      But what does it mean to let the peace of God reign in our heart?

      Many choose times of anger to do what they ordinarily cannot do. If it becomes a habit, you might find yourself destroying those you find offensive to your thinking unrighteously as many believe O.J. Simpson did.

      In reading up on him, you might discover he was given to threatenings in society where-ever he went. And so his glorious career is ruined along with his reputation. And if you look closely at his eyes, you too should be able to discern drugs were involved in deepening his murderous rage.

      A winner can quickly become a loser without the peace of God reigning in their heart. And you might want to notice how much easier it was for you to repent of your sins than it would be for him, for if O.J. admits to murder, he is going to jail.

      Do you see how a great man trapped himself and his soul?

      One would suppose God Almighty was a little jealous of the adulation O.J. Simpson received in this world, He having created such a mighty man; remember to figure God into the equation in your spiritual warfare.

      Had O.J. given God all of the glory, he might still be loved by all in America as a great man.

      A man can throw himself into fits of rage and become a vessel suitable for the Devil's use, or he can let the peace of God reign in his heart so he might be a vessel suitable for the Master's use.

      Let me tell you a few things about this next video before you bring it on. In the video you will see a dejected and defeated O.J. Simpson begging for his life in an American Court.

      His skill with words is extraordinary.

      Many would think him innocent after such an incredibly believable speech.

      Even if he was innocent of any crime in Nevada, much of America was against him before the incident; because most of us are convinced he killed two people in cold blooded murder and got away with it. And we of every race should want our justice system to work right.

      By revealing his planned assault upon those who supposedly stole his property we are supposed to believe they stole it. This is the presumption O.J. offers us. His goods were stolen which no-one had ever heard of, nor proved to my knowledge. And he was simply there to retrieve what was supposedly his so his children could have those precious treasures to remember their Mother who was murdered in L.A.

      O.J.'s children are already living with the idea their father killer her. Can you imagine hanging out with a father who killed your Mother and wondering if he really did it, when they know he did.

      O.J. will probably be back in public being so believable. No-one else gets to make speeches in America's court rooms, but O.J. did and we thank God Almighty for it. No lawyer could have presented such an incredible defense as one of our NFL great running backs did.

      He truly is a great man in many ways.

      But, really, when you think about it. No-where in the law are you or I permitted to gather a gang to go after our property and capture the supposed criminals and call the police and hope they will be able to sort out who the precious treasures belong too.

      We hope to be able to do business in America without guns and gangs.