Knowledge and skill in spiritual warfare makes a difference between success and failure in life.

      "WATCH AND PRAY" is a command from the Lord to his disciples, but every Christian ought to observe such commands as good counsel for the building of a more spiritual life.

      It is not enough to pray. We ought to "WATCH AND PRAY." In other words, we ought to "HIDE THE WORD OF GOD IN OUR HEART" so we might discern "THE THOUGHTS AND INTENTS OF THE HEARTS" of others and we need to watch for external evils as well as internal evils in the hearts of others. In the above video, a terrorist bomb explodes fiery death among the Muslim marchers killing some. Death is always near as a snare.

      Watch and pray for Light to defend you against "MAN FIGHTING DAILY WHO OPPRESSES US." The tail is not on the alert nor does the tail discern the intents of others to lie and cheat and defraud them. But the head is on the alert at all times in the hope of preparing in advance for the evils that might take place.

      We are to "PRAY WITHOUT CEASING" because God can be our Light continually in all things. By the Light of the Lord we can anticipate problems before they arise. In this video, the U.S. Baghdad Bomb Squad with the help of Allies found two cars loaded with bombs and blew them up before they could do any harm. A much better ending than was intended by the terrorists.