So you have had another supernatural experience preaching the gospel the gospel of peace.

      You were under the blood proclaiming salvation by Christ to the Latinoes in a big city thinking love for them while declaring "esperanza in Cristo el camino para la vida eterna," and you experienced God's love surge through your words to them in the Spirit.

      You were astounded as the power of God suddenly poured into your words, but why did you stop? God does not announce himself when he manifests in a vessel suitable for his use. Why cease proclaiming the truth to meditate upon the treasures of the divine nature you are storing up? Is it not enough to have them stored in heaven where moth and rust cannot corrupt nor thieves break in and steal?

      Why attempt to search the unsearchable riches of Christ? The unspeakable joy? The peace that passes all understanding? The wonderful phonomenon of partaking of the divine nature?

      Was it not enough to know you had the sword of the Spirit manifest and could have brought revival? We are called to be servants of all, not spectators.

      In bringing revival are more treasures of divine visitations to store even more wondrous treasures in heaven for the kingdom you are building within. This is the great mystery of godliness to depart out of yourself into the glorious paradise of divine manisfestations forever and no longer live as men live.

      In the future, continue to proclaim the message God blessed so abundantly in his Spirit, a message few brethren in the churches have heard, for they depend upon electrical amplification to make themselves appear to be anointed, and many are deceived by it. But the Spirit of the Lord amplifies your voice in his power and carries it to the hearts of your listeners.

      Were you not sent in to the Latinoes by the audible voice of God when you were fasting?

      Such a divine manisfestation as you have reported, suggests God would have you go to them who are poor in spirit and rich in faith rather than to prosperous Americans who have forgotten God.

      Do you not see how awed the Latinoes are to hear a native American proclaiming the love of God for them in the Spirit? There are so few Americans who have bothered to become fluent in their language. But are you willing to die for them as a martyr for Christ?

      They are Catholic by culture and are simply in need of having their faith in Christ awakened to do more than attend Mass and light candles to the saints.

      Keep up the good work. Press on to the mark of the high calling in God through Christ the Lord and even you may be used of God to do a great work. Amen.