Don't bury your talent!

       The wife of Randy Hofman's mentor, Marc Altamar, who is now deceased; is a sand sculpter artist in her own right. These two works were done after the Challenger tragedy in 1986 and you can see she sprays paint onto her sand sculpters.

       Her sand sculpter message is obviously compassionate and inspired. She shows Jesus holding the destroyed shuttle and the crew who died in its explosion providing the public in it's grief with hope they are in good hands.

       Sand sculptor Jan Selen of Netherland puts final touches on his sculpture showing Hades and his three-headed hound Zerberus during the sand sculpture festival "Sand World" in Travemuende near Luebeck July 5, 2007.

       This sand castle of hell on earth is actually a well done warning of just how powerful the forces of evil can be.

       Now for those of you who may be interested in how the artists do it. Here is an interview with a professional sand sculpter artist.

      You most likely have never heard a man whistling so beautifully any bird hearing him would drool with envy and awe to where they might be embarrassed to ever utter another tweet, tweet, tweet.

      Its not necessary for you to develop whistling to the state of perfection Roger Whittaker has attained to, but what is important for you to envision is the potential God has given you to glorify Him in some way so you might become a vessel suitable for the Master's use.

      Remember, the Lord spoke a parable cautioning believers to avoid burying their talents. What is your talent? If you think his parable was all about money, you're wrong! How can you expect to make any money or rule over a kingdom if you don't develop the talents to do it?

      Show me a leader who can't gather a crowd and I'll show you a leader who can't lead.

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