Too much sleep is not good for you.

       We are to have "temperance in all things," but there are those who like to sleep. Sleep offers a dream world of no trouble or responsibility, and there are many who attempt to escape into it.

       The body needs seven to eight hours of sleep a night for a healthy individual. Older folks need naps during the day. Anything more can be addictive.

       The body becomes lethargic when you have too much sleep. When lethargy sets in, the individual sleeps more; and the more the individual sleeps, the more they are able to sleep until they are literally sleeping their life away.

       We who believe in Jesus Christ are not to be brought under the power of anything or anyone unnecessarily. "We are not our own, we were bought with a price."

       Lethargy gets such a grip on individuals they will fall asleep while someone is talking with them. If they pick up a book, they fall asleep before they read the first page. If they go to a meeting, they are likely to sleep through it.

       Strangely enough, those with lethargy are often in denial about it. Yet, were they to drive a vehicle for a half hour or more they would fall asleep behind the wheel.

       If you are getting too much sleep, cut back to seven or eight hours and nap during the day if you are elderly. Too much sleep is not good for you.