Knowledge and skill in spiritual warfare makes a difference between success and failure in life.

      "GIVE NO OPPORTUNITY TO THE DEVIL," is an absolute. Even one opportunity can be taken advantage of by demonic spirits ever ready to trouble your life. Listen to the Tennessee Waltz in the video above sung by Hall of Famer Patti Page back in 1950 when Americans were more discreet.

      Patti's big hit warned Americans to be discreet in our marriage relationship or we could lose our cherished loved one.

      In sacred Scripture there is A Street Sign saying, "Discretion shall preserve you."

      Be discreet in all you do.

      Avoid giving any opportunity to the Devil who inhabits the unseen spirit realm.

      There are so many ways to give opportunity to the Devil, a library would be needed to document them all.

      By making yourself offensive, formidable enemies can be made.

      The Perfect man does not offend.

      Jesus didn't go about with a briefcase in his hand. There was no pack on his back. There was no bedroll under his arm. The Lord kept His Hands free to do the work of God.

      "His yoke is easy, his burden is light."

      By taking on more than you can handle, you quench your Life.

      Our spirit becomes overwhelmed spiritually when we complain.

      and you become vulnerable to sin. By associating with the wrong people, you invite trouble into your life. By addictive habits and vices you trouble yourself. By losing control of your temperment, you invite trouble.

      Be on the alert at all times and diligent to discern when you are inviting trouble into your life.


      Cease seeking after pleasure. Those who "SEEK PLEASURE SHALL BE POOR." Spiritual mindedness is a way of life. Live your life focused on what God may be doing in the circumstances unfolding before your eyes, and do nothing at all knowingly to contribute to things going wrong for you.

      There was a man who flew into a rage against his wife, ...fighting with her in the kitchen, when he suddenly stopped and heard a demonic spirit yelling into his ear to strike her again.

      He had given opportunity to the Devil to make matters worse in his marriage.

      His out of control temperment opened the door for demon spirits to urge him on to violence.

      When two people are out of control fighting in the kitchen, demons are swift to rush in and scream thoughts into their minds to deceive them into believing they are angrier than they really are; and when the screams of the demons becomes the screams of the combatants; the demons have won the fight.

      A lawyer is contacted and divorce papers are filed.