You say you saw THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT go forth from your mouth a great distance to where you were preaching in all your might and were astounded when the sword appeared momentarily in a flash of Light.

         Continue to OPEN YOUR MOUTH WIDE and The Lord will fill it with His Spirit as long as you are speaking His Holy Word.

         You were proclaiming His Word which is God, the way He wants you to, even though the situation you were preaching in did not seem promising for the moment.

         Your continual obedience to the perfect will of God produces an open door for Christ to reward you with treasureable experiences in the realm of the Spirit where he lives eternally in such divinity "eye has not see seen nor ear heard neither has it entered into the heart of man, the things God has prepared for those who love Him."

         GOD showed you an insight into His Great Treasurehouse of Mysteries in manifesting as a sword of the Spirit from your mouth in an instant like lightning so you were astonished.

         He gave you a glimpse through the dark glass of reality momentarily into the unseen realm of his divinity. What you saw was one of his divine treasures stored up for you in heaven if you remain faithful.

         Your preaching was perfect enough for the Lord to fly into the Spirit of the sound of it as a Sword, and with Him divinely Present, you were enabled to see it.

         This is not a well known truth since the laborers are few.

         Your seeing the sword of the Spirit means you stored up a treasure of the divine nature for you to experience again in the world to come where you will also work for the Lord of glory as one of his Orators among the people forever.

         You are yet a disciple. Deny yourself daily and follow Jesus even into the jaws of death if you are led there, where you will find his overcoming power will sustain you in whatever He has for you.