Knowledge and skill in spiritual warfare makes a difference between success and failure.

      Everyone is fighting spiritual warfare daily to the extent they are attempting to overcome opposition to what they want to do in life. The moral tend to oppose immorality and the immoral tend to oppose morality producing a struggle on either side of the equation.

      Invisible demon spirits trouble even the most devout directly or through human vessels suitable for the devil's use.

      If you have no evil thoughts or wrong intentions, you have the beginning of holiness. Put the old man out so the new man can move in.

      "THE FLESH IS CONTRARY TO THE SPIRIT, AND THE SPIRIT IS CONTRARY TO THE FLESH," so we cannot find rest unto our souls unless the flesh is brought under the power of the Spirit in holy communion with the Lord.

      "THE ANOINTING TEACHES ALL THINGS" when Christ is present in his servants but the laborers are few and the braggards are many; so be careful. Many vain talkers have come into this world to lead you aside from the infinite path of truth in Christ.

      Dying to self is necessary to make all of the tools in the spiritual warfare tool box of the Lord work. In this series, we will discuss some of those tools and how they are essential in spiritual warfare just as long as you understand the need to maximize your godliness at all times to get overcoming light from the Lord.

      We know from experience, "MAN FIGHTING DAILY OPPRESSES ME."

      To win spiritual warfare in our life, we have to overcome evil in us and in the world with this promise in mind, that we will not be tested above our ability to escape; so we cannot be defeated as long as we war through Christ who strengthens us but if we war in our own strength, we fail.

      In the future slaughterhouse of worldwide Tribulation, Saints will be led to the guillotine and they will not love their lives to the death. Some of our enemies will be astounded at the courage of the Saints in the face of death. There is the highest calling of our spiritual warfare. To overcome death perfectly as Christ overcame the cross.

      We are "not to be overcome of evil," but should "overcome evil with good."