Jesus visited your temple of flesh as A CONSUMING FIRE burning inside you interiorly and you experienced divine ecstacy while the Light of the fire consumed your inward darkness. You had returned to the state Adam was in before the fall.

      In this manisfestation of the Lord you experienced such pleasure you wished the fire to remain forever.

      The Lord is a consuming fire in human vessels of the righteous as well as evildoers in hell. One for perfect goodness. The other for perfect evil. Your understanding of the Word of God gets deeper as you enter into the depths of the Spirit more deeply.

      It is good to be consumed by the Lord in the anointing.

      The Lord came suddenly again unannounced as is his practice toward those disciples who seek him with all their heart, soul, mind and strength and another treasure was stored up in your heavenly bank account upon his departure from you.

      Meanwhile, you wanted to know the purpose of such a divine manifestation?

      Only God Almighty knows the totality of his purposes for doing anything, but He has shown you "LIFE AND LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY" and what He meant when He said, "IF YOUR EYE IS SINGLE, YOUR WHOLE BODY WILL BE FULL OF LIGHT."

      What a great adventure it is to grow up into Christ! You only see through "A GLASS DARKLY" in these brief but glorious manisfestations when you experienced what your eye had never seen, your ear had never heard, and your mind had never imagined. Yet God has prepared such glorious supernatural experiences for those who love Him with a perfectly obedient and completely sacrificial Love.

      PRESS ON TO THE MARK OF YOUR HIGH CALLING IN CHRIST. The Lord has much more in his treasury of the divine nature to reveal to his servants in whom He is pleased.