"IF ANY MAN THINKS HE KNOWS SOMETHING, HE KNOWS NOTHING YET AS HE OUGHT TO." (1 Corinthians 8:12) Revealed knowledge comes in installments. Those who live devout and obedient lives grow increasingly into the Light Christ is. Those who become proud or sinful quench the Spirit of revelation, and cannot advance spiritually until they become humble.

      When a revelation comes, pride comes and should be dealt with diligently. "KNOWLEDGE PUFFS UP BUT LOVE BUILDS UP."

      It's great to learn a new truth from the Word of God. That is why the Word is referred to as a Lamp unto our feet. We have the hope of walking in a better light with every revelation the holy Spirit gives us. But there is a need for caution. Many revelations are of the flesh. Things the individual wants to believe. Readers of the Bible can get just as excited over a fleshy idea as the devout can over a true revelation.

      If you believe in the religion of Christianity or Catholicism, and practice its ways; your harvest of ideas from holy Scripture will conform to what religious leaders are telling you. A true revelation will be difficult for you to receive from the Spirit. Think about it. Jesus pulled his disciples out of mainstream Judaism. He separated them from their jobs, their kinfolk and their peers to involve them in spiritual warfare.

      The disciples grew into powerful apostles. Miracle workers full of the Word that is Spirit. They were not learning religion. They were learning how to walk and to move in the Spirit in the faith of the Master who demostrated the power of God whereever they went.