Knowledge and skill in spiritual warfare makes a difference between success and failure in life.

      "Come out from them and be separate," is a command in sacred Scriptures that applies to all believers secular or spiritual.

      Unfortunately in the present church world of unaccountability one to another, where shepherds do not know the sheep by name nor where they live; the church goer in America has come to believe they can do whatever pleases them and call it godly because they tote their Bible to services on Sunday.

      Obviously, living set apart lives unto God is not understood for its values. Church goers can be found just about anywhere sinners go. In nightclubs dancing the night away, on the beaches displaying their body, playing wargames with vulgar violent voices in a pc parlor, watching tv where the name of Jesus is blasphemed freely while that of the antichrist Muhammad is protected.

      The list goes on and on and on endlessly. The world got into the church and the church is in the world.

      Our first video shows an exciting shoot out at a billards parlor in Toledo, Ohio. The question you should ask yourself as you watch it is: Should I take liberties and go to billard parlors and pool halls thinking they are safe? God is not going to cast you into hell for going there, but you could get yourself killed hanging out with sinners.

      Secular believers in Christ have a sacred responsibility to their own souls to live set apart lives, for it is in being set apart they are enabled to learn more about God through the Lord. So in spiritual warfare your first defense is to make sure you are not hanging out where you don't belong.

      Had you been at that billard parlor that day you could have been killed.