Knowledge and skill in spiritual warfare makes a difference between success and failure in life.

      "PRAY (YE) ONE FOR ANOTHER THAT YOU MIGHT BE HEALED," is good advice to Christians and Saints. By showing ourselves unconcerned for the pain and suffering of others, we invite it upon ourselves too.

      The Lord will have a sensitive loving people. When he emphasizes "LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR" in his teachings, he means perfected spiritual love. Love manifesting in concern before the throne of God.

      Just as soon as a believer discards the need to "PRAY WITHOUT CEASING" he also discards the need to "PRAY ONE FOR ANOTHER, THAT YOU MIGHT BE HEALED."

      We should pray without ceasing, and "PRAY ONE FOR ANOTHER" is one of the ways we ought to do it. Love of neighbor expressed in prayer, in words, and in deeds is a powerful force.