The Lion of Judah shall roar.

      As you study this website and the series of Millenium documents, the wrong thinking of many is brought into the Light. Just as soon as the Gentile nations realize Israel receives the greater inheritance, a complaint shall arise in the hearts of multitudes and they shall attempt a protest unto the Lord of glory in Jerusalem. It is then the Lion will roar and the people will tremble as David the Prophet prayed a long time ago. The nations will return to their lands with a much better understanding of what it means to serve the Lord. The false theologies of many generations will be cured in that day.

      Let no-one be deceived. The Lord is not only the Lamb of God, he is the Lion of Judah. "HE SHALL REBUKE MANY PEOPLE:" (Ref. Isaiah 2:4)


      There has been an argument in the American democracy over capitol punishment from the beginning. In the monarchy of the Lord's thousand year reign, there will be no argument. He will rule with a rod of iron as the instrument of capitol punishment. He will "utter terrible things in righteousness."

      The righteous who are empowered by the Lord are encouraged in Psalm 150 to "execute the judgment written." There is an extensive study on this website showing the reader how it works. Particular sins require specific judgments.

      You may be aware at this time, that mortals will also inhabit the earth during the thousand year reign of Christ. From them will come children to repopulate the earth, and being of the same nature you and I possessed before we received the "incorruptible seed" of the Spirit, they too will produce false prophets and well as faithful believers. Due to the fear of capitol punishment in the thousand year reign however, parents will destroy their children when they find them in the role of false prophets. (Zechariah 13:3) There will be a strong reason for it. In the Millenium Age, parents will be held responsible for the doings of their children. Were they to do nothing, they could expect to be executed along with the false prophet they brought into the world.


In the Millenium Age, it will come to pass that transgressors will receive up to 39 lashes of the whip to heal them of their evil ways. The global Kingdom of Christ will be a disciplined Kingdom. If you are entertaining sins in your life now, you would be wise to war against them. Any bad habits you take with you into the thousand year reign will return to haunt you til they are cured. The hocus pocus healers in the churches have been misleading you in regard to the above verse, towering over you in prayer meetings calling out: "By his stripes we are healed." They have done well in advertising the Word, but are wrong in its application. It's not the Lord's stripes that heal you. When the whip is put to your flesh for your continuing transgressions, you will know the truth of the matter.