Knowledge and skill in spiritual warfare makes a difference between success and failure in life.

      To become the Lord's anointed, you will need to live a multi-dimensional existence in all you do. One of the prayers in holy Scripture is: "LORD HELP MY GOINGS OUT AND COMING IN FROM THIS DAY FORTH AND FOREVERMORE."

      There are many false accusers in the world. To make sure you are never entraped by false accusations, keep receipts of every purchase you make. There is usually a time and date on your receipts that establishes an alibi for your whereabouts at that time.

      A neighbor's fuel was stolen from his vehicle and when he told his nearest neighbor, that man went into his residence and returned with a fresh fuel receipt showing a large purchase of fuel in the past 72 hours. He was no longer suspect and the victim greatly appreciated him for supplying the receipt. By that means, he was able to suppose who had actually stolen his gasoline.

      This is all part of your winning at spiritual warfare. The relationship with his neighbor was put into such a good light they were able to get along much better in the future because of one small receipt.