Knowledge and skill in spiritual warfare makes a difference between success and failure in life.

      Have you seen the guy boasting about the Bible in his hand being his sword? He's mistaken. The sword of the Spirit ought to be built into your mouth! The written Word of God is your instruction book on how to do it.

      "HIDE THE WORD OF GOD IN YOUR HEART THAT YOU MIGHT NOT SIN AGAINST GOD." If you do not, you will leave yourself with only your word to fight the good fight of the faith, and you will ultimately fail in the flesh.

      "THE WORD OF GOD IS A DISCERNER OF THE THOUGHTS AND INTENTS OF THE HEART." Once you have planted the Word of God in your heart, you should be able to all the more discern your motives as well as the motives of others. This is crucial to your overcoming evil with good.

      Your spiritual warfare spiritual man must be built by you in obedience to the Spirit of the Word of God. Every tool in spiritual warfare is made stronger in the Spirit of Christ's anointing.

      The church world is full of carnal believers, ... materialistic in their viewpoint of life. Carnal believers see the visible world. The spiritually minded see both the visible and invisible world in a multi'dimensional perception of Life and death.

      "Wholly santified" spiritually minded believers see spiritual warfare more clearly than carnal believers. Saints of the most High God see things more clearly as they really are while taking place.

      A teenage believer bought a brand new stolen bycycle worth over three hundred dollars for twenty. When the messenger of the Lord saw it, he warned the teenager to get rid of it. "Give it away." the man of God told him. "You have made yourself a partaker of the crime."

      The teenager refused, so the messenger of God went to the parents and they refused to do anything about it.

      Two weeks later, the messenger visited the teenager he dearly loved in the hospital where the lad was suffering from pain. While riding dirt bikes in the wild, another rider had come over hill in the air landing on him; breaking his arm.

      An ambulance carried the young man to a hospital where the messenger came to tell him God judged him for buying the three hundred dollar bike stolen from a child. The judged teenager had paid twenty dollars for a bycycle he knew was stolen.

      The Messenger knows the child's angel was probably already in Heaven shining his Light before the glorious throne of God on the theft from A to Z to where God Almighty knew the buyer of the child's expensive new bycycle.

      By buying the stolen property, the foolish teenager partnered with thieves and became a thief of the child's bycycle too.

      The teenager was angrily in denial. He said Satan was attacking him.

      The man of God departed in peace.

      "THE WAY OF THE TRANSGRESSOR IS HARD," is it not? How is it then that Satan is responsible for your troubles? Do you not reap what you have sown? Did you know God "executes judgement for the oppressed?" The teenager did not live in a neighborhood with rich kids whose parents could afford to replace the bycycle. He lived among the oppressed.

      Hide the Word of God in your heart that you might not SIN AGAINST HIM. All sin is against God.

      Hide the Word of God in your heart so you can more quickly obey it than those who let the Word gather dust on their book shelf.

      What was the Word that was not working in the heart of the young teenager? "YOU SHALL NOT COVET YOUR NEIGHBOR'S GOODS." Had he hidden the Word of God in his heart, he would have been consciously aware he was to deny the lust of his own eyes for the beautiful bike when the thief brought it by. Then he would not have found it necessary to justify his part in the crime.

      He could have repented of his sin after he made the purchase, but by attempting to hide his sin he ended up paying more for the bycycle than the thief charged him.


      Win your battles in the spiritual warfare of the day by the righteousness of Christ. Put on the whole armor of God that you might be able to stand in the evil day.